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  1. Mike, I sent you an email with my room details at Staybridge. Thanks for all the hard work that is being put into this. I enjoyed getting to talk to you about the details of the show while at the Indianapolis contest and from what I heard it is going to be a National's that we will be talking about for years to come. Keep up the good work!!!! Tim G.
  2. My post was just a joke, hence the emojis!!! We wouldn’t want to do anything other than the norm it would throw the whole modeling world in a tailspin from which we would never recover!!! 😂 Just in case your wondering that’s also a joke!!!!
  3. Looks like the question was answered with the map, put it in the general location of where the United Kingdom is on the map and it will be centrally located. 😂 Looks like Omaha to me!!! 😀
  4. Marcin, I just checked out your link on the Large Scale Planes forum. All I can say is WOW!! That is taking scratchbuilding to a whole other level. Welcome to the forum and I hope you hang around. Definitely in a league of your own. 😀
  5. Pete, That is a good idea, the Chattanooga guys use GSB format for there whole contest every year and it works great. The feedback you get is really good. I’m going to bring this up to some of the guys at the shows I go to and see how it will go over to do this for youth categories.
  6. I agree with you Michael, in some of the cases I'm referring to has nothing to do with accuracy. 2 aircraft being judged one with no decals and canopy not painted and one with decals and canopy painted. Both had same quality of build but one of them was clearly not finished. 2 aircraft being judged, one of them was a conversion done by hand without aftermarket kit and one was straight out of box, same quality of build. Judges didn't take the time to read the description that was clearly laid out in the documentation displayed with both. 2 cars being judged both had same finish, one was pre-painted out of the box one was done with airbrush It's things like this that are not being noticed because it's a rushed job of judging based on it being a junior category, I can be at the same contest and the judges that do the adult categories take hours to judge and I will hear them say in the judges meetings, who wants to do the juniors? Not many hands go up. I have been observing and taking more interest in this the last few years because I have kids that are in the hobby, just some of the things I witnessed this past weekend was more of an extreme case than I have seen other places. I don't want the kids to build just because they want to win but if they deserve to win they should get recognized for that effort and not just passed over because they are not the elite of the hobby.
  7. Ralph, That is great, I wish that emphasis was put on the junior's at every show. It seems like in the 10 + shows not including the nationals I attend in the area that I can drive to every year, this is not the case, most of the time I usually see anywhere from 30-45 entries consistently in the junior categories. Appreciate the attention y'all give in this area.
  8. Kevin, I hope you are right and this is the minority, I still think it's an issue as a whole that no one want's to address. The lack of comments on this thread to me says a whole lot, just not really a concern to the majority.
  9. I would like to bring up a topic of how we treat the youth categories at contests. The only reason I'm bringing this up is from this past weekend's experience that I witnessed at a show in Alabama (you can look on contest calendar if you need location). I was wondering around the show area while the judging was going on and happened to hear the judges discussing the junior category, there was probably about 30-35 entries to look at so the comment was made by the judge to another club member " I don't know much about what I'm looking at so do you just want me to pick 1, 2, 3". I really couldn't believe what I was hearing. My daughter competes in the youth division because I'm trying to get her into a hobby that don't have a screen on it and she also loves spending time with her Dad.😀 So I have a hard time with a hobby that has a average age of 50+ that we would continually treat the kids at these shows the way we do. Most of the time the youth table is in the back corner of the room and I always watch the amount of people that stop and look, it is a very few, especially the adults that have a habit of winning, I never see them go look at the kid's entries. Back to this past weekend, after I walked away the judges came back to me and said they took a closer look at the entries and was sorry, which I accepted but before the judge walked away told me it is probably not a good idea for me to talk to the judges. What? We are not solving world hunger or world peace, we are building plastic models. I guess I need to make an appointment next time to talk to such an important person. I have been building models for 30 + years but I see and have seen a pattern in the last few years, there will be hours spent judging an adult category but just a few minutes spent on the youth to make a decision, I cant put my finger on why it's done this way, some of the youth entries are pretty darn good, maybe it's jealousy, or arrogance, but the kids should garner the same respect in judging I believe. I would personally like to see more young people at our shows, I know we are competing against technology but getting some interested is better than none. When the young people choose to participate in this hobby they have made a choice among many choices, when a lot of us choose to build models it's because that is the only thing we got going for us. 🤣 Just an example, I took 2 kids to that show this weekend that have never seen a plastic model and they loved it, got each of them a couple of kits and talked to there parents this morning and they told me the rest of the weekend they was engrossed in that kit and never turned on the TV or video games. Imagine that!!!!!! Just would like to have some thoughts on this, not looking for an argument one way or the other just see there is room for improvement.
  10. Does anyone on this forum happen to have one of these in there stash and are willing to sale. I'm wanting to build a Mistel 3B which consists of an Ju-88H-4 and a FW190A-8 with slipper tanks. I have all the components to build except the pieces to turn the Ju88G-6 into an H-4 which came in the Paragon set. I know this company has been out of business for a long while but was just hoping someone would have one laying around. :)
  11. There was some great junior stuff there, dont see any in this batch of pics, but the kids are getting better. Watch out old dudes!!!😀
  12. They had tickets to the zoo offered if you wanted to drive on your own and not take the bus. Maybe someone from the convention crew can let us know about this. Can't think of a security risk at the zoo but anyway just looking for some clarification. Thanks!!!!!
  13. Thanks Ron, I was wanting to get tickets for the Zoo. Kids are wanting to go there on Friday.
  14. I tried to sign up for one of the tours today and the when you add to the cart it says the registration for the tours is no longer available. Are the tours all booked up? Can you get tickets at the Nationals?
  15. Tim, I have used Easy Off oven cleaner in the past, once it sets for a bit and bubbles up you can almost wipe it off with a rag or old toothbrush etc. The unscented kind that they sell won't work but the original will. It doesn't hurt the plastic but it will strip it back down to plastic no matter how may coats you have applied.
  16. I used Model Master for years and now I use Vallejo. Never had a finish as smooth as I do now. Been doing it for 20 years and Vallejo has given me the best finish so far.
  17. I'm just wanting something for my airbrush only, I have a big compressor to run everything else with. I was just wanting some opinions on what was on the market now from people that have experience with them. I have had 2 small Cambell Housefield compressors die this year that I have had for a long time. I just bought a Badger TC910 Aspire Pro From Amazon and got it in today. I done my first plane with it this afternoon and seems to be a good buy. I appreciate all the feedback, most of the time online reviews are skewed one way or another because the company can keep or delete your opinion. I needed some help from fellow modelers so I could get the truth of the matter. 🤔🤔
  18. I have considered CO2, I have built my own building to build models in so the storage of it wouldn't be a problem.
  19. Hey guys, one of my compressors died and I'm in the market for a new one. Can anyone give me some thoughts? Looking for something quiet and compact in the $200-400 range. Thanks!!!
  20. I just went to there website and it works, I have listed there web address below. I was just at a contest 3 weeks ago in Tennessee and I talked to several of there members. They all had club shirts on so I'm sure there still going strong. http://ipmsvagabonds.com
  21. I will see you on Saturday. Had a great time last year and looking forward to another good contest.
  22. Dave that looks great!!! In the process of redoing my space and you gave me some great ideas that I haven't thought of before. Well done!!!!
  23. That is some fine work. I follow your website and this is one of many fine builds you have done.. George we may have to classify you as an artist along with being an awesome model builder. Congrats!!!!
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