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  1. Took this kit out of the pile as it's something different. I don't have any Mad Max on my shelves...until now. This is a 1/4 scale Gyro Captain from Sean Kyle Studios. It came signed and with a numbered certificate of authenticity. Mine is #6. It comes in about 5 parts. There are a bubble or two. But all in all a nicely done kit. One thing tho - there looks like a little blob of flash in the bag of parts. DON'T throw it out! It's actually his cigar!! LOL. If I have to find one thing to critique it would be the auto-gyro's propeller. It looks to be cut out of thin sheet styrene. The cutting was a little uneven, but the main problem was I couldn't straighten it out. It had a little bend it it that was there to stay. It was no problem at all to cut a new one out of slightly thicker styrene, making both blades the same. The sculpt is a very good likeness of the actor Bruce Spence. I started out by priming, and then started laying in the base coat. There were a few images online that I thought made him have a pasty appearance. So the paint went on a little light. Later on I saw other images that showed him with more "color." I'll address that later. While that was drying, I turned my attention to the propeller. As was said it was shaped a little wonky, but the big problem was the curve in the styrene. I was no problem to draw and cut out another. Turning back to the bust I added a little more depth to the colors, tanned him up and gave the engine base a metallic shine. Then I decided that the craft would have minimal care, and after seeing a how to about busted up metal I tried that on the engine. The other thing I was going to do was paint a nice wood grain on the propeller. But I found one image that showed it well, and no wood grain. It was colored black and a dark red. So that's the way I went. A little gloss to the goggles, and eyes and I was done. Thanks for looking.
  2. Thanks, guys! ๐Ÿ™‚
  3. After recuperating from my surgery, I finally got to my hobby desk and the last figure I was working on was the Cary Cooper Beau Geste bust. the kit was produced by Norbert Ossner and sculpted by Alejandro Lopez Ramirez The kit is in 3 resin pieces - the bust, base, and frame for the movie poster. The movie poster printout is also added. Following the movie poster printout and a colorized photo, I added the base colors: During today's session, I put the finishing touches on Gary Cooper. For the base I put down some glue and then dusted it with Chinchilla Dust. This is stuff you can buy at a good pet store. Evidently Chinchillas don't use water so they take dust baths. This dust is incredible fine, and works well in many scales. I bought the 3lb jug, and it'll last more than a lifetime. When it's all dry I painted it with V's Dark Sand. To give a highlight I added a little Ivory to the Sand color. Then I thought it needed a little something, and made a few bullet holes with a drill bit. Filled in the divot with Vs Orange Brown, but that didn't stand out enough, so I added some black pastels to the holes. Don't know if that would ever happen, but... what the heck. From there I made the wooden frame for the movie poster looked bleached out and again added more glue and dust to make it look like sand blew onto the bottom of the frame. Then looking at the poster it seemed too new, so I mist coated it with matte clear coat to protect the ink, and then aged it with Citadel's Sepia. From there I added a few dust streaks with a pastel that matched the Dark Sand. I glued the poster to the frame, the frame to the wall and I was done. Thanks for looking.
  4. Roktman


    She is Nocturna, from appropriately Nocturna Models, a stunning 30mm model with excellent detail. Sadly, she's currently OOP. This resin model came in two parts - the figure/base and the top of the cross. Here's the model all primed up. Here I'm starting to work on some base coating. After numerous highlights in the skin, dress and hair. I'm just about done with this one. I bought a few plinths from GreenStuff World, so she'll be glued on to a simple one next session. I also used the smallest grass tufts I had to fill in the ground a bit. All finished with this little mini. It was highly detailed kit and really challenged my steady hands - even with my magnifiers. Thanks for looking. And... my obligatory soda can shot... :lol:
  5. Very cool. I too like seeing "not the same ole stuff..." Bravo!
  6. Looks terrific!! As a side bar I didn't read the title correctly and was wondering what the heck "My chin ass" meant... Doh ๐Ÿ˜›
  7. Roktman

    Fr. Merrin

    This is another beauty kit from Gillman Productions. Any horror fan will recognize Fr. Merrin as Max Von Sidow, one of the two exorcists who came to help the possessed Regan. This is a 3 part, 1:4 kit, in flawless resin. There is a minor seam-line you can detect through the hair, that is done away with in no time at all. As usual I started out with black primer, and a highlight of light gray. When dry I added Beige Red for the first skin tone. Since the Holy Water bottle isn't quite correct (the one on the movie was made of glass) I decided to make this one gold. So to get that done, I added gloss black to the vial. My usual MO is to go from dark to light. With that I painted Merrin's hair a medium brown knowing it would be going to gray. Remembering back to, I think, part 2, the younger Merrin first encountered the demon in the desert dig site. So I turned the gray rocks brown with a number of lighter dry brushes. Merrin's clothes started out with V's Black Gray, with highlight's going to German Gray, and the shadows with Nuln Oil. It's here when the eyes were painted black. This session began with Merrin's hair getting it's first highlight. It was now time to paint the demon. I had to look it up. I haven't seen this movie in years and in doing a little reading I was surprised that the face was only seen momentarily. I also found out the the demon was played by a woman, Eileen Dietz. Also read that she was a little annoyed the four other actresses that also "played" Regan weren't credited. The producers wanted to viewers to believe it was all Linda Blair. Anyway, back to painting... To finish the model off Merrin got two more highlights in the hair - a gray and then an ivory color. The priest's stole was painted purple. It's received one highlight and one shadow color. The Holy Water vial needed a little something so I painted the cap and the cross white His eyes were painted, and then everything that needed to be glossed was done. With that I was done. Thanks for looking.
  8. Roktman

    Jacob Marley

    Hehe If they offered a resin Bob Marley ghost I'd have a crack at it. ๐Ÿ˜‰ LOL
  9. I was reading on another forum that they noticed that a bunch of Companies are no longer letting Squadron sell their stuff. The thought was they were having financial troubles again. I've only dealt with them in the Nats Vendor Room, so I have no dealings for mail order first hand. If you paid by Payapla etc... I would keep track of the clock to get your money back. Maybe a good idea to forgo the order and get the $$ back in case the business goes south. Just my 2ยข what do I know...
  10. As soon as I read "short run" I was wondering how difficult it was. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ You did a VERY nice job with it! Some, with a lot of work turn into nice models as you've shown.
  11. For the foam out of the hose you could use clear caulking like whats done when making waterfalls on train layouts. Just don't flatten it. Lay out clear caulking on a piece of clear kitchen wrap. Measure out the distance and just run a bead that long. When dry you can peel it off the clear wrap. It should be flexible enuff to make it mimic water out of a fire hose. For the foam on the ground you could take some 2 part epoxy like Aves or Magic Sculpt, mix the two parts, and with a wide paint brush and water smooth out the epoxy until you like it. As long as you keep the stuff wet you'll be able to work with it. It'll air dry over a few hours when you're done getting it as you like. Don't know what to say re: the firefighters. But with the Aves you could always customize some figures that may be "close." HTH
  12. Thank you sir! ๐Ÿ˜ Was a fun lil kit.
  13. This is another kit from deep in the stash. I'm guessing I saw it on FB somewhere, had to have it, and then buried it in The Pile. LOL ๐Ÿ˜‰ It's a 1:24th scale kit from Modern Armies in Scale (MAiM). It's listed on their website under the category "What If '46." It's 3D printed and then I'm guessing cleaned, molded and cast as I don't see any grow lines. I'm guess whats supposed to be a fuel tank has a lot of edges rather than circular, but it's so obvious, it had to be on purpose. There's ~20 parts to this kit. The main body comes in 2 parts and gives you enough room to paint the highly detailed interior. Being that it was a What If '46, I went with olive green color interior, with a leather seat. I started out painting the jumpsuit of the figure a red metallic as it is sort of a futuristic design. But no matter what I did the Scale Color metallic paint just wouldn't go on smoothly. So the paint was stripped off and here it is in a red primer. While that was drying I went about trying a method for making smooth plastic exterior look like cast metal. I used some Mr. Dissolved Putty and tapped it on the body with an old brush - small areas at a time. When it dried, I sanded it down a bit with a Fine sanding sponge. Forgetting to take pics I have the finished machine and driver. The mechanical parts are just a dark gray with a Metallic steel dry-brush. The colors are RLM 70 and Vallejo's tan primer. Tamiya panel liner was used to outline all the panels. I used a technique shown in You Tuber "Nighshift's" videos for weathering the paint. Looked good while I was doing it. But stepping back and looking at it in it's entirety, I think I went a little overboard on such a small model... Aah well, next time... The arm and leg joints were balls and sockets, so it wasn't the easiest to line everything up so that the legs and base of gun rest squarely on the desk. Same with aligning the drivers arm (she actually has the cover handle in her hand) to the cover while lining up the cover where it belongs (the two small hinges broke off long ago...) while making her stand squarely on her feet. Take your time and everything lines up. Oh, I gave up on the metallics uniform. I went with a dark gray body suit, red leather straps, helmet and boots and the ray gun was chrome. Next is a Base. Check back for that and thanks for looking.
  14. All sounds terrific. Looking fwd. to it! ๐Ÿ™‚
  15. Roktman

    Jacob Marley

    Thanks. The Citadel paint for a tarnished copper look really makes a good ghostly color. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  16. Thanks. Basically just remembering what the cartoon kid wore. LOL ;) I like how these sculptors can turn a 2D illustration into a 3D statue.
  17. WOW, nice get! That'll keep you busy thru the those Calif. "winters." ๐Ÿ˜‰
  18. This kit has been in my stash for a very long time. So long in fact that it outlasted the producer - Two Fat Guys. Sidebar: one of the guys went on to form JPG Productions. The 1:2256 scale model came in 7 or 8 parts (I forget now) and was very easy to clean up and get ready for building. The parts went together effortlessly. Looking at images from the Phantom Menace movie, it had this beige, almost rust looking color. What I decided to do was start dark and then mask off sections which would be panels. Then sprayed a lighter color. I did the masking and painting for a number of levels until I had my lightest color. Then removed all the masking tape. Thankfully no paint peeled off from this procedure. This made the wings look "busy." Then I weathered the ship. Then it sat and sat. I knew I wanted to do a little vignette of when the ships landed in the forests of Naboo. finally when I found time, I took an open ended box from Michaels which I turned over and used for a base. Then I took 3 different sized dowels (one size was wooden cotton buds) as the trees. I used cut up pieces of the fiber hanging basket liners as branches. When that was done I added two different times of ground foam as leaves and I finished it up by gluing the ship in place. Thanks for looking.
  19. Roktman

    Ep. 4 Leia

    Being a bit older than you, my girlfriend (at the time) would have been jealous of me and the princess... ๐Ÿ˜‰
  20. Roktman

    Jacob Marley

    Thanks for the kind words. They were both a fun paint up. Looking fwd to John Dennett releasing Cratchit next X-mas. ๐Ÿ˜‰
  21. Roktman

    Jacob Marley

    Thanks! was a fun, quick paint-up.
  22. Roktman

    Jacob Marley

    Another excellent sculpt from John Dennett and Moondevil Studios. The 1:5th bust was cast in a light green odorless resin. The kit comes in 2 parts - the bust and the base. After washing with warm soapy water, and giving it a coat of primer I wanted to make Jacob the ghost he was when seen in his scene of A Christmas Carol. I had used Citadel's Nihilakh Oxide on the Ghost Lighthouse Keeper and decided Jacob needed the same treatment. But first he needed his earthly colors. As this movie (1952 film) was in B&W, I was free to use whatever I want. So I decided on a white shirt, black jacket, and maroon tie, pale flesh and auburn hair. Ol' Ebenezer looking on favorably From there I started his ghostly change - The purple is masking fluid to protect painted eyes I went back and forth with Jacob adding and subtracting the green and white, until I got a look I liked. The base was painted, and I added a little snow. Done. Thanks for looking.
  23. Roktman


    Thanks. It's a fairly new kit from Troy, so he may have some on hand, or if not only a few days away with his caster. ๐Ÿ™‚
  24. Roktman


    I picked this one off the shelf as I saw it as a fast little build. Sculpted by Troy McDevitt, is a very nice caricature, with one two bubbles on two of the teeth, and seam lines that were nearly invisible. The part fit very well and only a little bit of Aves was used along the spines, and where the spines met his tail. After that it got a coat of Vallejo Air NATO Black as a primer. I like the NATO Black because to my eyes it looks like there a little green in it, and models don't just look black. After that it got a drybrush of a mid range gray. while that was drying I got out some Ivory and painted the teeth and eyes. Then some Gray Green for the toe and finger nails. I also mixed some of the Gray Green with the Ivory, and painted his gums. Liking the new Godzilla I had the idea to have his spines light up in that blue white coloring, so sprayed the edges a wide swath of dark blue. Leaving the blue to dry , I went back and gave the teeth a was of Nuln Oil. The eyes also got dots of Gory Red. From there I went back to the spines, and gave a smaller edging with a light blue. When that dried, I had an even lighter blue that went in a smaller strip along the spines. To finish it off a added dots of white to tallest spines. To finish him off, his teeth got a dry brushing of Ivory. Done, nice and easy. Thanks for looking.
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