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  1. Well guys this boy went to the Ipms Nationals, here the pictures
  2. catdude01

    USMC Figure

    You may contact the organizer of the show, Ipms TideWater, they should help you for sure.
  3. More items for sale! 1. Dragon DML 1/35 OT-34/76 Mod 1943 (No 112 Factory) Smart Kit #6614 $20.00 SOLD !!!!! 2. Tamiya M2A2 Bradley ODS IFV 1/35 Scale - Kit No.35264 $25.00
  4. You are talking about Dave Youngquist owner of Last Cavalry, on his website you can find his latest videos on painting figures. You can also make a search for painting, miniatures or faces on our website to found great tutorials about the theme. http://www.ipmsborinqueneers.com/apps/videos/ Good luck with your figures!
  5. Hi Chris: Well, not as I expected, not even a single award!!! but that's ok, this is a competition and you need to go with both expectations. My kids also have a great success, they bring 4 awards!, so the other kids, for a total of 8. So we are thinking to change our name to Ipms Borinqueneers JUNIOR!! :D . Also for the next time I will bring less kits, its really hard and costly to bring it to the states. We pay $600 for a bulk box to bring the kits from Puerto Rico to Virginia. We also saw some fishy stuff going on in the competition with some categories, but you know what? you just lo
  6. This was taken at the Ipms Virginia Nationals.
  7. Thank you for your kind comments! here are some finals pictures
  8. Alright everybody, its time to clean up the stash a little bit! so here is my list of available items All boxes are open but kits all complete, none of them started, just opened to take a look and make sure everything is there. List: 1. Eduard 1:48 #8466 Polikarpov I-16 Type 10 Spanish Republican Air Force $20.00 2. CyberHobby (dragon) 1:48 #5563 JU88G-6 Nachtjager with Crew + Resin Wheels and PE Antenna set. $45 3. Dragon 1/35 #6351 Jagdtiger Porsche Production Type $40------------------------SOLD! 4. Italeri 1:48 #2655 A-10 Thunderbolt II $25.00------------------------SOLD! 5. It
  9. I wanted to paint in a different color some parts to make the kit more attractive, so I use Tamiya German Grey and Medium Blue , here more or less the results.
  10. some more picture of the progress yesterday. Fenders installed too.
  11. Hi guys! Ipms Nationals are almost there! Better hurry up with this little fella. Here the picture with the back fixed and retouched.
  12. Success!!!!!!! I was really lucky this time.
  13. Well I make a huge mistake on the back on the tank, its all backwards! I really done it this time. I know Dragon's instructions sucks big time, but this? I have to say its was my fault. After a close examination I found that the whole piece what place backwards. Removing the exhaust won't solve the problem, so I tried with a new and very sharp xacto knife to release the whole piece.
  14. Thanks Rob! Glad you like it. that's the idea of publishing the work in progress, help others to get new tips and ideas. (^o^)/
  15. Last Friday I went on weathering the belly of the tank.
  16. Hi! Well, after decals I started with the mud part, for this I use a mix of microballoons, white wood glue, maybe a small spoon of white sand, water and color. The last part is not that important yet, because later when its get dry I will airbrush a clear mud color, in this case I use Tamiya Deck tan. Next Day, after all is dried, I airbrush first the Deck Tan,and an hour later a mix of deck tan with a few drops of flat earth and respray the zone. So tonight I will continue making more layers in earth tones then to seal the work again to add oils details.
  17. Thanks Guys! this little fella its already traveling for Virginia!
  18. My Update from the weekend! First,Painted the wheels black, seal with clear matt the whole kit, then the next day I put some chipping using acrylics colors, then I put a filter using oils (Burnt umber) this will warm the base color. Its very important to seal your base color, because when you apply the filter using thinner, if not well covered, the paint will start to peel off. Happens to me on the turret. What I do? just put some dark chipping color to dissimulate it the best I could. Here my results so far. Still a lot of work to do.
  19. after removing the silly putty. Need some retouching here and there bet the results are great.
  20. Here the result after applying tamiya dark yellow with flat white
  21. I applied silly putty on all the model to cover the areas were the green camo will stay.
  22. catdude01

    Tamiya Simca 5

    The Simca 5 is a small Franco-Italian passenger car designed, by Fiat engineers at Turin. It was produced and sold in France by Simca. It was virtually identical to the Fiat 500 Topolino. The Simca 5 was conceived as the French car of the people, in the same way as the Volkswagen was for Germany and the Fiat 500 for Italy. It boasted many advanced features including independent front suspension, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes and a 12 volt electrical system. The Simca 5 also achieved outstanding fuel economy. Tamiya make this tiny little fella and is a very easy built for a weekend.
  23. I just primed the model in white, but instead of going to the base color I started with the camo color in the darkest color first, then today I will go again with a less darker until I achieve some light on it. So let see if this work for me.
  24. I wanted to make some shadows and lights with the green so started with the darker one. Pictures coming soon.
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