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  1. Selling some of my collection of plastic kits. This is just a small sample... more to come later There are lots of data entry and research to do to get it in Excel Price (negotiable) + Shipping I can send pictures of box conditions when asked....
  2. These are my collection of Micro-Scale and Scale-Master Decals that I am looking to sell from the 1970's and 1980's All decals show no signs of yellowing. All plastic wrap decals are manufactured sealed... only a few of the paper wrap decals show signs of had been opened but all contents still there. I have included some sample pictures of the decals and wrapping indicative of the decal conditions I also have photos of all the decals so if you are interested I can post/msg them to anyone that would like to see them Please feel free to contact me, we can discuss price and shipping costs.
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