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    Model As and Model Ts, Sherman and Patton tanks. Love drag racing. In general, cars, military equipment and motor sports.
  1. If I remember right most of the F550 differences had to do with suspension, drive train and accessories. I would recommend just checking with Ford, and or a Ford dealer parts department.
  2. Well Mark, first I made some boxes out of styrene sheet, I then covered them with A+B putty. I then worked the sides with a 2 inch by 4 inch piece of .40 styrene (scrap). for hte top part of the cement I used a piece of broke cement from a curb by the house.
  3. If you were at the Nationals you might have seen this in that sea of armor. This is my old DML M4A3E8 kit, I added a modified Italeri T23 turret, On the Mark PE, Archer casting marks, Trumpeter T66 track, and some scratch built cement armor. Before paint
  4. Thanks guys. Ah Chris you caught it. I just had to do it :Smile-tongue:
  5. I started this a number of years ago, painted it all up but miss placed the "glass" somewhere. A couple of weeks ago I was unpacking a box from the last move and found another kit. I took the missing pieces. Today I almost got it all finished. It is out of the box, just a fun build. I think I need to change the color of the tarp to a green, I used a restored one as reference, not sold on the color of the tarp.
  6. I this at the Nats, I thought you did a wonderful job!
  7. I took some walk arounds of some this summer at Fort Hood here is the link to where I put them. Hope it helps. I always say there never to many pictures. http://www.modelersalliance.com/forum/the-real-thing/147313-m3-stuart
  8. Sure did. It was great meeting you. If I could have smuggled your Dora out with me I would have
  9. I Jeffrey Riedesel from Goodland Kansas. I belong to the Northwest Kansas Scale Model Society. I grew up in the Denver area and belonged to the Front Range club there. (Hope I got that name right) I would list awards I have been lucky to win some hardware but really don't remember as I have not competed in a long time until this last Nationals (where I had a big goose egg.) That is okay there was a lot of great models on the tables. My little girl did well for her first time as she got second place int preteen figures. To be honest that was one of the many high lights of the trip. One of the big things I relearned was how much fun it was to be at a contest. I mostly build US armor, Yeah Shermans and Pattons, I also have been playing lately with US Naval Aviation, as my boy is now a air traffic controller. That kinda boosted me in doing some aircraft. Other interest is My Model A Sedan and older Fords I do get to more car shows that model shows. Looking to make some new friends maybe reconnect with old ones. Thanks again for letting me be apart of this.
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