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  1. Sprue Brothers carries almost the entire Vallejo product line. Model Air, Model Color and Panzer Color - sets and individual bottles. The only thing I've found that they do not carry just yet are the new Model Air RLM colors (set RLM III I believe). I use their Model Color products for all my brush painting. Best thing since sliced bread! David
  2. Thanks guys. Skysoldier46 - except for the wheels and decals its OOB. David
  3. Just realize I never uploaded any completion pics of this build. Great kit, fun to build and the best I've done since getting back into the hobby.
  4. Working on my second Hasegawa 1:32 Bf109G-6 and just discovered that I've somehow managed to lose the center portion of the canopy (Part # T2). Anyone know of a suitable after market replacement? Thanks, David
  5. Well I'm not that wrapped up in the details. For me the price was right and I just want to have a good time building it.
  6. FYI: Just found out Sprue Brothers now has this kit in stock and immediately went and ordered one. Can't wait for it to get here and check it out. Probably won't start it for a few weeks or more, but I just had to grab one as soon as it became available. I’m actually giddy with excitement!
  7. I gotta give Ponch Alves a shout. He runs Freedom Discount Books and Hobbies Inc. in Norman Oklahoma. Ponch is an outstanding fellow and runs a great shop and e-bay store. Pay him a visit if you have a chance - Freedom Discount Books and Hobbies Inc. William "Ponch" C. Alves 1005 N. Flood Ave. Suite #113 Norman, Oklahoma 73069 E-mail: ponchthered1@yahoo.com E-bay store: http://www.stores.ebay.com/freedomdiscountbooksandhobbies
  8. Me too Chris. I'm down to my last cans of white primer, gloss and flat clear coats. I have 2 more cans of gray primer, but they won't last long working with 1:32 scale stuff. David
  9. I hope they get it sorted out soon. I don't use Tamiya paint much but I do like their primers, clear coats and thinners. Seems all of these are in short supply right now. David
  10. I agree Dick. I like the new design and it has all the functionality I like to see on a discussion forum. The hardest part for me to get to adjusted to was the new message system, but I think I have the hang of it now. Great work guys! David
  11. I've had the same issue finding Tamiya's Lacquer Thinner. Haven't checked in awhile to see if anyone has been re-stocked or not.
  12. I mix Mr. Color 50/50 to 60/40 when using Mr. Color Leveling Thinner and it works great. I also use Tamiya's Lacquer Thinner at the same ratio with equally good results. David
  13. With just getting back into the hobby and all I took my time and set 'steady improvement' as my goal for this year. I only completed 5 builds (well one still needs work, but will be finished by the end of the year so I'm counting it) but I can see steady improvement with each one and most of all I had a blast building them. Here's the first kit I tackled back in January after many years away from the hobby, Tamiya's 1/48 Brewster Buffalo: Kit number 2 was a HobbyBoss Wildcat. This build was extremely challenging due to the poor fit of all the major components: Build number 3 was a fantastic kit. Eduard's 1/48 F6F-3 Hellcat. Build number 4 was Tamiya's 1/48 Bf109E-3. Another great kit. and my latest, Hasegawa's 1/32 Bf109G-6. This one still needs a few things to be finished, but I'll make it by the end of the year. Also on the bench is a Dragon P-51D. Won't finish this one until next year, obviously. There were a couple of over attempted builds this year. Let's just say they failed to return from their final mission. In addition to the P-51D, my plans for next year include another Hasegawa Bf109G-6, plus a Hasegawa P-47D and Fw190A-8, all in 1/32 scale. Maybe I'll have the nerve to enter one of them in one of the Oklahoma or Texas contests. Another goal I have ;) Feel free to comment if you like or post pics of your 2010 builds. David
  14. Thanks Dick. To tell the truth I'm not very happy with the way its turned out. Lots of mistakes hidden behind poor photography. On the other hand I am happy with the way I'm progressing, so looking at it from that perspective I have to say its quite good. This really is a great kit and I'm glad I bought two of them. I'm going to start the second build as soon as this one is finished. If I can learn from my mistakes maybe it will be good enough for me to consider showing. Keep your fingers crossed :D David
  15. Finishing decals this weekend. All it needs is the fiddly bits added and some weathering. David
  16. The one I really want to build this next year and do an outstanding job on is Hagesawa's 1/32 P-47D Thunderbolt "Nose Art" #8202. If all goes as planned, it could be my first contest entry. David
  17. My old adjustable drafting ruling pens that I use for running CA and Mr. Surfacer down seams. Very prescise and easy to clean. David
  18. Not much going on today. First coats of gloss going on in prep for decals and working some of the smaller pieces, landing gear, drop tank and such. This is the Hasegawa 1/32 Bf109G-6 kit and I really like it. Glad I bought 2 of them. David
  19. Well after several months of working with acrylics and telling myself (convincing myself?) that they were working just fine I have found myself going back to enamels on my latest build and having to admit that I have not been able to achieve the same degree of finish quality with acrylics. Coming back into the hobby after a long absence and trying to go strictly with acrylics without performing any type of comparison back to enamels was giving me an inaccurate baseline. I had forgotten how easy it was to achieve a smooth durable finish with enamels, much better than I have been able to achieve on any of the builds using acrylics. Not to say that others are not achieving super results, because I'm certain they are. But I think for the time being I'll strap on my mask and continue to use enamels over any of the acrylics I've tried. The combination of Gunze-Sangyo Mr. Color paints with either Mr. Thinner leveling thinner or Tamiya's lacquer thinner (which I believe contains a similar leveling agent) mixed 1:2 provides a very smooth durable finish with little effort. It makes me smile
  20. I started having some issues with my Grex brushes (had to replace the fluid nozzles on two of them twice after they broke off) and ended up selling all three of them. I'm not sure if the problems with the nozzles were with the product or me, but I've never had this particular problem with any other airbrush. I now own an Iwata Eclipse HP-CS, a High Performance HP-B Plus and a Revolution BR and I'm quite happy with all three, with the HP-B Plus being my go-to brush. Iwata HP-B Plus David
  21. Excellent build Andy David
  22. Lookin' good Kevin! David
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