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  1. Could just wear the official IPMS uniform: Khaki cargo shorts Club T-Shirt Sandals with socks This way everyone would only have to pack 1 outfit.
  2. Really nice job. Love the Luftwaffe markings. Keep up the good work.
  3. Great job Bill!!! That is one awesome looking Scorpion.
  4. There seems to be no problems setting it up online. Maybe try that instead of calling. Computers may know more than the guys that are working the weekend shift. :)
  5. Seen this in person at the Nationals. Can't wait to add this to my stash. Great looking kit!!!
  6. Just made mine also. Looking forward to my 3rd straight Nationals.
  7. Joseph, Great job on the fit between the nose and the fuselage. That has always been a problem spot with this kit. I worked hours on getting mine to fit right when I built this kit. Keep up the good work.
  8. David, I agree and you make a lot of valid points. I'm 40 yrs.old and have been modeling since I was 13. I grew up in the same era you have. The history of it I love just as much as I do the modeling and contests, but the younger generation has the world wide web and they don't feel the need to retain this knowledge like we do, when all they have to do is go online and find anything they want to know about a subject in a matter of minutes.
  9. Bill, Wow!!!! The overall finish on the Scorpion is looking great. You should be proud of the way it's turning out. I built one of these when I was 16 yrs. old, which don't seem like it but was 24 years ago. I fell in love with the F-89 and you have put me in the mood to get the one out of my stash and put it in pile to be built. Never tried BMF but I might now. Keep up the good work!!!!
  10. tgidcumb

    The Bride

    Great job Kevin!!!
  11. Great job Gill!!! Was able to take a look at this in Columbia, you put a lot of effort into this and it showed.
  12. Tim, You make a lot of good points and I appreciate the passion you have. If we could get everyone to buy into a least some of the good points that have been made on this thread we might see gradual changes. This will take a little effort on everyone's part.
  13. Those are some really nice models! I started by son off with some Snap-Tites when he was 7, and 7 years and a bunch of models later (Including a few wins at local shows) I just showed him the basics of an airbrush last night. Kevin, Thanks for the kind words. I let my daughter try some of the different airbrushes at some of the shows we attended, the one she took a liken to and could control the best is the one I bought for her.
  14. Dick, Here is a link to some of my 10 yr. old daughters work she has done in the last year. Once she showed interest I begin to show her different techniques and away she went. We have been to 8 contests and 2 Nationals in the last year and she has won in everyone of them including best Junior in 5 of them. I love to see her interest and it's also been a bonus for the both of us, kit collection and tool collection has grown substantially. Couldn't get the photos to upload to the thread been trying all day. http://s377.photobucket.com/user/tgidcumb1/slideshow/
  15. Dick, Thanks for the comments. She did take home some hardware (First in her category). I will load some pics of her work shortly.
  16. The problem is not with getting the kids interested in the hobby, it's getting the parents to continue that development one the kids show interest. Most kids would love to spend time and have a personal relationship with there DAD but instead we sit them in front of a TV, Computer, or Cell Phone and let those devices do our jobs for us. I started my daughter doing model airplanes around 2 years ago and the time I have spent with her showing her all the little tricks has made her an awesome modeler just to be 10. You don't have to be a 30-100 year old man that has money to enjoy this hobby. I go to Hobby Lobby sometimes and just go to the aisle where they sell plastic models and count how many kids bring there parents to that aisle and show them something they want and they get ignored, in 1 hour on 1 particular night I counted over 40 kids that came down that aisle and spent time looking at plastic kits. We can influence young people to enjoy our hobby if we have the desire to. Couple of things I think we can do better and some things I noticed in Columbia last week listed below: Figure out how to get the youth categories into a spot in the contest room so everyone is forced to walk by and see what the kids have done. Personally hand the youth awards out to each winner at the awards presentation. Just clapping for them after every award doesn't really do anything for them but personal recognition in front of the whole group would make them feel a lot better about the work they put in. Stop being so critical and sometimes it seems borderline jealous. I sit across from the youth section at this past Nationals and 30% of the older men that walked by and looked at my daughter's models would make comments like " there is no way that was done by a pre-teen and I'm sure her DAD had his hand in that." I did have my hand in it, I spent the time with her to show her the right way to do things and with spending time with her and not leaving her to herself she has developed a skill. We can make a change in kids lives through this hobby if the parents want to invest the time and stop being self indulged in our own lives.
  17. It could have been under my name, my dad was a guest of mine at the show. I will ask him and find out. Thanks!!!!
  18. Any update on shirts? My dad bought one while he was there but they were out of his size. Not seen anything of it? His name is Don Gidcumb. Thanks!!!!!
  19. Thanks for the update on this!!! I'll give it a whirl and see if I can do anything with it. I'm not one who usually gets caught up in the hype but it got the best of me..
  20. Bought this beauty at the nationals. Time I spent money on the trip and 4 days of modeling bliss I only came home with this. Couldn't resist the temtation though. Walked by the Zoukei-Mura table for 2 days and on the 3rd day I gave in to the temptaton. :)
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