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  1. Federico! no esperaba menos, excelente trabajo! wonderful work bro!
  2. She is! She just finish a back to the future DELorean. Pictures soon.
  3. Thank you guys, glad you like it! I have another kit waiting to decide a theme for it. Maybe the Independence day Russell Casse plane ?
  4. During WWII the distinctively painted "Recall" Stearman were used at Navy primary flight training bases. Because primary training aircraft had no radios, when a sudden storm or other emergency arose there were only two ways to "recall" the flying cadets back to base. One was to hoist a Recall signal flag. One flag meant all solo students shall return without delay, and others exercise caution. Two flags flying together meant everyone must return immediately. In many cased aircraft were too far away so see the flags. Then the only option was to launch the special "Recall" aircraft which, not coincidentally, was painted in its entirety to look like the recall flags: blue stripes on a white background. When a cadet saw the Recall aircraft flying around the area, they knew they were to return to base at once. Each base painted their own Recall aircraft using one of their standard overall Orange-Yellow N2S aircraft. The line, serial and other numbers were masked over and the entire airplane was painted white. The stripes in Insignia Blue were added and the masking was removed leaving the original lettering of black on yellow. There were slight variations in the number of stripes from air station to air station with the guiding inspiration being that of the recall flag itself, the origins of which date back to 1777. This is the 1/48 Revell PT-17 Stearman a new kit from 2014. Very easy to build and highly recomended. Only add I would like in the future its a better instrument panel.
  5. Well this fella have one last show, here it is
  6. Beautiful! Right on track, looks really good the modulation and the highlights. :army7:
  7. Wonderful achievement with the colors and weathering!
  8. Awesome work Brother! really nailed!
  9. Yeah Agreed on that one, but great unusual subject anyway!
  10. My work in progress with the old dragon version of the T 34/85 model kit # 6203. Plastic is very fragile so from the start I broke a lot of parts. But later on its was all ok. Mine took a weekend to built. Here the pictures, almost Out of Box, only a metal barrel was added and handles were replace with plastruct 0.8mm hex rod.
  11. Crazy details with the PE Parts, love it!
  12. Beautiful Kit overall! my two cents: (Just my opinion) 1. Metal tracks, they are a great opportunity to show the weight of them in the wheels,add more links to show it sagged, if you want to show it real fit, keep to the vinyl or plastic ones and save money. 2. A bit of dust here and there, unless you want a clean subject. Again its my opinion, so go for what you really like, great work! :army7:
  13. catdude01


    HUGE Monster! looks like a futuristic armor from DUST & TACTICS Games. :army7:
  14. Mark! that sound interesting, to many available references on armored cars on the net to achieve a great model so good luck and have fun!
  15. beautiful finish, I like the green tone overall.
  16. awesome work, really stand out! :gold-plane:
  17. Here I share another picture this time in the Caribbean Scale Auto Expo in Puerto Rico. Sadly I was the only one with figures this time... -_- The Yoda is also another work of mine.
  18. Also brought first place at the Caribbean Scale Auto Expo in Puerto Rico.
  19. Robin: this is the Mayor's Cup award, he selected 3 entries at the show, mine was one. :army7:
  20. awesome work, details on tracks is superb!
  21. Excellent work, the Gun and the groundwork. :army7:
  22. thanks its was really a great kit, highly recommended for starters like me.
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