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  1. Let's look at the 2013 Competition Handbook, which is the latest as far as I know. And, I also know, that looking at the rules and pointing out the rules and quoting the rules is a good way to really antagonize a peeved modeler. Shadows should be present when two surfaces meet (e.g. belts over tunics) and on undersurfaces (e.g. between legs and under arms). And-- Headgear shadows should show on the figure's face. Plus -- Equipment such as swords should have a shadow shown on the figure. So, it seems clear to me that the issue of shadows is addressed in the Handbook. I hold that the Handbook is saying that light should act like light acts on any surface ... say, the surfaces of a figure under a consistent light source (sort of). And that shadows and highlights must be painted. BTW, the Handbook does not say: "The Judge should hold the figure under the venue's lights to create highlights and shadows from the actual light that is present in order to present the figure in the best light possible." It also doesn't say: "Shadows and highlights cast by venue lighting should have the same credit given as shadows and highlights painted on the figure." So, when I judge a figure that sits under overhead venue lighting which provides definite shadows over the figure, I use my flashlight to hit the areas where shadows from the venue lighting are evident. If the shadow from the venue's lighting disappears and I can see that the paint job has no shadow whatsoever, I advocate that that figure is non-competitive. As to the OP, no shadows or highlights on a figure's armor removes it from further consideration.
  2. I have that figure and you've done a great job. I might try it with a lighter red. Your choice is powerful and you carried it off.
  3. Congrats! I'm up for Texas. Even if you invaded us three times.
  4. Just registered and found no place for guests ... as we have had in the past. Will my wife have to pay to get in or will she be able to get a name tag and attend with me? P.S. Went back and fiddled around and discovered that one registration screen had the option to add my wife's name and another did not. Although I did not enter my IPMS number, the software added it anyway. So how can I modify my registration to add my wife?
  5. That technique produces an incredibly subtle grey skin final effect. Very well done.
  6. Nice handling of all that black.
  7. Ah, this thread scratches an itch I have in laying out long range plans for Nats. As I now understand it, we have the next two Nats confirmed -- but no bidders yet for 2020 or 2021. We hope to have bids for one or both of these years presented at the Phoenix Nats.
  8. Favorite character from favorite movie. Really good work!
  9. Oh, that's gonna make a lot of people happy.
  10. Just learned that the Marriot does not provide a breakfast...the receptionist said that each type of reservations specifies breakfast or not and that the IPMS block does not. I cancelled my plans to attend Columbus and Columbia because of the practice of some (or many) of immediately reserving a room and then cancelling late in the game. In both cases, I asked to be placed on a waiting list, received a call about 7-10 days before the convention stating that they had multiple cancellations, was asked if I wanted a room, and was informed that the room was not available at the IPMS rate but only at the regular room rate. It was simply too late and too expensive to make the trip. In the case of Columbia, I was in a secondary hotel and was number 50 something on the waiting list -- so there were a bunch of cancellations at the last minute. This year I am going to two hobby conventions not related to IPMS. In both cases, the organizers of the convention have controlled the room block and one cannot make a reservation until one has actually registered and paid to attend the convention -- no refunds after the refund date. One of these is to the Astronomical League's annual convention in Casper, WY, coinciding with the total solar eclipse. My room, through the convention block, will cost me 1/3 of the normal rate -- due to the huge demand related to the eclipse.
  11. Am looking for a set. If you are interested in selling one, please PM me.
  12. I don't know if this factoid applies here, but, in a past hobby, there was a claim by a manufacturer that his particular product was copyrighted. Which, he claimed, prohibited anybody else from producing a like or similar product. Somewhat like Tamiya claiming that nobody else could product a Zero kit cause Tamiya make it first. I was involved in discussions with a lawyer, who told us that neither history nor government output (seals, designs, plans) were copyrightable -- since they were history (owned by nobody) or in the common domain. We responded to the claimant, who muttered and threatened and postured and then did absolutely nothing. Thus anybody can make a kit of a Zero with meatballs without reimbursing Japan or Tamiya. So -- can the Coast Guard copyright an image of itself? Which would mean that, if I took a photo of a Coast Guard ship, I would have to pay royalties to display it?
  13. I don't do jets. I have an interest in about only three. The Entendard with Argentine markings is one.
  14. Great match of base and model.
  15. This seems pretty simple. If the organizers want to present a vendor room where the average attendee can have access to all of the models of all of the vendors over the entire contest, then they must create a contract that requires the vendors to adhere to that requirement. With consequences for a vendor who violates the contract. And with the consequence to the contest that some vendors won't play. If, OTOH, the organizers want to present a vendor room that maximizes the opportunity for vendors to sell any number of models to anybody at anytime, then they probably don't have to do anything. The buyers and sellers will work it out. With the consequence that attendees who really value access to all models of all vendors at all times might decide not to return in the future. Or they can walk a middle road, with consequences from the purists on either side of the issue. In either case, there will probably be unhappy folks. Some will make scenes and call upon various deities ranging from untrammeled capitalism to the inalienable right to product. Which will have to be dealt with. Which is one of the joys of being an organizer. Good luck.
  16. Any more progress? I'd like to see the finished version .... the work so far is fascinating.
  17. Going to be an interesting build. What scale ..... 1/35?
  18. Vacuform! Seriously, vacuform? I wouldn't even attempt it. Your results are impressive.
  19. I like Russian armor and aircraft, but I've never warmed to Russian naval subjects .... except for one sub that has been half done for about two years. I'll watch this with interest.
  20. I hate to break it to you, but you're not working on nearly enough models. I bet you only have 40-50 in progress. I have maybe 15 --- 10 of which I haven't touched in months. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anyone enjoy the hobby more than you do.
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