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  1. thanks guys, this little guy is back in the workbench, need some adjustments and new tooling.
  2. Hi this is my Panzer 3 I did last year for a color modulation workshop, hope you like it!
  3. jajaja good one, anyway great pictures. :gold-plane:
  4. catdude01

    Sword P-47N

    love the bare metal shinny look of this plane! :gray-plane:
  5. this is a masterpiece, thanks for sharing it!
  6. Looking really good! :army7:
  7. thanks guys, She still building and painting (thanks God!) so you may see more in Virginia .
  8. Hello: Here is one of my latest kit that I received from my lovely wife as a gift at the IPMS ORLANDO NATIONALS in 2012. The old king tiger Porsche turret from tamiya. For this project I bought the following aftermarkets: 1. Mirage resin zimmerit 2. photoetched grilled set 3. friulmodel metal tracks 4. metal barrel. I started working with the metal tracks, see the pictures. Then I work with the resin.
  9. Friul tracks are awesome, I have more models with it and after you understand how to properly clean it, you can built it in no time. Now I'm trying the plastic workable tracks from bronco for a Sherman and to be honest, I'm starting to like it better. Why? they have more details than the metal ones, so you may try it as well.
  10. men this is a diamond model kit! unique work ! Oh and love the Flag and the car plate
  11. very good job on that interior I do like it.
  12. Really? gee thanks. I saw the picture in the Journal, she was really happy.
  13. Hi Jim, I just use Baking Soda. You see the baking soda have the perfect consistency of snow like, they start to build up and stay in place. If you really want to left it in place, use some steam over them so the water is trapped in the baking soda, making it more solid without losing shape. just try it and experiment a bit.
  14. Hi: this was another old project of mine, when I used for the first time metal tracks. I also made a video so hope you enjoy it. Japanese Type 97 tank video I started priming it with the tamiya primer spray can if I remember well.
  15. Hi: Just sharing an old diorama I made 2009-2010 of a panther passing by to a disable Cromwell in the snow.
  16. Hi : This is my little Girl Patricia Sofia she is 8 yrs old, she built his first model in time for the Nationals in Colorado.
  17. I love the miniature, its was a great job. Also the car and the Yamato as well.
  18. nice work, the german vehicle its not a easy one.
  19. Thanks Gil,that was the Canadian Beer Blast Night with our new friends from Ipms Anchorage. We Really had a good time there.
  20. Hi: There is a new group called IPMS JUNIOR, you can see more details in this link: http://www.ipmsborinqueneers.com/apps/blog/show/41010199-new-ipms-group-is-born-
  21. Thanks Dannie/ Gil, this is a really neat model to rest a little bit from the traditional tanks, very easy to work and paint. Hope to finish it in time for the contest!
  22. Hi: I just bought this little guy on ebay, its from the fantasy game of Dust and Tactics. Here the pictures of the model. a lot of seam lines but worth the effort. here you can see the scale, its more or less 1/48 . Already started sanding and working with mr.surface 500.
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