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  1. nks Jeremy! Being fixated on not getting the Italian soldiers in the correct scale, I never thought about other items to fill in the scene. Now you got me thinking... πŸ˜‰
  2. Thanks! Yeah, give the windows a shot. The mini guys do it with a paint brush, but super easy if you have an airbrush. Just use lo pressure so you can’t easily over do it. πŸ‘πŸΌ
  3. Thanks very much, Dave. :)
  4. Thanks Duke! The idea actually came from the mini modelers who do the vehicles. Almost 100% of them have solid windows, so there are a few ideas how to create that reflection that it *may* be a transparent window. The one technique I chose was sorta like how they paint jewels - I also liked this idea too, with a simple light up top - -
  5. JPG's model is 1:72 scale and comes in 16 well casted white resin parts. The only real hiccup I had was the landing gear. They are at an angle, but to my eyes the angle was so slight I couldn't really make it out. trying to fix one, I snapped it, but thankfully my little collection of styrene rod had the correct size. Giving the build a break, I wanted to make a little vignette representing the alien planet or Goblin Valley UT. I had generic "science" looking figures. But when it came time to find them, they were no where to be seen. 😞 So my vignette will just be the ship. The base was some carved foam, the base was a Michaels 6" round plaque with some torn cork sheet on it, and then some Vallejo Ground paste (or whatever it's called). πŸ˜‰ Next up was painting the windows. I saw a tutorial about painting windows once and it involved creating a gradient where the darkest color was up top and it got lighter toward the bottom I airbrushed some MIG NASA blue after a bit of masking, and then added a few drops of the darkest blue I had to the cup, and just shot the upper left corner. It worked out pretty well. Then came the decals. They looked pretty poor as they weren't solid. But once down on the craft, they looked fine. And just like that I was finished. Thanks for looking.
  6. I was ready to call this finished the other day. I took pics and when uploading the to my PC there was something missing. I never added in her eyebrows. I went up to my hobby room, and I gotta be honest and say those two thin lines were the scariest paint stokes for me to date. The model show the scantest line where they go, and even when I drew them in with pencil first - it was still nerve wracking. Whew she's done, and this completes my BPMS Pledge for 2021. Thanks for looking. https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-E-7-_2qqQ1c/YY07ucxoHGI/AAAAAAAAGrc
  7. Back at the hobby desk, and despite not getting as far as I wanted I did make some progress. I finished the painting on the film cans and attached it to a fairly wide Warhammer round base. I feel it has a little more stability that way. Marlene's body is just sitting there, for now, to see how it looks. I took another look at the face, and added another layer with some pale flesh. I also did my black eye base, and started her hair. Just holding the head and hat together to see how it looks. I should finish it up the next session. Check back and thanks for looking.
  8. Roktman

    FF6 The Rock

    Hehe Dick. Thanks. You're right, here you go. The irises look too big to me, almost like anime eyes. Will redo soon.
  9. At the time, with November right around the corner, it was time to tackle my Pledge Project for 2021. The pledge is a group build my local IPMS club (BPMS) runs that in Feb. you pick a model that you want to do, and promise by the November meeting it will be finished. The short answer is that if you get it done, you've at least built one model. But it also gets you extra tickets in our end of the year raffle. Now because of Covid, we haven't gotten together since Mar. of' '20, but thru ZOOM, the meetings (and pledges) continued. My choice this year was the 1/4 - 1/5 scale Marlene Dietrich bust. From the Hollywood Legends series, it comes in 5 parts of tan resin and three 3D printed parts (her hand, cigarette, and lapel rose). The edges of some of the parts did need a little help. The white is Tamiya putty. Everything got a coat of primer and then the paining started. Simple red was the base coat for the rose (it will get a highlight), and Vallejo Steel for the film canisters and reel. With out looking at the illustration of the box, I thought the film on the reel would be a brownish color, so I painted it up with Vallejo's Smoke. I thought for a second about doing her up in B&W. But quickly thought again, even tho her shirt, tie, and vest were all white, and the jacket was black. The whites were actually 2 different colors. The vest and tie are V's White, and the shirt is Ivory. The jacket is V's German Gray,with Gloss Black lapels. The shadowing on the sleeves were V's Gray Black. Again a little but noticeable difference. The top hat will be the same colors. The image has her with a fair skin tone. So I used V's Basic Skin Tone this time for the base coat of the face and hands, Then I did some shadowing with V's Rose Red. I highlight will follow - then her hair has to be done. I'm still thinking of colors for that. But that will be next time. Check back and thanks for looking.
  10. Roktman

    FF6 The Rock

    Been a few weeks but I'm back with The rock all finished. I readdressed his shirt color and finished any little bits that I felt undone. Added some paint to the rock base and that's about it. I'm not really happy with the eyes - I think they're too big - and may take another stab at it. Thanks for looking.
  11. Thanks, but nah, no way. I'm calling it beginners luck. πŸ˜‰
  12. I finished up the little base. The Italeri soldiers haven't arrived yet. So if and when they get here, I'll add another pic. Til then I'm calling this one done. Thanks for looking.
  13. Thanks guys! Duke, doing mostly planes I used to figure once I got past the tiny seat, stick and pedals, the rest of the parts got a little more manageable. I'm think if I had picked another tank it would have given me a break. This car was tough even with my Opti-visors. I almost didn't have nippers that cut delicately enuff to get what I guess are tow hooks from the sprue. Haha Bravo to you for doing almost 1K of them! πŸ‘πŸ‘
  14. Roktman

    FF6 The Rock

    Once I got the major imperfections worked out, I gave it a coat of the Vallejo primer. I found a few more things, but at what point do you say good enough? I was at that point. Checking how the arm fit. Pretty good. I dropped the gun arm, and with my luck and without looking I knew it hit the ground gun side down and the barrel was off. Yep. Then I realized there was a bubble there which made it weak. Wanting to do the gun in chrome, and not wanting to mess with the seam line - I'll make a new barrel. Not having done any airbrushing in a long while, I took the easy way out. I primed him all over . I then took a darker color and painted it up from the bottom, and then took a highlight color and sprayed down from the top. Looked good. For the uniform, my ref has him all in black so I took some artistic color license. I'm not really liking the rock base. That might change. But next time...
  15. Roktman

    FF6 The Rock

    With my armored car on the table (see Armor section), I needed a new kit to work on while I was waiting for the glue or paint to dry on the car. Closing my eyes I reached in to my stack and pulled out a box of Rocks, well one Rock. Its a nicely done Dwayne The Rock Johnson. Since a lot of his characters are similar, and with no documentation in the box, I had a hard time trying to figure out which movie character this represented. I narrowed it down to his character in Fast and Furious 6 or Rampage. I mean what movie doesn't have him in a tight shirt and gun? I found this pic, and decided that this was the inspiration. The kit is about a 1/6 - 1/5 scale kit in tan resin. It comes in 4 parts. There are some pin holes, and it looks like the mold slipped here and there, but thats no problem for a garage kit modeler. πŸ˜‰ Haha, don't remember why I drilled the extra holes. A little mold slip? No biggie. The base seemed a little narrow. We'll start painting next time... Thanks for looking.
  16. WOW! Very nicely done!
  17. Hello, I'm back. I lost the mojo for the longest. But it was an 'out of my comfort zone' group build from my model club that got me going again. There was a long time member of the club who was heavily into 1/72 armor. He recently passed away, and the build simply to build a 1/72 armor kit. Watching my son build his armor kits and watching him tediously put together all those tracks, I decided to try something with wheels. What I got was the 1/72 Italeri Autoblinda AB41 from Megahobby. Now I realize 1/72 is small. And I build all 1/72 aircraft, but holy moley this thing was down right tiny! Even for a tiny vehicle, there was an amazing amount of detail! The kit also gives you the option for four different versions - two Italian, and two German versions. With all the camouflage I've done from my Luft '46 planes, I decided a nice easy tan Italian car would be the way to go. Being a big fan of "Uncle Night Shift" despite not doing armor vehicles, I followed his instructions for chipping and weathering. All that's left for the vehicle is a mist coat to simulate the dust of the road. Being really small, I decided to put it on a little base, so out came the foam. I put down some glue and the sand, but didn't like it. Got out the Vallejo paste, but that's for next time. Thanks for looking.
  18. Thanks very much David!
  19. Roktman


    Thanks guys. Gil: well, the kit is resin so there are those issues. But I guess the biggest issue was instead of the resin parts being on a stem attached to the pour block, these were directly on the block. So it was sweat inducing cutting thin parts like the landing gear from the big pour block. Thankfully nothing broke. πŸ˜‰
  20. After building my RS Models' He112, I looked around the box at their other offerings. One caught my eye as another oddball plane. Just one small sprue with some decals. Couldn't be easier - famous last words... πŸ˜‰
  21. Roktman


    This was one of the short run kits from RS Models in 1:72. My penchant for the odd was a little off in that this plane wasn't that weird and it actually got made. The so called "weird" part was that they install a jet engine in the rear. The Luftwaffe didn't go for it because of the expense, but a few were made for other countries. And here it is all done. The instructions said the paint was RLM 02, but my phone had other ideas. Thanks for looking.
  22. Roktman


    Thanks guys! Sorry Tony that I didn't acknowledge your post earlier.
  23. Thanks very much!
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