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  1. I took these last year at the 138th FW "family Day" event. All one color (radome is an unpainted item) and pylons still legacy colors.
  2. I should be your guinea pig on this soon......I am hoping the F-35 #2 will do the trick. I look forward to the responses on this! David Horn
  3. I like Smooth-on. http://www.smooth-on.com/ One advantage of buying the resin and silicone from a manufacturer is the shelf life. You can buy Alumilite at Hobby lobby with 40% off coupon but you have no idea on how old it is. The shelf life is typically 6 months after it has been opened. I have had sucess after 6 months but it starts settin faster thanb advertised. Alumilite sets nice and hard but not much working time. Smoothon 321 has a little better working time and acts more like plastic when set. I pressure cast and working time really comes into play......
  4. I may do a NAVY NKC-135A (NUCAR 1 & NUCAR 2 with jamming pods etc) update in the future to representthe birds that flew out of Tulsa OK and Waco TX. They are now in the boneyard. I made a conversion for the EC-24A (DC8-54) which was the sister ship (NUCAR 3) which is also in Arizona. Contrails has the resin but I dropped the ball on getting decals done and the update set is not available yet. The EC-24A was a one of a kind bird! I need motivation to get these sets done.....
  5. Thanks Wichita for a great show! The contest location was very nice and there was plenty of room. Nothing beats looking at a model and turning around to see the real aircraft just outside. The Tulsa IPMS club had at least seven members attend and we were in good company. It was great to see other clubs show up in force, and superb builds. Everyone needs a good pat on the back. Let the pictures start.....please excuse any gloating. Overall photo OOB table (recognize the F-16C that I just wrote a review with....took 1st with that one) 32 and larger scale prop 48 scal
  6. Tugging at my heart strings, love the Skyraiders. Great job!
  7. And people think 1/72 is small...... Looking great!
  8. There are two P-51D Mustangs in Tulsa and I modeled both (and got a ride in Miracle Maker). Both kits are Tamiya 1/48 kits with modifications to match the current flying aircraft. Draw decals offers "The Miracle Maker" decals and Caracuds has "Millie G" however I had to change the lettering color to match the real bird. Millie G Miracle Maker Going for a ride
  9. I used this photo as reference, they have to be able to get the seats out for maintenance.
  10. The model depicted is the one that was hit by a EA-6B during night ops on the big "E" on November 6th 1998. A friend of mine was the first fire hose on the jet. Funny thing is I met another person this week that was on the flight deck that night. Small world! A lot of goodies in this one, Goffy models cockpit & weapond bay, Paragon wing fold and many scratch built items (APU, Access hatches, fuselage steps, wingfold braces). Special thanks to 3 Wire design for the custom display base. [/url]
  11. One of my signature builds, was in 2008 Spring IPMS Journal. 1/48 Tamiya/Matchbox
  12. I am not at all new to IPMS but I am new to the forums. I thought I was already registered a long time ago but I guess not.... Anyway, just wrote my first IPMS review, 1/48 Hasegawa F-16C "Tiger Meet 2012". I look forward to posting in progres as well as finished builds in the near future.
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