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  1. Hi guys: Constructions done on Friday Night, Primed on Saturday and today (Sunday) started with the green color of the Camo.
  2. Well last night I work just two more hours, so with that little time I finished all the details of the turret. I just left apart the machine gun barrel so I can paint it easily. Next the fenders and constructions is done.
  3. And finally the Turret in a 75% done. 12 hours so far since I started this project, should stay out of the soccer games on TV jejejee
  4. The Only PE Parts, I just glued it with Carpenter's white glue. Works fine for me, just use a small amount.
  5. More work in progress, hull and turret near complete. both have some plastic line to let you know where to put some pieces, remember to removed it first. Also some plastic putty used here and there to fill some seams lines an other parts on the rear.
  6. I left two tracks unglued on each side for easy release like in the picture.
  7. Next the tracks, after some cleaning I used 96 on each side.
  8. The hull is a little warped, at least in my case. Have to heated in water in order to achieve a decent one. Here my result so far. Overall is a really straight forward built with no big issues .
  9. I'm building mine out of the box, so no PE parts, metal gun barrels or metal tracks for this little guy. Started with the wheels, the fitting is a little loose, so make sure you double test the alignment and that all the wheels touch ground before making final fitting.
  10. Hi Guys: Just a few weeks aways to Ipms Nationals!!!! Everything is already in package so what next? well for me, to start a new kit, this time is the Pz.Beob.Wg. III Ausf . H. This obsolete panzer III manage to spent a little more time in service as a Artillery Observation vehicle. A total of 262 such tanks were converted from Panzer III. They featured improved armor protection and the main armament was replaced with a dummy gun that allowed powerful radio equipment to be installed within the tank interior. Manned by a crew of five, these Pz.Beob.Wg.III vehicles served widely with
  11. catdude01

    Mark Is

    thanks for the step by step, very helpful and amazing results!
  12. Waiting to read that article in the Journal, awesome work!
  13. very nice, thank for sharing it, voted for the Caterpillar.
  14. Hi Guys! during the last few weeks I was frustrated with the results of a complex PE kit and lost my "Karma". so I decided to comeback to the basics. Start a kit OOB, and looking on my stash found this really old model kit from Tamiya, the Horch 1A. Horch was a car brand manufactured in Germany by August Horch & Cie. a curious thing I found looking information for this model is that the company Still Exist as AUDI. Audi is the Latin translation of horch, from the German verb "Horchen", which means "Listen" The Audi name was proposed by a son of one of his business partners from Zw
  15. This is a really amazing example of what you can achieve with a near out of the box model kit, and really great skill on the paint job. Thank for sharing it!
  16. Thanks guys, I'm working on a new Tiger, this time the Zimmerit version of Dragon. Pictures coming soon!
  17. Indeed I did and it was worthy, my second show and its was great! so many wonderful works, I took near 600 pictures! Colorado its beautiful and the people are very kind. I didn't bring any award (my little girl did, with the Hello Kitty Blackbird) but doesn't matter, I make good friends and bring back good experiences and some goodies! You like it? this tank have some history, I was with my wife at Nationals in Orlando and I saw it in the hands of Hobby Link Japan guys but I left it there. I continue looking stuff around in other places and my wife went back with it as a surprise for me
  18. nice website, I will add it to our links section at ipmsborinqueneers.com!
  19. Really outstanding work, lot of detail on this little guy.
  20. I Saw Federico's Mk 1 and I was jealous!!! kidding hehehe, I just want to share mine so you have another version of the same great model kit.
  21. catdude01

    AEC Mk.I

    Excellent work Federico, I found this model challenging, since the many small parts, but indeed is a jewel.
  22. Can you help us decide the best of show categories for 2015? please go to our poll and let us know your opinion! http://www.ipmsborinqueneers.com/best-of-show-award-poll
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