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Found 4 results

  1. I am looking for a set of instructions for Dragon kit no# 6253 Tiger I late Production 3in1 (2005). If anyone knows where there is a online readable copy or can make copies, I am willing to pay.
  2. Hello! I am looking to liquidate a military collection that was acquired from an avid hobbyist after his passing. I have over 2500+ line items of models for sale. All models will be sold at a reasonable price with calculated shipping based on your zip code. Discounts also for buying multiple kits or in bulk!! Everything is priced to sell and offers will be considered! Please contact me here, or by email: kelkermarketing@gmail.com I look forward to helping you find your long lost kits! When I get excel file completed, I will try to attach to this post! Thanks so much in advance for your consideration, Britt Evans Ebay listings are under tag: micha-vever
  3. Hi all, I need to build a 1/200 scale C-141B for a client. The guy is a church member, recently retired from American Airlines and who did maintenance on the C-141B in Viet Nam. The Dragon kit is what I'm looking for and it was available before Christmas from both Sprue Brothers and Hobby Linc. As luck would have it, I didn't have the commission until after Christmas and everybody was out of stock. They're still out of stock. So...does anyone have one of the Dragon kits that they'd be willing to part with for somewhere around the retail price? Plus shipping, of course. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Richard
  4. RLFoster

    DML SU-76m

    This is my first post in these armor forums...hope this works. My latest completed model was the Dragon rebox of the old Alan SU-76m. If the numbering of their models is accurate, this would have been the first rebox under the DML Imperial Series label (kit number 9001) and the instruction sheet was dated 1993. With the exception of a wire antenna and replacement decals (the kit's were not usable) the model was built OOTB. However, as with most of my builds, there were one of two experiments or new techniques that I tried out. On this one, I wanted to try out a new technique for replicating welds using Apoxi Sculpt. It worked, but the welds are out of scale and I will need to adjust the technique to make them smaller. I also painted this model using the Black and White painting technique for the first time. Like the weld experiment, the paint job looks okay, but IMO I wasn't willing to take it as far as I could have and will need to adjust the technique next time. As far as the kit goes, compared to today's offerings, it is probably only about a 2 out of 5. There are plenty of molding errors, fit issues, and only a fair about of detail. Overall, I only give myself a B- for a grade on this build. It was relatively enjoyable, but the results are only so-so by my standards. All comments, suggestions, and critiques are welcome...
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