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  1. Thank you Chris! Yes it was a steep learning curve, but I really enjoy doing it now.
  2. So was I Mark lol.....doing all metal finishes is quite the undertaking. Thanks for checking her out!
  3. Hahahahaha thank you so much! Let’s do an article 😁
  4. Thanks Mark! It is hard to do, I won’t be doing it again for a while!!
  5. Thank you 😁
  6. Hey Gil, these are 1/32 scale Itialeri kits. They are ok, they lack detail so be prepared to do some scratch building. thanks Gil!!
  7. Looks awesome! I want to do a 1/32 scale version!
  8. Both of my metal F-104s together
  9. Hi All, Here is my second all metal skin Starfighter, this version is from Dagnang AB in Vietnam 1968. Once again each panel is hand cut from aluminum sheets. This was my first attempt at a real metal skin aircraft, lots of experimenting on this one! I finished this model about 6 months ago.
  10. Great looking build! Perfect camo!
  11. Thanks!! Yep, F1 cars are fun!!
  12. Hahahahaha!! I’m quick! Thanks for checking it out. I have another F1 build I’ll post soon. love doing race cars.
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