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Grandpa Munster Vignette


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Grandpa was gotten from a seller on eBay. I actually bought his Zombo kit. I guess Grandpa wasn't selling or whatever, anyway he was added to the box. The "kit" was only 1 piece. There was no scale listed, but the model is 4.5" tall, and looking it up, Al Lewis was 6ft. That makes it a 1/16 scale kit.

The base of his dungeon are wood stirrers covering some foam, and the back wall is Free form Air epoxy (jury is still out if I like this stuff or not) over foam. Two pieces of scale model "lumber" was used for the beams. I sculpted a little bat and glue it on to the beam.

Thanks for looking and CCs welcomed.








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Thanks guys. Yes, it is a pretty well done sculpt. There was just one spot where the guys fingerprints were in the clay, and then in the resin cast. But all in all it was pretty neat.


Yeah, if I was into cars, I would definitely have his dragster. :)

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