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  1. Hello! You can still see the pictures in my original post in our club site, click here: https://www.ipmsborinqueneers.com/apps/forums/topics/show/12909802-tamiya-1-35-horch1a-with-2cm-flak38
  2. Wonderful Work, love the upgrade armor!
  3. just wonderful work, very detailed stuff!
  4. WOW! superjob! I love it,specially the color finish. :m1helmet:
  5. Hi! Not an expert, but a big fan! there is a forum showing some art and detailed information about it. Go and take a look: http://japanese-aviation.forumeiros.com/t17-45-midway-islands-battle-june-4-1942
  6. Hi Fellas: Just a quick post to show my latest work, a 1/35 M24 Chaffee from Italeri. This kit was built between two weeks, I added some soldering lines on the turret using plastic melted by using Tamiya thin glue, Silver dots from Sticko for the headlights, and wire for the antenna and that its, everything else is straight from the box. The kit was painted using the Modulation basic set for olive drab from Ammo of Mig Jimenez, and the markings I choose are for the Korean War.
  7. Thank you! The color its a mix of Tamiya Red Flat with Yellow Lemon in a mix of 1:3 , the result is a opaque yellow, but when you apply a Gloss Varnish, the color change to a wet yellow color. Hope this helps!
  8. Hi : I paint this fantastic figure 3 times, my skill are nor great, but I'm improving with each figure and bust kit that I tried. This is a great kit to any entry level, very recommended stuff.
  9. catdude01

    Desert Tiger

    Nicely done, this is not a easy kit to work with, so you should be proud of yourself. :army7:
  10. Here I share some of my progress building the PT-17 Stearman from Revell using the Yellow Wings Decals. Here the kit is almost done, just some details missing like riggins, canopies, etc. This pictures are from July.
  11. This project is a Massive success! the way you achieve a lot of texture and many tones/shades of dirt is really remarkable. The paint is perfect too, and the cherry on top is the extra stowage, really make a difference. and for the end the base, fantastic presentation overall, thanks for sharing it! Really Inspirational work.
  12. Convention pictures, okay, Perhaps one like this?
  13. I'm in, I will share with you my model entries for the virtual nationals!
  14. very nice site, specially the tutorial for making paneled door with stencil cards.
  15. This kit is outstanding! very real and lots of details, congrats!
  16. WOW, just wow, what incredible pictures! and look at the wooden wheels! still intact after all this years, almost 100 yrs! This is a fantastic example, thanks for sharing it, I hope some group adopt this fella for restoration.
  17. Thank you very much guys! Glad you like it! I learned a lot with this kit, and even with the work on the base, its really eye-catching! Well, a few days off and back to the workbench with a new kit! till then guys!
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