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  1. She's from the Reaper Miniatures Mousling series. Thanks for letting me share!
  2. Hello everyone. This is my first kinda commission build. A marketing agency for Testors asked our club to paint a figure for their office using only the six paints in a figure painting set they're putting out and which had to be done by 08/31/18. I'm the only one in the club that does figures to it fell to me. I chose a DEF models British SAS Jeep Gunner in 1941 North Africa with his pet monkey (I guess a Barbary Macaque) that with the theme on the packaging. The six colors were Model Master enamels Olive Drab Semi Gloss, Burnt Umber Flat, Burnt Sienna Flat, British Crimson Flat, Cobalt Blue Flat and Skin Tone Light Flat. I got the colors by using lots of mixing with Burnt Umber for the black and Skin Tone for the white. I kept only the white for the eyes by masking them and using the background white primer. The metal for the gun was done using the Burnt Umber, Burnt Sienna and Cobalt Blue Flat. This was actually pretty fun. Usually for a figure like this I would use block color enamels finishing with oils, which would take about 60 years. With just the six colors and a looming two week deadline the painting moved along really fast. I was also fortunate that this was an excellent sculpt that let me paint it is several sections and so I didn't have to mask and wait for a lot of drying. Thanks for letting me share.
  3. Banshee1000

    Maid Service

    This is one of the Soda Pop Miniatures, Maid Service, part of the Takoashi University game series. Thanks!
  4. Banshee1000

    Shark Man

    That looks great, Roktman, I like how you did the under skin tones.
  5. Wow...that looks great!
  6. From the Bandai Dragon Ball series. Thanks for letting me share!
  7. Thank you, Chuck. I prefer metal or resin figures. The Bones series are plastic and a little flexible. And because they're soft plastic its hard to remove the seams. I have to carefully cut them away and can't really sand them. Tamiya primer seems nicely aggressive enough to hold the paint and the figures are small enough that there is no flexing to peel off paint. Because they're plastic they're very inexpensive--I think it cost $2.99. And a nice quick piece so I wouldn't show up at my club meeting empty handed!
  8. Banshee1000

    Mini Monster

    That looks great, Kev!
  9. Hi Everyone. This is the Reaper Bone series, Bonesylvania "Patch" character.
  10. Reaper Miniatures. Happy Halloween!
  11. Hi Everyone. This is the Soda Pops Miniature "Culture Club". Thanks for letting me share!
  12. That came out very nice. What paint medium do you use?
  13. Wow...that looks great! It reminds me that I have Moya from HunkofJunk to get done. One day.
  14. This is Chromosome's "Whitney, Anime Heroine" paired with Crooked Dice "Repair Drones". Thanks for letting me share.
  15. Banshee1000


    I used the Micro Sol and Micro Set. Worked perfectly. I didn't know about the panel line decals. I'll have to try them--thanks for sharing!
  16. Banshee1000


    Thank you, everyone, for your kind comments. It was also my first time with these decals, Nick. I ordered the HO gauge because of the odd 1/90 scale. I cut them into extremely close strips--right up to the actual rivet, and then placed them over a Tamiya White Primer and covered with Model Master enamel gloss black, which leveled the carrier film nicely. Over that was the Model Master Metalizer.
  17. That is excellent! I really like your treatment of the frog.
  18. Banshee1000


    This is the 1/90 Revell kit. I used clear styrene for the windows, opened the inlets, exhausts, landing lights and gear linkage, used Archer decal rivets and Vintage Flyer decals. Thanks for letting me share!
  19. Thanks. I used one of 2 "techniques" the GK guys to do bring the skin alive. One is to flick tiny drops of many colors of paint on the skin and then lightly do a top coat to settle the drops underneath. I first saw this watching Rafael Robledo work - https://youtu.be/tQizFgzbvYY BTW, This guy is absolutely amazing. But I can't get the dot of paint tiny enuff so I do the older technique of just doing squiggles all over the skin - I used red, blue, yellow, green and a little purple over a light gray primer. I Spray a clear coat after every 2 colors so if I screwed up the last color and I need to remove the goof, I wouldn't go all the way to the base or even worse the primer coat. Rafael suggest a clear coat after every color until you get used to the technique. After the last clear coat was dry I hit it with the flesh color, but making sure not to apply it too heavy so that all the other colors disappear. It's tough to know when enuff is enuff - so go slow. Wow...that is excellent! Thank you for sharing this picture and the information!
  20. Really nice painting too. The hint of colors below the skin is outstanding.
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