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10 hours ago, ghodges said:

While I can see your tape problem, it looks like overall you're getting the "look" you're shooting for. I always use the lowest tack tape I can when masking over any NMF, and also remove it ASAP after painting so that the adhesive has the very least time to interact with the surface. The "polished" types of Alclad are much more susceptible to tape marring than the regular Aluminum shades, and I usually also try to reduce tape tackiness by sticking it on my forehead (applies skin oil) and then pulling it through my fingers (removes excess skin oil) before applying it. Hope this helps! Looking forward to seeing your final triumph!

Gil :smiley16:

Thanks Gil! I was looking for something that would make me look like even more of a lunatic, and I'm sure sticking tape to my forehead will fit the bill! 😂 It's a fashion choice!! 

Luckily, I'm half Italian so forehead oil is never in short supply. (Ew.) I changed my mind and decided to mask off the blue and repaint some of the problem areas last night. I think it looks a lot better!

Now the question is - to Aquagloss or not to Aquagloss (before decals). I'm on the fence. I know the decal solutions can mess with the Alclad paint, but I thought application with water and then just a controlled brushing of any setting solution should contain any issues. Then again, what's a gloss coat hurt? Never used this particular one before but I do love their lacquer glosses. I believe Mark said he doesn't apply a clear coat, since the paint is smooth enough on its own. 🤷🏻‍♂️ 


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Most NMF are smooth enough to decal over directly. The problem I have is that most clear overcoats will alter the NMF look, basically nullifying all the work you've been doing! You might want to put some Alclad on something as a "test", overcoat it with the gloss, and see if you like it before doing it on the model.

Gil :smiley16:

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Ok, stick a fork in this build cause I'm calling it done!

I decided against doing a panel wash on this one, because I was too afraid I'd screw up the paint even using an acrylic wash. To be honest, I'm not sure it really needed one anyhow.

Looking at the photos, there are a few decals I may treat with Mr. Marksofter to try to take care of some slight silvering, and I do need to fix one of the gear bay door position. But those are minor things that are more repairs than adding to the build.

Overall, I'm fairly pleased with how this came out, especially since it's my first (completed) aircraft build and my first extensive bare metal finish. I like the lightly weathered look it's got, and I think it'll make a decent addition to the display case.

Thanks to you all for the encouragement and advice!
















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Thanks Chris! I recommend the kit, for sure, but if you're looking for a more detailed cockpit, you will probably want some PE or something. It's a bit plain. 

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Col. Meyer would be proud of the job you did Paul. Nice work!



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