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  1. Probably too late, but Vallejo came out with a "Mecha" line. FWIW, they have a bunch of metalized colors.
  2. Terrific!. Nice job on the tinted windows. Tried it once;failed badly. 😛
  3. Roktman

    King Seesar

    Very nice!
  4. Don't really remember this guy, but nice job on the paint up.
  5. Roktman

    Godzilla 1989

    Very cool build!!
  6. Roktman

    Bah Humbug!

    Thanks, guys!
  7. I bought this stuff on spec a while ago, and tossed it into my scenics drawer. It was $13 for 32 oz. I don't think it would be worth it for a larger dio, but good for some smaller vignette. I decided for a mini I was building I would try it out. I dug into my collection of little bits of foam from shipping boxes I found the size I liked, and then cut more to fill in the space for the two hills I have planned. Gluing them with Woodland Scenics Foam Glue, I put everything in place. I realized I needed a smaller rise to offset the hills so I tore pieces off some sheet cork I had and added them to the center. Once dry I got out some Dap Plastic Wood that I had put away in a drawer to use as the groundwork. Out of the container it's this brown-red color, but as you'll see it turns to a light brown when dry. First I started out just using my hands, but this stuff is very sticky, and it's best to use some spatula shaped tools. It also help to keep the tools wet. From there things progressed very quickly. And you need to be quick. The Plastic Wood dries pretty fast. It was already starting to firm up in 5 minutes. Keeping it wet slows that time - a little. As you see in the pics as the putty dries it gets lighter in color, a clue that it's time to sand (if you want things smoother). Sanding is easy. The Giant was moulded to be stepping off a boulder. To have come continuity I took some landscaping bark chips and made additional boulders. The bark chips make great rocks by painting them black and then subsequent lighter drybrusings of gray. I also painted the ground a dark brown. From there is was just a matter of spreading some PVA glue around the base, and then with a static grass applicator, put the grass down. For realism, make sure to leave little bare spaces. It's the wilderness after all and not a lawn or golf course. 😉 In the pic the bare spot in the middle is where the Giant will be glued down. More glue and static grass around his feet will complete the base.
  8. I use two puttys - well one putty, one epoxy.. For small gaps I use the Vallejo plastic putty. I still have it with the needle nose applicator, and with it I can lay down a very thin bead. But the best part is that you can come along and with a wet finger, or cotton bud take off the excess. Or, once it's cured, you can use sandpaper on it. For larger gaps, and some of these older resin kits have gaps like the Grand Canyon, I use Aves Apoxy Sculpt. A two part epoxy that once mixed can be put in the gap. There's no shrinkage, and the best thing is that you can shape it with a wet finger or tool. Starts drying in 2hrs, and can be sanded drilled into and all that good stuff. Best part - no stink. Sorry for the commercial. 😉 Just love these products.
  9. Roktman

    Fantastic 4 Susan

    The best place I've found to "hang out" is a forum called The Clubhouse ( www.theclubhouse1.net) . They have a bunch of sub forums, but it's majority is figure kits. Three sub- forums in particular are the "Sculptors Forum" where guys show off their sculpting work, many of which go on to become kits. Susan was discovered this way. I actually watched the sculpt come together. The other one is "New Kits, Special Offers, Coming soon" is a place where you can talk to the sculptor/producer to make your purchases of these new kits. The 3rd is "Members Swap and Sell" where members of the group sell off kits they no longer want. The admins take special care to keep ppl from getting ripped off, in that one has to be a member for a certain amount of time, and is active in the forum community to become a registered seller. Two other places are for those who go to Facebook. One group is Figure Model Kits. It's a Show and Tell type of group, but the admins also allow sales. Another similar group is called Resin Maniacs. Both have friendly people who will give advise when asked, and you see kits for sale from time to time. HTH.
  10. Right from the start, I must admit I'm not the biggest Fantastic Four fan. But I thought the plan for the kit where Susan herself could be cast in clear resin was ingenious. The kit was sculpted by Tony Spangler, and molded and casted by Mark Kaelin. The kit comes in 5 parts - the head and shoulders, the body, a "4" base and a nameplate. Looking at the kit the clear head and shoulders casts was an excellent idea. Pulling it off I'm sure was problematic. Giving it a close look small bubbles can be seen inside and there was one under her nose. Now with it clear, it can't be filled. But with a bath of Future, many of the bubbles became invisible or at least less emphasized. Next up, looking at the colors for Susan's uniform, between the comics, cartoons and now the movies + fan art there are a multitude of colors and styles. So in the end I chose a simple light blue color and a dark blue stripe. I also added a steel color and medium blue to the emblem on the chest. While all that was drying, I turned my attention to the base. Both were colored in a light Steel color, and then then highlighted in blue. Masked up for the blue paint. I felt something else needed to happen with the seams in the clothing. I have some Gundam Markers and thought I could run some blue into the seam lines... no blue. I wanted to do this, so in the end I used the black pen. They are very easy to use, and fairly simple to clean up if you go outside the lines. With that I was all done. Thanks for looking.
  11. Aah, I was teasin' ya. 😉 A friendly competition is perfect. 😄 I will certainly follow your thread, and will be watching for your next build. I won't be at C'nooga. On top of everything else, arthritis is filling up my knees and hips, and that makes walking difficult. When I went to register, I found out the the Hotel closest to the Hall sold out in a day, and the only one still available was 4 blocks away. That put me out of the competition. Driving 4 blocks every time I want to get to the Hall is silly , and there's no way I can walk it anymore. Sorta got me annoyed too in that I'm sure in early July there will be an announcement of rooms available in the main Hoitel b/c of ppl cancelling, when it's too late to get a cheap flight. Oh well, that's how the game is played... So I'm just keeping my eyes and ears open for the TX show. 🙂
  12. Thanks guys! Being retired on a disability, I get my "honey do" stuff done in the mornings, so I have most afternoons to get into my lair for a few hours each day. To keep my sessions from being only minutes while some subassembly etc... dries, I usually have 3 kits going at the same time. This helps me move along. Being sick for a while, I haven't gone to a model show, except for a Nats or two, in quite a while. But hey you never know. The family could always use a long weekend in Fla, just to coincide with Jaxcon one year. 😉 The dinosaur in the 3rd row from the top between Dracula and Vincent Price actually got a 2nd at the latest Phx Nats. I was happy with that. My first Nats win. Re: looking at them close up. I think I posted all or the vast majority of them between the Aircraft, Space/Sci-fi, Figures and Misc folders right here in this forum. Otherwise my BLOG as all of them are in WIP to finale pics and descriptions. Just click 2018 on the right hand side and you can see them by month. Mark: hey we were close! Don't know if that was a challenge, but it's on brother!! 😉 Kidding. I have a lot of kits piled up the wall in my TO Do pile before I check out for the next world. Haha So I keep moving.
  13. I personally like the moving convention because my family uses it as the base for the family vacation. Sometimes it's in spots where you'd never think to go on your own. So far, and I've been attending Nats since 2006, there hasn't been one spot (within driving distance) where there was absolutely nothing to do or see.
  14. This ship, as my previous posts say has been sitting around since the Fall. I was going to come up with a super cool base. Until I had no energy to do so. Then I remembered I had has a set of Death Star Tiles in resin. So I painted that up and used it - *finally* completing the kit . Thanks for looking.
  15. I don't have the kit to help out, but just wanted to say sorry that happened. sux big time.
  16. Just gathered up all the info and despite finishing only 1 kit last Jan., and nothing in Feb., I came back and had a good year. Made a little collage. Thanks for looking.
  17. Looks good. If I was anywhere near the museum, I'd take a ride. But NY is quite a ways from Louisiana. I hope you get the info you need.
  18. Roktman

    Mini Hulk

    This one came from DcDevitt Studios exclusively for member of his Patreon page who opted for a certain level. Troy does some outstanding work. Anyway here he is. First is the raw resin. Thanks for looking.
  19. As far as the Shelf of Woe/Doom meaning kits I've started and not been able to finish, I'm over with Gil in that I only have one. It's a miniature garage kit that was created on the computer. The tolerances are so tight and it had to be assembled in a certain order. But they don't tell you the order - just give an exploded view. Being it's resin you glue it with CA. which is a bear to pull apart. All the parts were glued onto main part A, and all the other onto main part B. But doing that, A and B won't go together. Took all my strength to not whip it across the room. As far as stash I have about 5 piles of boxes that are nearly floor to ceiling... 🤩 Same as Richard I too am in desperate need of more shelves in my room.
  20. Roktman

    The Kappa

    Thanks guys. 🙂
  21. Holy moley, you're WAY beyond me know. That looks like alien scorcery. 😉 LOL Looks awesome. Terrific job on the ship too!
  22. This kit represents the monster in the 1986 remake of Invaders from Mars. The monster is a short squatty man in suit costume that reminds me of the Pig Lizard from Galaxy Quest. This monster is another where the stage lighting was so dramatic, that you don't really know what color the monster was, that is, until I found this image - In the end I toned down all the red... The kit comes in 15 parts, plus a number of extra finger claws. The parts fit together pretty nicely. One thing of note was that the main body is hollow cast, and in some spots the wall of the model was so thin, that it was easy to put a took thru it. I actually poked a hole in one spot where the leg belongs. What I should have done was give it a shot of spray foam into that hole, but didn't think of it. In the end I used 5 minute epoxy to get the arms, legs, little claw "hand" and the death ray eye - or whatever it's called. To get the claws on, the tips of the fingers needed a little sanding. The first claw is on. Thankfully there's only 5 more... 🙂 Sitting in the tub while the epoxy cures. While I was waiting for all that to dry I put a little paint onto the base. After the epoxy was set it only needed a little Aves where the parts didn't match up. The Aves is the dark gray parts. Once the Aves cured it got a two tone coat of primer. To finish up I had to look again at what the death ray appendage looked like when it wasn't firing. The stage lighting was a pain, and so it just looked like the rest of the body. But I felt the need to make it a little different. So I painted in a graduated brightening, maybe to simulate it about to fire. Anyway here it is all finished. Thanks for looking.
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