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  1. I use both. I only use laquers and acrylics. I love the Tamiya for brush straight from the bottle, (I thin about 50/50 for spraying using only water). I also use the MM Acryl line. Nobody and I mean nobody carries as many colors as MM. I only thin MM with Testors Acryl thinner. I have had great results with both. I build air planes and cars.
  2. Another member contacted me via pm and we worked out a trade. Thanks.
  3. Sprue Brothers quit carrying it.
  4. Does anyone know where to get a B-25 Doolittle raider? I have been to my usual sources and every one is out.
  5. I'm looking for valve stems, distributors and plug wire + boots. I've looked at several good sites for plug wire and distributors, but the only place I can find valve stems is at rb motion. Any suggestions?
  6. My first airbrush was a Iwata Double Action. I was advised to buy the best airbrush I could afford and I am glad I did. The double action required more of a learning curve (so I am told, I wouldn't know since I never used a single action) but my modeling results improved almost immediately. Being all metal, I flush with acetone. I have been doing this for over a year with no negative results to my airbrush. If you have a hobbly lobby in your area, you can use the 40% off coupon they occasionally put online and save quite a bit of money. Bubbles in you cup or bottle indicate that you do
  7. It's really considered bad taste to take photos of 1:1 vehicles and then pass them off as models!
  8. I have been using squadron putty for filler and have been somewhat satisfied with results, except it does not seem to sand as smooth as I would like. I tried milliput after hearing so many positive reports and I was really dissatisfied with this product. When I cut the two pieces, with different knives to prevent contamination, and started to blend them I ended up with a really sticky ball of clay that was difficult to use and shape and in several instances did not get hard after several days. The few times I was able to successfully use this product I was satisfied with the sanding propert
  9. Thanks for your help
  10. I joined online and recieved a receipt via email. What is my "member number"? Where would I look for it, also does IMPS/USA have a member services area where you can review your account?
  11. I use acetone to clean my airbrush. Works on laquers, enamels and acrylics. Plus it evaporates quickly and leaves no residue. Also great for a quick color flush, soaking nozzle overnight etc. It's cheap and I buy mine at the local beauty supply store. Be careful though if you use it for color flush as a minute amount can be retained in the nozzle for a short time and the first burst from your airbrush could possibly blow the acetone onto your model creating havoc with either the plastic or the paint you already laid down.
  12. Hello! New member here. Big thanks to Hawkeye, the fine folks at Scale Auto and Fine Scale forums for pushing me to join. Attended my first IPMS meeting 3 weeks ago and really enjoyed the people. I guess my solitary hobby is going to get crowded.
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