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  1. Also brought first place at the Caribbean Scale Auto Expo in Puerto Rico.
  2. Robin: this is the Mayor's Cup award, he selected 3 entries at the show, mine was one. :army7:
  3. awesome work, details on tracks is superb!
  4. Excellent work, the Gun and the groundwork. :army7:
  5. thanks its was really a great kit, highly recommended for starters like me.
  6. Thanks! Finally pictures of the ModelPalooza. !!!!
  7. Kits still available! 1. Eduard 1:48 #8466 Polikarpov I-16 Type 10 Spanish Republican Air Force $20.00 2. CyberHobby (dragon) 1:48 #5563 JU88G-6 Nachtjager with Crew + Resin Wheels and PE Antenna set. $45 3. Tamiya M2A2 Bradley ODS IFV 1/35 Scale - Kit No.35264 $25.00 4. ERTL 1:48 A-10 Thunderbolt $12.00 5. Italeri 1:48 #2611 F/A -18 E Super Hornet $15.00 6. Italeri 1:24 #3804 Volvo "Eddie Stobart Ltd" Rigid Box $40
  8. Thanks! not my best built, but very proud of it. I think this little guy can take a long break with this award in the shelf. (^^)/
  9. another appearence of this little fella, this time at the modelfest 2014 in Corozal, Puerto Rico.
  10. thank you guys! And here the figure on the Modelfest 2014 that took place on Corozal, Puerto Rico this weekend.
  11. and here my last effort so far, figure almost done. Still pending to seal it, then oils and then gluing for good to the wood base.
  12. same test with the body, colors are building up, still need to seal it to give a warm effect to the colors using oils.
  13. testing and testing fitting and how its looks the face with the hat.Visor painted with Tamiya gloss black. Pictures are great to detect error in the painting.
  14. Next day in my lunch time I started to work the red color in the hat and uniform. Then a retouch during the night.
  15. Hi guys! Here I share with you my first attempt with a 1/6 bust that I grab from Last Cavalry at Ipms Nationals (thanks Dave!) its the Baron Manfred Von Richthofen, or the Red Baron! I started cleaning the figure with soap to remove all the molding grease, then after dry, a coat of tamiya thin primer was given. From there I use Vallejo colors for the base color. A few weeks later I decided to stop ignoring it and try to paint a face!, 1 and half hour later the result. (Still missing eyebrows, eyelashes omitted by mistake. ) eyes are not wonderful, but for a first time I guess they are ok.
  16. catdude01

    !st posting

    Clever idea to put the piece in a picture frame.
  17. And here it is my little "Frog" at the Ipms Virginia Nationals.
  18. Hi Fellas! Our club in Puerto Rico (Borinqueneers) started a workshop of 1-2 meetings to complete a model select by us. For this first time we decided the 1:48 Tamiya BA-64B. This is a light armored vehicle used by the russian during WWII and later by other countries up to the 60s!
  19. Thank you Neal!, Sure I did, I clean it up and used perfect plastic putty to correct to fill all the seam lines. Also drill the machine guns and sanded the gun barrel too. I got you news too, Dust and Tactics was sold between 2012-2013 and the new owners are starting to offer this as a unarmed kits. check it out! http://www.unitforward.com/news/unassembled-model-kits-direct-from-dust-studio/
  20. Thank you!!!, well the model is kind of dark in colors , without a base and figure does not say much. I'm still working on the figures and base, so stay tune for more. :gold-plane:
  21. my 2 Out of the box entries in tanks.
  22. Well guys this boy went to the Ipms Nationals, here the pictures
  23. catdude01

    USMC Figure

    You may contact the organizer of the show, Ipms TideWater, they should help you for sure.
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