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  1. Fought me tooth and nail but she's done. I started this last Sept and finished it last night. Not up to the standards of the Masters, but well within the standards of Mark.
  2. I now have the p/e set and progress has resumed. Modifying the smokestacks is a bit of a pain... before: After:
  3. Hull painting is finished, just waiting for the p/e set to get here.
  4. Here are the deck houses. The ones on the left are painted with MM Flat Sea Blue and the ones on the right with Humbrol #70.
  5. A couple shots of my latest project. The hull is painted with Floquil Grimy Black and MM Flat Red. The decks are MM Wood and only have the first coat applied. I tried to mask off the decks, but that wasn't working so I brushed it on.
  6. Beautiful job, love the classic Healey colors.
  7. Nice. What color you gonna use?
  8. Ahhh but Ish, cars and ships are my first love.:) Good to see you home buddy...
  9. To prove that I do build aircraft.. Minicraft 1/144 727 "Seahawk 1": Matchbox Heyford:
  10. My Academy Tiger 1 w/interior built as a cutaway:
  11. Fujimi 1/20 FW16: Accurate Miniatures 1/24 Grand Sport: AMT reboxing of the Heller 1/24 Ferrari P4:
  12. My name is Mark and I am returning to the IPMS forums. I have been a member of IPMS in the past (#40052), but have let my membership expire. I am 48, live in Indianapolis and build mostly racing cars, civil aircraft and ships. I dabble in most other subjects with the exception of figures and sci-fi. I build in whatever scale the subject I want is in. I am also a member of, and the webmaster for, the local IPMS chapter... IPMS Roscoe Turner.
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