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  1. If you want an extremely detailed Sherman, this kit is a must have. The price that I paid (my wife) was well worth it. There are ALOT of parts in this kit. Because I'm going to use this one with the other two that I built in a diorama, I decided to cut open the Turret and Hull so that you can see inside. So that you can see everything , I used a multi-colored mini LED set. I've never added lighting to a model before. With the help of my son, I got a crash course in soldering. The LED's that I am using have two different colors in one "bulb". White for non-tactical, Red for tactical. The contro
  2. Thanks Carlos. This one was really fun to builds
  3. This is my first time building an Asuka model. This is their M4A3. Very impressed with the level of detail. Especially the 50 cals. The assembly of the bogies took some time. (Lots of parts). The one area that was a problem, was the housings for the idler wheel attachment point (C34, and C35). You insert the idler wheel arms (C25) into C34, and C35. When I went to attach the wheel, both housings cracked in half. This was a big pain to fix. Had to use super glue and baking soda to fix it. Lastly, I am using acrylics now(Tamiya). I was a big fan of the Testor Model Master line. The two accent co
  4. Pedro, This is a very interesting build. Nice to see one of these kits completed. The way in which you have displayed it, demonstrates it’s agility. Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to more of your work. Chris
  5. Thanks guys for the comments. This is the Tamiya kit. Went together without any issues. Chris
  6. The overall bust looks amazing. I’m drawn to the face and eyes. Fantastic job on the shading. Chris
  7. Ron, Very nice build. I’m impressed most by the paint job. 👌 Chris
  8. Carlos, It keeps getting better and better. For a kit that had little, you’ve done a amazing job dressing it up. Chris
  9. Gil, It turned out great. It looks like a lot of work. Love the paint job. Congratulations!! Chris
  10. Carlos, Looks real good. Just adding some detail like you have, makes it look so much better. Looking forward to your next update. Chris
  11. I've decided to add another tank to the diorama. 3 tanks in total. All three crews are now completed. I've got two extra figures that I will incorporate some where in it. The Fury crew is all Bravo 6 figures. The other two crews, are a mix between Tamiya, and MiniArt. The Tamiya crew is the latest release (to my knowledge) of a WW2 tank crew. The MiniArt figures have some interesting poses. It took some time to clean these up. I choose not to use the heads. I replaced them with Tamiya, Dragon, and Alpine heads. All the crew serve weapons, along with the stowage, have been divided up between
  12. At four hours, I’d still be cutting and sanding parts😂. Way to go. Chris
  13. Thanks Michael. I’ve noticed several diorama bases constructed with this, that have cracked, or shrunken. That’s the one thing I want to try and eliminate. “Cracks”. I guess I could go back and put Tamiya putty where the cracks are before I paint the base coat. I’m thinking of building a very shallow box to put the Celluclay in. Thanks again for the reply. Chris
  14. This is my first time using Celluclay. Up until now, I’ve used pre-mixed sanded grout to simulate dirt. It dries quickly, and dries rockhard . The only drawn back to it, is you cannot add a lot of it to a base. Adds a lot of weight. If anyone has any advice on using CelluClay, I would greatly appreciate any feedback. Chris
  15. Fantastic build. Love that finish.
  16. Absolutely beautiful work David. My favorite German aircraft. Thanks for sharing this one. Chris
  17. Looking good Carlos. All those little details you’ve added make a good model look ALOT better. Can’t wait to see the update. What year is that kit? Chris
  18. Thanks for your service Carlos. Sounds like you had a very interesting military career. The first tracked vehicle I drove was a M113 at Ft. Knox. Scared the living crap out of my instructor. Good times indeed. I look forward to seeing your work. Chris
  19. 👍😂. It’s all fun and games until you throw track in the worst possible area . I threw track in Hohenfels Germany during an ARTEP. A very well traveled trail that several armored vehicles were using. It had been raining for a couple of days. Thanks for the reply Carlos. What was your MOS? I was a 19D. (Cavalry Scout) Chris
  20. Thanks for the reply Carlos. I’m really glad I bought them. I can’t wait to get the tank built to put them on . I think I paid about $21 for the kit. Well worth the price I think. Tension is maintained on the track by a cylinder attached to the idler wheel assembly. This cylinder, that looks more like a shock absorber, and has a grease gun fitting on it. To maintain proper tension, you attach your grease gun to this fitting, and start pumping. As you pump, you can see the track become taught. You don’t want the track really tight. All this will do is reduce the service life of
  21. Hope that everyone is doing well. I wanted to pass this along to the group. I've not dealt with individual track links before. This kit was recommended to me by one of the staff members at my hobby store. They are the most realistic I've seen. Once the construction is completed, you have a very articulate, and realistic set of tracks. One thing that I look for is natural sag between the return rollers. These tracks have no issues delivering in that area. The kit comes with 4 jigs to make sure everything lines up as it should. The instructions state that no glue is needed. I chose to use Loc T
  22. All Back at it. The Sherman that is going to be built as the "Fury" tank, came with the wrong type track. I've not built track by individual links before. After pulling up the You Tube video for these bad boys, I'm excited to get started. There was quite a bit of gear to paint for two tanks. The logs turned out better than I thought they would. The MRE boxes (Cardboard) were interesting to assemble. All of the crew-serve weapons were painted with Master Model Gun metal(lacquer, not enamel) After they dried, I dry brushed silver to accent wear. Had a lot of decals to apply to put on
  23. Fantastic job Carlos. I really love the camo pattern on this one. Your attention to detail is admirable. Can’t wait to see your next build. Chris
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