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Ep. 4 Leia

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After finishing the involved Charlie Brown model, I was in need of something simpler. Since it was new, I immediately thought of Good Fellas Resin's new offering- Ep. 4 Leia. Few colors, few parts = perfect.


One thing you notice right away is the very good likeness. There was a while there where no kit/toy/action figure really looked like Carrie. This one is VERY good.


Clean up was really quick. I found that MicroMarks Panel line Scriber works nicely for getting rid of any flash between the hairs.


Base coating and first highlights done. Her costume ended up with 3 different layers of color as did her hair

In the final session I was able to add two highlights to her hair.  A coat of Satin went over it to give it a slight shine. Speaking of shine, I then used V's Metallics clear gloss, which in my opinion is the "glossiest" gloss out there, and gave the eyes two coats.

Her arm nestles into position nicely without glue, so I just sat it there. This removal option will come in handy if and when I need to transport her. The final thing to do was to glue her head in place. With that, I was done. Thanks for looking.




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On 9/25/2019 at 11:37 AM, sprueguy said:

Fantastic work....

Thank you!

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