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  1. I think, but am not sure, that 2024 bids will be presented at the 2022 Nats.
  2. As far as I'm concerned, the big winners were the Vegas guys who put on a stellar Nationals under extremely difficult conditions. Everyone in the chapter is a winner.
  3. I was just looking for a simple answer. Which seems, as I read these, that there is or was a program, about three years ago, to recognize members with 25 years of continuous membership. Current status is unknown.
  4. I recall that, some time ago, an announcement was made that IPMS members who had continuous membership for some number of years (20?) would be recognized by being given a pin or a plaque or a tattoo or an autographed picture of Darth Vader or some such. And, if I have recalled this correctly, how many of these recognition items have been awarded? Can someone with the correct information send me to a link or provide the information here? Thank you.
  5. Nah, you'd probably be hoisted on shoulders as a freedom fighter for oppressed peoples. Once, long ago, in Lebanon, while being driven in a leased car, we rounded a corner and spotted a roadblock about 150 meters down the road ... manned by folks looking much like you in your photo. We reversed and went elsewhere.
  6. And that's why we broke away from you. The UK offered order, logic, structure, efficiency, and tradition. Whereas we preferred mayhem, confusion, unpredictability, and discord. Which goes a long way in explaining the US.
  7. We're good. Come see me at the Figures Class area. I'm tall, white bearded, and incredibly good looking. I'd be interested in hearing about NYC water.
  8. You have been offended when no offense was intended. I was just riffing off of the idea that an IPMS Nats is unburdened by some of the woke demands that roil about other Cons in other hobbies. We are too aged to be targeted by the entitled demands from the youth that characterize the great majority of attendees at other Cons. The post was not directed at you ... it was intended to stand alone. The refreshment I felt in reading the thread was generated by the rather mundane chivalric desire to have one's DW comfortable ... rather than a demand, as in other venues, that the Con be restructured for the weak of heart. I no longer attend our local SF&F convention. Because, several years ago, a great panic seized the organizers who decided that some of the handouts and flyers scattered about the Con site were offensive, sexist, racist, homophobic, etc. Squads of volunteers hurtled through the Con venue, seizing suspect material, detaining it, and destroying it at the first opportunity. I had seen some of the "offensive" material ... which seemed vacuous to me. But a great victory was declared and the Con was deemed fit to continue. Now, I understand, all handouts must be vetted by a committee of the righteous and best informed. So, in short, no offense intended for your or your DW.
  9. You have no idea how refreshing this topic is. I'm off to another big convention in September and a hot topic is why the Con isn't providing a Quiet/Stress Room. It is apparently de rigueur at hobby conventions nowadays to provide a safe space where attendees can relax and de-stress from the hostile and dangerous environment that the Con generates. I suppose such rooms contain fainting couches and scented handkerchiefs ... like the Victorians ... who knew how to put on a Con. I can just see iPMSers inside a Quiet Room.
  10. I really, really hate wearing masks. HST, I will be wearing one during the entire Nats. Except in my room. Unless things change. And I will have masks available for my judging class. A great group I was once a member of had a saying, "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome." See you in Vegas.
  11. Highlander


    Nice recovery achieving nice results.
  12. Your palette is perfect.
  13. Did you get the figure you needed?
  14. I was just looking at a $119 kit. I really want it. But I just can't pull the trigger.
  15. Mea culpa. I was a day off. I blame it on Covid -- I blame everything on Covid.
  16. My price point is about $65. Somehow, I just can't get above that. To be candid, however, what I can get for $60 today is a world of quality better than what I could get for $40 10-15 years ago. I consider most "classic" kits, at $10-$20, to be too expensive. Since their quality is very inferior. I'll pay twice as much to have a kit that is enjoyable to build and which looks good.
  17. Good men and women (and children). All true and strong.
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