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  1. Any time. I have considerable empathy for those of you who (1) volunteer to keep IPMS up and running and (2) have to suffer the slings and arrows of those who are strong on opinion and full of suggestions on how you can do (1) better. BTW, wasn't Omaha a great Nats? I really enjoyed it.

    See you in San Antone in February.

  2. Fine work with very subtle coloring.
  3. Man, some of those figure photos were as good as I've ever seen.
  4. That base is way impressive.
  5. Very nice indeed.
  6. Yes, indeed -- or those who refused to be re-educated. And it works both ways. I remember an instance in which the new events manager simply denied any prior agreement whatsoever and quoted a new, and higher, meeting room fee. In addition, he denied that his predecessor had made the deal we had with the venue. At that point it was discovered that we hadn't actually signed the contract for the year in question. So we had to find a new place to meet.
  7. You are all braver than I. If I can't drive, I don't go.
  8. You know that this site tracks all of the profiles for site members. B Peck checked on my profile; you checked on P. Bradley's; I checked on the Chimpmeister's. There's an audit trail.

  9. Realy, really nice. And good work with the bush to save the horse.
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