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Kitchen items in the workshop


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As I look over my work bench, I see lots of items that are not normally associated with our hobby. Many are "borrowed" from the kitchen. Here is my list;


Pledge with Future - the famous future. Used to bring a gloss to the surface for decals etc. Also can be used as an adhesive for PE and other small items.

Liquid Ammonia - used to clean the air brush after spraying Future.

Windex - used to clean the air brush after spraying acrylics.

Glad Press 'n Seal - great for masking. Wad it up for general masking or place it over a 3-view and cut it out for specific patterns.

Palmolive liquid soap - a drop will make oil paints used for highlighting panel lines etc. wipe off easier.


This doesn't even include such items a Q-tips and Elmer's Glue.


What other items do you guys use?

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Salt - for the salt for weathering

Glasses - for holding paint brushes, tools in, etc.

Tin foil - for making straps, bare metal surfaces, etc.

Round colorful small candy sprinkles - used to make gear shifter handle knobs and tool handle knobs.

Nestle Toll house chocolate morsels - For snacking (what else did you think I was going to say?)

Old spice rack turn table -modified and used for my paint booth spray turn table.


Sure hope my wife is not reading this. If she is I'm dead! :smiley26:

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Dishwasher silverware rack to hold tools. I put it on a maple turntable to make it easier to get to everything. Small round tea containers to seperate tools in the rack.

Metal file cabinet to hold flamable items like thinner, laquer thinner and other things that are in larger quantities.

Coffee cup warmer to keep coffee warm and heat plastic for bending.

Sewing ruler with a sliding stop (hemming ruler?) to make quick measurements.

Nail polish remover to soften CA glue.

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Cool. I'm getting some ideas here.


I use aluminum foil for masking. For instance, when I want to spray a tail, or a nosecone, or some other part and I don't want overspray on the rest of the aircraft I wrap it in foil and tape the edges closed. I also use it to mask off landing gear when spraying the bottom of aircraft, or filling in landing gear or bomb bays before taping them off.


Hmm, I'm going to keep watching this one for more ideas

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