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  1. I don't do jets. I have an interest in about only three. The Entendard with Argentine markings is one.
  2. Great match of base and model.
  3. This seems pretty simple. If the organizers want to present a vendor room where the average attendee can have access to all of the models of all of the vendors over the entire contest, then they must create a contract that requires the vendors to adhere to that requirement. With consequences for a vendor who violates the contract. And with the consequence to the contest that some vendors won't play. If, OTOH, the organizers want to present a vendor room that maximizes the opportunity for vendors to sell any number of models to anybody at anytime, then they probably don't have to do anything. The buyers and sellers will work it out. With the consequence that attendees who really value access to all models of all vendors at all times might decide not to return in the future. Or they can walk a middle road, with consequences from the purists on either side of the issue. In either case, there will probably be unhappy folks. Some will make scenes and call upon various deities ranging from untrammeled capitalism to the inalienable right to product. Which will have to be dealt with. Which is one of the joys of being an organizer. Good luck.
  4. Any more progress? I'd like to see the finished version .... the work so far is fascinating.
  5. Going to be an interesting build. What scale ..... 1/35?
  6. Vacuform! Seriously, vacuform? I wouldn't even attempt it. Your results are impressive.
  7. I like Russian armor and aircraft, but I've never warmed to Russian naval subjects .... except for one sub that has been half done for about two years. I'll watch this with interest.
  8. I hate to break it to you, but you're not working on nearly enough models. I bet you only have 40-50 in progress. I have maybe 15 --- 10 of which I haven't touched in months. Seriously, I don't think I've ever seen anyone enjoy the hobby more than you do.
  9. Over the years I have migrated from Squadron and Sprue to several European and Asian suppliers. And to eBay. It seems that my tastes have changed to more esoteric and harder to find subjects -- many of which are no longer in production. And some of which are unobtainable in North America. Plus, I'm in no hurry to get much of anything; I have so much started and lots I haven't yet begun. The lack of urgency on my part is a good thing ... my last order from Japan took nearly 6 weeks, but the price was less than half than what I would have paid if I could have located the model in the US and shipping was free. And I've purchased several Fine Molds kits that are unobtainable in the US. I can't remember the last time I bought from Squadron though I've bought more recently from Sprue. Neither has the range of stock that I am looking for, although Sprue is better. In the last year I have ordered from Hannants, eBay from Korea and Japan and China and Hong Kong, Eduard direct, Hobbylink, Track 48, and Roll.
  10. Love the color choice on the wagon. You'd didn't try layering sheet styrene for the surf boards? Or you did try it?
  11. I talked to a buddy who often attends shows, enters the contest, and also buys a table. He is a small scale "vendor". Someone attempted to buy him out several shows ago, but the amount offered was so low that he refused. He was then bought out at his most recent show, about halfway through, and was very happy, because he got to wander the model room instead of sitting at his table for hours. When he heard that there could be restrictions on being bought out, regardless of when it happened, he was not happy. His position was that he paid for a table and that he should be able to sell to whomever, for whatever amount, and whenever he wants to. He stated that he was there to sell, not to miss sales in order to make the show organizers happy and then to return home having missed an opportunity to clear his table. Just saying.
  12. I wait 48-72 hours. And I live in a very dry climate. Why? Because the consequences of messing with uncured Future -- or any paint or coat -- far outweigh the inconvenience of waiting one more day. At least for me.
  13. After being encouraged that the new ship OOB category was a innovative and welcome step -- and pleased that it would be monitored for future expansion -- I now witness, almost immediately, the old argument arise: But, what if I (fill in the blank) and that is not literally in accord with the OOB Rule XXX -- or if I propose an reinterpretation of the literal reading of Rule XXX -- then, would it still be OOB? As pointed out, if one chooses to build OOB, that it what they choose to build Should they choose to build non-OOB, will they then be permitted to enter it as OOB? I have heard the argument by a contestant that, if something is pictured on the box art, then it is part of the box and building that thingy in the picture complies with the OOB rule. I have observed someone using the box itself to construct some thingy and then enter the completed model OOB. The hypothetical question on the number of aircraft on a carrier deck appears to be anticipation by an experienced judge of the arguments that are already appearing. He used the word "backlash", anticipating the hissy fit some hypothetical modeler might throw if he does not get his way. "Backlash" seems somewhat close to the word "blackmail" -- as in, "If I don't get my way, then I will make your judging experience really unpleasant.". What, exactly, is the problem telling a contestant, "Sorry, Bud. It wasn't in the box. It was not one of the exceptions listed in the OOB rules -- which have been published for a good long time. Therefore, it is not OOB. So it was moved over there."?
  14. Let's see of I am reading this correctly. We now have an IPMS registration structure. A registrant pays the registration fee, can enter models, can buy banquet tickets, can purchase tours, can avail themselves of the vendor room, can roam the contest room, can buy T-shirts and tattoos and whatever else the Nats is selling. For all 3-4 days of the convention. We now have a daily walk-in structure. The walk-in can pay a daily fee and wander through everything and buy stuff in the vendor room for one day. The walk-in can't enter models in the contest or buy banquet tickets or go on tours. Maybe he can buy T-shirts and tattoos. So now, some are proposing a third structure. The display registration structure. There is much discussion about the fine points of what a display attendee will pay and what he will get. I assume a displayer will get to wander around and buy T-shirts and purchase stuff in the vendor room. Will Nats decide that the displayer can't buy a seat at the banquet or buy a tour? After all, he is registered -- why shouldn't he have full access to the convention for the entire time his model is on the display table? Will he pay the same or less than a contestant? If he pays less, will he get everything but entering the contest? And, if he pays less, why would someone who doesn't want to enter the contest --- whether they actually display or not -- pay more? And if we let him in for free, why would anybody not registering for the contest pay anything? Not to mention who is going to organize and police and correct two levels of registrants? And if we allow non-IPMS members to register for display, are they going perpetuate a perceived anti-IPMS bias because they don't get to go whole hog? Those are all rhetorical questions, BTW. It seems to me that some of the discussion is pushing a bunch of carts way ahead to a few horses. What started as a discussion of whether displays should be encouraged is turning into the philosophy of IPMS competition to constitutional amendments to requirements on the Nats organizers to computations of floor space to fee structures -- from very different points of view. Like many off the cuff discussions, plans for skyscrapers are being advocated when the reality is in the sod hut stage. What much of the discussion seems to assume is that someone else is going to make all of the fine details happen -- in accord with the druthers of the proposer. The concept of a display only option with separate registration does bring up a core question. Is IPMS National for IPMS members, plus a provision for the general public to have a look -- or is IPMS Nats a recruiting tool to bring in modelers who want to participate without actually being IPMS members? Or is IPMS Nats a venue to be all things to all people? Sometimes good ideas are tabled because so much baggage gets piled onto them that they become unfeasible and unworkable. My thought would be, at least in the beginning, to set aside some tables and let full National registrants put out display models. And publicize the display option. And the sponsoring chapter can add whatever it might want to further structure the display tables.
  15. Two quick reactions: 1. I haven't ever heard of a major convention where non-paying, non-registrants get to participate. If someone gets to use the venue and see the product and wander about, they should, IMHO, pay the freight. If for no other reason than to offset the expense of record keeping. 2. I keep hearing about an anti-IPMS bias. I've never seen it or experienced it. Except, possibly secondhand, from some AMPS and figure modelers. Who do their own thing anyway. I do know that there are anti-club folks, who build but don't want to be part of a club. I know of some IPMS members who build extensively, participate in contests, but are not club members.
  16. I really appreciate the feedback. I will check on the positioning of the side panels on the top of the floor versus between the sides. I don't think it will solve the problem, however, since the side panels seemed to have fit into notches on the side of the fuselage floor. And, even without the side panels, my dry fit indicated the resin floor was too wide. There is apparently a Jaguar resin kit out there, circa 2000, which has a good reputation, but I have been unable to locate it. Thanks again.
  17. I have once again had an experience that is causing me to dump a kit and put modelling on the back shelf. For some time, I have been attempting to move up from OOB to building kits with some aftermarket...to increase the detail and realism. It has not gone well. I started a Hasegawa 1/72 SBD-3. I purchased a True Details "SBD Dauntless Cockpit Detail Set" -- for "Hasegawa Kits". I just spend the afternoon tediously sawing away at the resin and, after a bit, cut out the cockpit floor. I test fitted it between the fuselage halves and .... it is way too big. I don't see how I can possibly add the cockpit resin sides to built the cockpit tub and have any chance of getting it to fit into the fuselage. No matter how much I sand. I then noted that the True Details instruction sheet states that the detail set is for the SBD-4. That information was not on the exterior packaging at all. This is making me wonder if the cockpit size for the Hasegawa SBD-4 is significantly larger than for the SBD-3. I doubt it, but I don't know. This is not the first time that I have had a similar experience. So, in general, how bad is fit and accuracy in aftermarket aircraft offerings? And, specifically, does anyone who had built the SBD-3 with the True Details cockpit have any suggestions?
  18. Hey, Gil. First class response.
  19. Amazing tour de force. I handle my uncompleted kits a little differently. I leave them in their boxes. On their sprue trees. Much neater.
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