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  1. Dannie First off sorry I have been so long replying, life gets in the way sometimes, yes the info is all helpful thanks. The project is for Scale Model World in November, we are doing a display of cars on records so 'Linesman for the County' sprang to mind as one of my builds. You have given me a good start to plan a project now, I may base the model on a 1960s pick-up and go from there. I will let you know how I get on. John
  2. Thanks for all the welcomes guys, I build almost anything but mainly 1/24 cars, trucks and hot-rods. Ron Wisbech is in Cambridgeshire about halfway between Peterborough and Kings Lynn. David, I have never stood on Liverpool, my feet ain't that big!! Seriously I was born just down the road from there at a little place called Warrington and only moved away in my late thirties, Liverpool has the best music, great people once you get to know them and the Mersey ferries, what's not to like?
  3. I am looking for any help with a project to build one of these trucks as part of a display. Very few photos on the internet and most just seem to show cab and driver in black and white. Can anybody help with correct colours and details of body style and equipment carried also what type of truck were these built on?
  4. Hi all just joined the forum, I am based in Wisbech in the UK where I am secretary of our local branch.
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