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  1. You did a nice job on that.
  2. This looks like a great kit. I think I'll have to add one to my collection. I can't wait to see how dirty you make it!
  3. Truly an impressive amount of work, Mark. Well done!
  4. This is an out-of-the-box build of the Tamiya 1:48 Crusader kit. I was tempted to finish with a sand terrain base but kinda like the look of it sitting on a glossy black base. No more using brass nameplates, I'm making my own using Photoshop and my local Walgreens! This was a sweet build and I was sorely tempted to ratchet up the detailing a bit but went the OOB route instead. Weathering with Flory clay washes, pigments and oils.
  5. Can't wait to see more! Great project, Mark.
  6. Love all the attention to detail, Bryan. Well done!
  7. Some photos of my latest project, a Soviet Sherman M4A2 tank. 1:72 scale.
  8. Gorgeous work, Bryan. I'm going to use your photos as a guide when I weather mine. Sweet barbed wire!
  9. I've been an armor judge for several years and no judging team I've been part of has ever dinged an entry because of an anchor screw through the bottom.
  10. Brian, You absolutely nailed the snow effects on the running gear. Well done, bud!
  11. Outstanding work, Chris. I really like what you've done with the stowage. Nice, realistic dust too!
  12. Looking mighty fine, Bryan. Can't wait to see it in paint!
  13. Lookin' good, Bryan! I'm working on one also and agree with you on the ease of assembly. I think I'll still need to glue some of the tracks together as they keep coming apart but that's no biggie. I have to add some details along with some tarps, etc. before heading to the fun part of this build. Can't wait to see how yours will turn out. dt
  14. I have one of these pens and found that you need to wear rubber gloves when using these fiberglass pens. The individual bristles of the pen can break off and stick in your skin. Think of a really small splinter that takes days to work itself free. You should also wipe down your workbench area after using just to make sure you've picked up all the microscopic pieces. Yeah, it's a lot of bother. Still, for removing small glue blobs or other precision sanding, it's worth the effort. HTH
  15. Nicely done! Was the IBG truck difficult?
  16. Well, the combination of lighting and your paint job make it look pretty realistic!
  17. Nice build! I like the figure too...
  18. So far, so good! Looking really good, Pedro!
  19. I like the details in the engine deck. Nicely worn too!
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