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  1. Lot of animation in the face. Good work.
  2. Particularly like the paratrooper.
  3. Impressive sheer fabric.
  4. Great Quasimodo. Brings back memories.
  5. Agree. OOB and GSB have been the bone that the IPMS dog has worried for years now. Looks like GSB is nowhere on the horizon, but the OOB issue is constant, fueled by manufacturers who, over the years, put more and more in the box.
  6. One could make an argument for that. One could make a better argument if one dropped the adverb "VERY". One could make an excellent argument if one replaced "...in any form..." with " ... hardly at all...".
  7. Get a photo of a paved, divided road and work toward duplicating it. For example:
  8. The skin thru sheer fabric work is really nice.
  9. The juxtaposition of snipe and beach really catches my attention. IMHO, this is a great example of a vignette telling a story.
  10. The wall painting was impressive ... and realistic, if you've ever seen one.
  11. That is a obviously good idea. Wish I had come up with it.
  12. I think, but am not sure, that 2024 bids will be presented at the 2022 Nats.
  13. I was just looking for a simple answer. Which seems, as I read these, that there is or was a program, about three years ago, to recognize members with 25 years of continuous membership. Current status is unknown.
  14. I recall that, some time ago, an announcement was made that IPMS members who had continuous membership for some number of years (20?) would be recognized by being given a pin or a plaque or a tattoo or an autographed picture of Darth Vader or some such. And, if I have recalled this correctly, how many of these recognition items have been awarded? Can someone with the correct information send me to a link or provide the information here? Thank you.
  15. Highlander


    Nice recovery achieving nice results.
  16. Your palette is perfect.
  17. Did you get the figure you needed?
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