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  1. Hello friends, in this third part all the engine components are finished and painted for later assembly. If you have not seen the other parts here I leave the link: Part 1: https://youtu.be/qH4NLRAHfk4 Part 2: https://youtu.be/P8wTD-OVy2s Greetings and I hope you like them.
  2. StuG.40 Ausf. F/8 Revell 1/35

    Hello friends Today I bring you an assault cannon, the most produced in Germany during the Second World War. The Stug in its version 40 Ausf. F / 8 of the Revell brand at 1/35 scale, with an exterior finish suitable for snowy areas. https://youtu.be/iwY8mKYWtwE Greetings and I hope you like it
  3. Hello friends, here begins the assembly of my first truck. It's a Scania R730 V8 Streamline "Team Chimera", from the moment I saw it I liked it and I decided to buy it. It is from the Italeri brand at 1/24 scale and it seems that it comes very well detailed with a lot of decals. https://youtu.be/gqYZcCjLrag Greetings and I hope you like it
  4. Hello friends Although the scale 1/72 does not usually work, with this model I had no choice because of lack of space thanks to its actual size. This German mortar attracted my attention when I saw it and I decided to do it. The hasegawa kit comes quite well and its size could be worth it. https://youtu.be/FKrT3_sobfY Greetings and I hope you like it
  5. Organizer Tools

    hello friend, thank you very much, you can do it with the needs you have, longer or wider, at different heights and different materials you have. The important thing is that you adapt to what you need. a greeting and thanks for watching
  6. Hello friends In this second part we continue with the assembly of pieces and painting of wheels and chains. I am very happy with this model because it is very well detailed panels and has many mounting options. https://youtu.be/DJ25sCPvpyw Greetings and I hope you like it
  7. M2 BRADLEY Tamiya 1/35

    Hello friends This time I show you an infantry vehicle of the US Army, it's M2 Bradley. Manufactured from the Tamiya brand at 1/35 scale with an exterior finish of camouflage and detailed on the inside with hinged rear door. https://youtu.be/p6uWBMPZQSE Greetings and I hope you like it
  8. Hello friends These are my first steps in the world of Warhammer, I decided on this model that I found very original. Here you can follow step by step the assembly of the model in an easy way and explained in the best possible way. https://youtu.be/KSm93OYm7f8 Greetings and I hope you like it
  9. Hello friends, here I bring you another German vehicle. The Panzer Kampfwagen IV Ausf.D made from the Tamiya house at 1/35 scale. The kit has included 3 figures which have been made included in the model. https://youtu.be/ab0IKGWWHsQ Greetings and I hope you like it.
  10. Hello friends, in this second part the assembly of the engine is continued, painting of interior parts, manufacture of external components to scratch, realization of pipes and much more. We also continue to move forward with the transport car and the support for the engine. If you have not seen the first part here I leave the link: https://youtu.be/qH4NLRAHfk4 Greetings and I hope you like it
  11. Russian Tank T34/76 Tamiya 1/35

    Hello friends, on this occasion and for a long time with enough desire I present you the T34 / 76, a medium tank of Soviet manufacture. Made of the Tamiya brand at 1/35 scale. It's the only Russian vehicle I have and I hope it's the first of many. https://youtu.be/FjFHh2L_3rI Greetings and I hope you like it
  12. Le Rhone Rotary Williams Bros

    Hello friend, thank you very much for the comment. I'm glad that the video is useful, it's a pity that I do not have photos of the montage. Sure you look pretty. a greeting
  13. Organizer Tools

    Hello friends, an organizer for hand tools is very important that suits our needs and what better to make our own. The materials used are transparent plastic for the separators and plywood for the base and exterior walls. A layer of filler has been applied to the wood. Greetings and I await your comments
  14. Russian Navy Typhoon and Oscar II

    Hello friend, thank you very much for the comment. The white lines are painted, it was a very laborious and careful work. The floodgates are very good, I had planned to do it before buying the model, it was a detail that I was forced to do to make the model more real. I had to do a study and search for information to be able to do it. a greeting
  15. Hello friends Here I bring you this heavy car fighter from the German Wehrmacht. The model is from the Italeri brand at 1/35 scale, painted with camouflage and with a figure. Greetings and I hope you like it