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  1. Try flat black, then rub with graphite on a cotton bud.
  2. Nice job, Federico! A great step-by-step lesson.
  3. I have both the large and small UMM scribers. Highly recommended.
  4. Work started on the cockpit assembly. I've decided to prepare the interior bits before airbrushing the interior with a coat of off-white followed by hand-painting the wooden frame. Exhaust drilled out. It's a beginning.
  5. And here's my Eduard Bristol F.2B bringing up the rear!
  6. As always, thanks for sharing these, Frederico!
  7. Combine the two, Kenny.... Gator po'boy!
  8. Tom, I suggest you get in touch with Mary Jane in our national office about this. Her address is mj@ipmsusa.org She is the person who can get you the info...or at least tell you whether he's still a member. She seldom, if ever, frequents this forum. hth, Dennis
  9. A significant achievement, Ron! Another bucket list item checked off!
  10. I've found the containers Chic-fil-a sandwich wraps come in make great storage containers for my kits as they are "in-progress" to keep all my parts, etc. sorted in one place. Oh, and it gives me an excuse to go there for lunch often!
  11. Is this a new tooling or one of their older efforts? I just bought their new Gloucester Gladiator and am impressed with Airfix's latest offerings.
  12. I'm in with an Eduard Bristol F2b fighter in 1:48 scale.
  13. Well done! Thanks so much for sharing these, Freddie! Just what the desert tread head ordered...
  14. Always glad to see new ways of creating realistic wood finishes. Thanks so much for sharing, Freddie!
  15. Hiya Rich! Welcome to the IPMS/USA forums.
  16. Welcome to the forums, Joey! I'm sure you'll find a lot of great information and advice here.
  17. I'm posting this request in hopes that someone out there might have the instruction sheet for this kit. If you can help, I'll give you his email address and you can work it out directly with Dr. Ron. Hello, I am Dr. Ronald Quiambao, I’m from the Philippines and I was able to get hold of your website My brother bought a kit way back in the 80’s. I was busy studying in college and was not able to start/finish it and was kept in a box for a long time. At present, I decided to go back to doing model kits and found some of my unfinished ones in my ancestral home. One of the kits is missing an assembly instruction manual and I tried looking for it all around the house but at this time I already accepted its fate. Then I found a picture of the box in your website. I am not sure, but there is nothing wrong if I ask if your office IPMS has a copy of its assembly instructions? And if yes, can you send a scanned copy it to me online via my email address? I would really appreciate it. The model kit’s name is : 1 Ton half-track Sd.Kfz.10 with M-18 Howitzer ESCI 5008 1/35 Thank you for the help and for your time. Have a nice day. Best regards, Dr. Ron
  18. Well done, Al! Love the armor add-ons..
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