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  1. WOW! Two thumbs up! 🙂
  2. Amazing! I love dioramas like that. I just scanned thru the images (will read the article later) but if close by I would definitely volunteer as an intern.
  3. A lot of the newer figure miniatures and sci-fi stuff are done by 3D printing. There's now more detail than ever in these small figures. You just have to watch out for the kits where the producers hasn't tackled the "grow lines."
  4. Very nice job! Cool work on the smooth fuselage paint. I can never seem to get a smooth coat.
  5. Well, I finally got the little guy into his specimen jar. It took a blob of hot glue, and then with the tail attached it needed to be cork screwed into the jar. So the glue got a little messier than I would have liked. Once it was in there and the glue cooled, I filled the jar with the Propylene glycol, and tightly screwed on the lid. Almost done. I felt it needed a specimen label, so in MS Word I created one. Had a little look at the CFTBL movie info and got the year made, and doctor's name. Then I looked up "Aquatic Lizard Creature" and for a place - the Black Lagoon in Spanish and added that to the label. I antiqued the label with a little Citadel sepia wash. Much later, after it was stuck on, I remembered that Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, not Spanish... Oh well. Thanks for looking.
  6. I just got a message from IPMS that "afraideye" post in the About the IPMS National Convention. It appears to come from - forum_admin@ipmsusa3.org . It offers me the opportunity to buy "fake money, passports, IDs" etc... At first I thought it was coming from "me" so I changed my password and was going to alert you all, not that I thought any of you was looking for fake passports, but don't click out of curiosity. Thats when I saw the user name. Mods/Admin you may want to look for Afraideye to see if he's hiding in the forum, or is it completely bogus - thought it really looks like an IPMS forum notice. Be wary.
  7. This is an interesting little kit from Garage Kits.US. It's my first what if kit... what if before coming in contact with the Creature from the Black Lagoon the scientists found some of it's tadpoles first. The kit is just 2 parts - the head and body, and then the curly Q tail. The kit also comes with a jar and lid to further the specimen feel. Knowing the colors for the Creature, I looked at the kit and the head seem to have little detail vs. the body which has very nice armored scales. I felt the head needed my squiggle pattern to give the animal some life under the skin - Looking good so far, then an unexpected heavy shot of light green on the forehead obliterated most of the squiggles. 😕 So time to add more detail to the outer part of the skin. I added various washes highlights to the skin and crevices. The eyes went thru 2 or 3 different versions. I wanted them to look real, but then again, it's a specimen in a jar... a dead specimen. So I left them without specific edges to the pupils and iris. I also left them slightly cloudy. Each paint layer is separated by a shot of clear Satin. My idea next is to put a blob of hot glue on the bottom of the jar to keep him in place and then the liquid. Still not sure if I want to use tinted water or something else. Check back, and thanks for looking.
  8. I haven't built a dinosaur in quite a while, and since this one has been on the Pile, I decided it was time to do Creative Beast's Saichania. The Saichania is a robust ankylosaurid dinosaur first found in the 1970s in and around Mongolia and China. It was about 15 ft. long and weighed 2 tonnes. It's know from a number of partial skeletons. The kit is in 6 parts of white resin. There are some flash here and there and one or two pinholes - none of them being in any place of importance. The base is very well detail (as is the rest of the kit). I wanted to keep this model simple so I chose only a few colors - a "burnt flesh" from V's Flesh set, a brown for the top part and a blue gray for the scutes and spikes. To finish it off I drybrushed a lighter gray on the scutes and spikes, some Agrax in the darker areas, and some Sepia on the lighter parts. Thanks for looking
  9. Thanks for the kind words! 🙂
  10. Roktman

    Bah Humbug!

    Thanks guys! 🙂
  11. Roktman

    Bah Humbug!

    Staying with the sculpts of John Dennett, I picked up his new release in the form of Ebeneezer Scrooge. This is the Alastair Sim portrayal from the 1951 film. The kit comes in just 2 parts ~ the bust and the base. The first decision was whether to do the figure in B&W or color. Despite the box art being in color the movie was in B&W. I spoke with the sculptor, who sent 2 colorized pics at the same time I found my own. This is the one I went with - Starting to add color - Then once again, I got into a groove painting the facial features and forgot to take WIP pics. I used a splatter technique on the base and then applied the woodland Scenics snow with a few layers of PVA. Thanks for looking.
  12. Looks like a beauty to me. 😄
  13. Roktman


    Very nice job!
  14. Roktman


    Nice! Cool touch with the jewels on the hilt. 🙂
  15. That is just too cool. Thankfully I try to avoid the beaches with gun fire. 😉 Excellent!
  16. A 2fer this time. John Dennett's Victor Frankenstein and Monster from Hammer Films fame. Thanks for looking.
  17. I like using El Greco for my miniatures - . They have base figures too - https://www.elgrecominiatures.co.uk/collections/mannequins-putties/products/anatomy-male-75mm HTH
  18. Picking up from the last session, I removed those 2 bottom parts and shorten the wires. Once glued on I gave it a shot of gloss black primer and let that dry. when dry I gave it a shot of V's Metallics Chrome. The base was given black primer spray - matte this time, and then masked off the lunar soil, and gave the label area a shot of V's Duraluminum just for some contrast. The soil was then dry brushed in 3 levels of gray paint. even tho the crate was small, I tried to show some rays coming from it. And it was done. Thanks for looking.
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