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  1. Oh, yes. Or who haven't washed their clothes after several weeks of wear. Even with glue marks, misaligned parts, bent photoetch, out of scale modifications. "But it's scratchbult!" Which is related to the -- "I spend (a very large number) of hours on this build so It deserves a trophy" -- argument. Yes. And, on the opposite end of the spectrum, documentation that equals a volume or two of the Encyclopedia Britianica. Which is related to the scratchbuilt and number of hours arguments for trophies. And modelers who overtly politic for their entry -- the modeler who camps out by his entry and explains in excruciating detail why it is the best on the table. I would add "campers" -- like the guy who placed a chair by his entry at a Nationals so he could politic for his entry without cease for two days. I would add contest room samurai -- the modelers who accost judges after the results are announced and demand to explain why the judges' evaluation of their model is completely wrong.
  2. I have been using a kit as a testbed for new techniques. This week I decided to apply the technique of mising some sort of powder with cyanocrylate as a filler. Somehow I remembered that the technique called for talcum powder. After applying it, with OK results, I then wondered if the technique actually called for baking soda. So, in the great tradition of dumbass questions, which is it? Or is it both? And which, if both, gives the smoothest sanding result?
  3. Fine, fine, superfine. Great in so many ways. The organization and work showed in the flawless execution of the Nats. Best Nats I've attended.
  4. Me too. They had some great subjects. I wondered what had happened.
  5. What do you use/recommend for making cylinders and curves with photo etch....like the grill around an exhaust?
  6. As stated above, 1/48 armor is now accepted in IPMS contests....the metal is not an issue. Also, as stated above, the category for that scale will vary from contest to contest ... by itself, with 1/35, with 1/72, or in a combined armor category. Check out the category list for the contest before you arrive at it to determine where you can expect to place your 1/48 kit.
  7. Any inkling of when the seminar list might come out?
  8. Glad BC will be represented. My older son went to University at UVic, so we got up north several times. As far as quilt shops go, my wife is addicted to them as well. But, she may not be coming with me. Which would be a mixed blessing. Nobody to glare at the mounting pile of acquistions and nobody to build her own pile. OTOH, nobody to help me carry stuff around. But, if she does decide to come, maybe the wives can get together and go off and complete our bankruptcy.
  9. Further research shows Italieri with a IIIE which I could convert.
  10. Highlander

    Mirage 5?

    Is there a model available of the Mirage 5? It was an offshoot of the Mirage IIIE and looked much like it, except it had a longer nose that extended the aircraft's length by about half a metre. And the pitot tube was moved from the tip of the nose to below the nose.
  11. Muy impresionante, señor. Yo vivo en un estado con una reserva Apache y estoy familiarizado con la tribu. Y por favor disculpen mi español.
  12. Tell us more about painting the caulk. Do you lay it down and then paint only on the surface? Can you paint each layer to add depth and complexity? And how do you mix it with cotton to create foam?
  13. Highlander

    Best Zero Kit

    One of our club members does lots of Zeros. And he only builds Tamiya Zeros.
  14. BTW, I have a Hilton Honors card and my reservation, citing the IPMS Convention, is in my profile. You might consider enrolling in the Hilton Honors site so you can track your reservation.
  15. Reservations aren't that critical. What is really critical is at this website: http://anheuser-busch.com/index.php/our-company/operations/breweries-brewery-tours/
  16. I just made reservations for the IPMS block. Dates in their data base are 14-17 Aug 13. Painless and courteous. Convention rate was $124.
  17. Considered buying a bunch of existing 1/35 plastic Japanese figures and modifying them? There are many figures out there and cutting them up and putting them in a posture you want isn't that difficult....and much cheaper.
  18. Have just started this kit and it has several typical issues of what appears to be a startup company ... linked to Lucky Models, it seems. Soft plastic, fit issues (particularly with the wheel wells), and vague or imprecise instructions. But, with some filling and repair, it should be a good end product. In researching Reapers, it seems that the wheel wells, being carbon fibre, are flat black. Has anybody determined the landing struts's color? Prop color? Any other color variations on the solid ghost grey indicated by the instructions? Appreciate any info.
  19. Good work. I'm not a fan of invasion stripes and you glider is much more representative of most WWII Waco's than the over presented D-Day version. At least IMHO. Were you replicating any specific glider? I also like the idea of handbrushing on Future for texture.
  20. Sweet. Too bad he ain't Cajun.
  21. I agree with you on faults in the figure... I'd add the kerchief. But you've done very well, even with the limitations.
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