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  1. I'm sorry to see the IPMS/USA has the same tech support on its Web site that I have on mine!
  2. You've got wicked modeling skills, David! Welcome!
  3. The corruption? Looking forward to it! We call such things "perks" out here in the outer rim of the galaxy...
  4. Patience is a virtue, Padawan. You must wait a wee bit longer before you can ban me.
  5. Chris G. : Haha! I'm glad I found someone who shared my desire to see this forum grow. That said, we can all contribute to growing this forum by sharing with our modeling buddies and encouraging them to post their latest builds, etc. I know we can make this forum one of the best modeling forums on the web. Chris M. is off to a great start! Now, if he can only wait till Nov. 1.... d
  6. Thanks for that tidbit, Eric! I completely forgot about those buttons. Perhaps the new forum admin can add that to the FAQ?
  7. I'm pleased to announce that moderator Christopher Martens will be taking over as forum administrator when I move on to my new role as IPMS/USA secretary Nov. 1. Chris has been active both here and on our Facebook page and I'm sure will prove to be a great forum administrator. Please join me in congratulating him on his promotion. I'll leave it to him to share personal details with you. Congrats, Chris!
  8. Nope, I didn't make any adjustments....
  9. Thanks for sharing that tidbit, Mark! And another thing...for you to be notified of someone liking one of your posts, you need to go to the settings page for your account and check the box to allow you to be notified via email or forum PM whenever someone likes one of your posts. Looks like we've started an FAQ here!
  10. You can view your "liked" posts by calling up your forum profile. The number of posts you have marked with the "like" button will appear in the upper right hand side of your profile. Mine has one like, for example. As we gain more experience using this feature, we'll be able to see what triggers a change in the ratings (I'm "neutral" at this time). d
  11. Yep, it definitely is different from the Facebook button. Still, it's something we can play with. I guess we still have to venture over to our Facebook page to "feel the love" for our musings...
  12. We have yet to figure out exactly what this all means. "Liked" items appear in your own personal profile.
  13. I love the stuff. I shoot mine at 25-30 psi unthinned. No problems at all.
  14. I have the Sturmtiger. Mine has pretty soft details and will take a lot of work to finish properly...sometime in the distant future. Will check my box to see if it includes PE details. Good luck.
  15. Very nice, Chris! Nice detail and weathering.
  16. I build stuff made out of plastic. It blows up better.
  17. I was looking for a solution to fix the crooked tracks on my 1:72 Dragon Stug III tank. After reading about how others managed to straighten them using heat, I wasn't comfortable with taping them to a board and putting them in the sun, soaking in hot water, etc. I came up with this holder/jig as a way to precisely control the alignment and to hold the tracks as they are heated and reformed into place. It was a fairly cheap fix in both time and money and the end result worked great for me. So, here's my step-by-step: First, go down to the local hardware store and purchase a length o
  18. Okay, not wanting to wait for the possibility of a replacement set from Dragon, I soldiered on with my plan to fix them instead. Figuring I have 20 or so 1:72 kits I won't be building for several years, finding a way to fix the problem myself seemed the best course for me. Here's how I fixed them. YES! I found a way to do it! So, here's my step-by-step: First, go down to the local hardware store and purchase a length of aluminum bar bent into a 90 degree angle, a package of brass bolts, nuts and washers. Use a hacksaw to cut 6 inches of bar (two pieces needed), filed the ends to smooth
  19. Since this is a 1:72 tank, the tread are wee. I'll try Ron's tip first and go from there. I may even photograph the process and share, depending upon how it goes. Thanks!
  20. ...yep. I'm building a Dragon 1:72 Stug and the DS tracks that came with it aren't exactly straight. Both runs are twisted and I need to straighten them out. Anyone have experience doing this? I'm thinking of using hot water to finesse them into position and then dipping in cold water to "lock" them into position. Before I try this with my only set of tracks, has anyone done this successfully? Or is there a better way of doing it? Any help appreciated, Dennis
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