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  1. Man, you have that weathering thing down really well! I agree with everyone here, you should do a tutorial. Submit it to the mags they would eat it up! Fantastic work! Chris
  2. I managed to get a couple days to finish my latest project. In all honesty I wanted to finish this a long time ago but the recent show I attended moved it along. I'm refreshed and rejuvenated for modeling again. Revell Corvette ZR1 Scalefinishes.com Jetstream Blue Scalefinishes.com Calicove blue on calipers and engine Wheels were stripped, sprayed with Testors gloss black and lightly sprayed with Chrome alclad. I wanted that black chrome look and feel I achieved it. Interior is black and grey per the JetStream blue ZR1 I was referencing. I also used black embossing powder for the interior flocking. I grind out the front grill and inserted some black painted wire form. More realistic. I hand drilled each brake rotor, painted them aluminum and added a light black wash to bring out the detail. The roof carbon fiber (Scale Motorsport CF Twill weave)was tough and I'm o.k. with how it turned out but very happy to have learned a new technique to apply to future models. I went with Tamiya TS13 for clear. Polished the kit out and used Meguiars Scratch X 2.0. Novus was used as well. Well, enough of my rambling here are a few pictures with more at the link: Lot more photos and MY FOTKI Don't mind how many I took as I was experimenting with my camera and lighting. Chris
  3. Back in the 80's I collected the diecast Matchbox cars. My dad brought home some of the Matchbox ship kits for us to build. I look at them now on eBay and just don't remember them being that big. Anyway, I enjoyed building them, no clue where they are at now though. Now, as I'm older I have picked up the Matchbox Formula one cars in 1/32. Just haven't built them, but I also think I picked them up for nostalgic reasons. Chris
  4. Aoshima's Mercedes Benz SL65 AMG Black Series. So many to build so little time. Chris
  5. That's very cool, MIke! He seems to know and appreciate what you did and knows the work involved. Does this mean you are a Pro now?? LOL CHris
  6. Fantastic work Mike! I have to say that looking at the picture of the 1:1 and your scaled down version, this has to be the most convincing replica I have seen to date. You've really stayed true to the 1:1 and I can't imagine the consignee would be unhappy with it at all, in fact will probably be astonished at this piece of work. Thanks for making me try a lot harder at being a better builder! Chris
  7. Mike, what type of mask do you use? Do you airbrush it on or use a paint brush? The windows look great, almost like you had a vinyl mask for them. Looking great! Chris
  8. Nice work Mike! Beautifully done. Looks great. It's great to be able to press yourself and see where you end up. I always have a problem trying to cut up "expensive" plastic, but then I remember, it's just a model, I can get another, or better yet, I CAN fix it! Keep on showing us your updates. Chris
  9. Mike, Look forward to seeing you go through this one. I have a real affinity for F-body cars. Closet Camaro Fan and proud Firebird fan. Is this the new kit you'll be working with or the first issue from your stash? Chris
  10. This was my first time attending the show and as a car modeler I was more excited to see the faces that went with the names I read about in the car model magazines. This was a great group of people with a great show. Everything you can think of was here. Matt Usher from FSM was taking pictures and to my surprise wanted pictures of my 599 GTB. That really got me pumped. I was also lucky enough to come away with a bronze for that car as well. Both complete surprises and the best part was finally meeting those guys. Thanks to the Twin City Aero Historians for a great show. Here are a couple of pictures, with more at the link beneath these: 357 pictures at MY FOTKI Chris
  11. Just completed my Tamiya Aston Martin. Particulars: Exterior: Scalefinishes.com Morning Frost White (Pearl) Interior: Floquil Tuscan, thinned and airbrushed. The rest is built right out of the box. It sits right it looks right. I cannot wait to see what else Tamiya comes up with for more AM cars. There are a few more at MY FOTKI, ASTON MARTIN Since Minnesota is having technical difficulties with the sun, those outdoor pictures will have to wait. Thanks for looking. Chris
  12. Really looking good! My most favorite Ferrari! Chris
  13. Fantastic work Mike! You really have me wondering about those grex after reading your review over on Model Cars. The Ferrari looks great! So clean. Chris
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