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  1. Too late. I've already built and am using a 1/72 B-25. Also, the B-25 will be modeled in a in-flight display. Really? How?
  2. I'm currently in the process of building a humorous PBJ B-25 model diorama as described here: http://www.whatifmodelers.com/index.php/topic,32551.0.html But what I really need help and opinions on is this: Center fuselage uncertainty for my PBJ B-25 I am very undecided on whether to add white sponge (bread) pieces on the top and bottom of the center fuselage so as to give a better impression of a "whole" sandwich or not. If I do add "bread" pieces to the center fuselage, It means having to work carefully around the cockpit windows, upper gun turret, lower fuselage bomb bay doors, etc., etc.
  3. I've often heard in the last 2-3 years that there was supposed to be a 1/1000 scale USS Akira Star Trek starship kit to come out supposedly from Polar Lights. I've heard rumor after rumor after press release after........etc., etc., etc., but no such kit in that scale has come out yet. Has anyone else heard any new information?
  4. Probably a stupid question, but I need to ask as I'm not very knowledgeable about WWII and propeller aircraft. I'm in the process of building a 1/72 scale B-25 Mitchell and am planning to buy and use PropBlurs photoetch spinning props on the kit. If I were standing in front of a real B-25 and it was starting up it's engines, then which way are the props spinning? Clockwise or counter-clockwise?
  5. Ok, I made some "spinning" props from Evergreen 015" thick clear plastic sheetto use for a B-25 bomber I'm building, then roughed them up with sandpaper to give the illusion of a spinning effect. But I still want to add more detail. I'm not sure how to best explain next what I want to say, but how do I add the effect of spinning black props on the discs? Should I drybrush some black strokes on the discs to represent the spinning blades? And if I do, Should it be done on both sides of the disc? I see people make 1/700 and 1/350 "spinning props" all the time for aircraft for carrier kits, but I've never done anything larger myself. What's the best way to give these discs more detail? Pic: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v216/icyhusky/flyingpbj/DSC01301.jpg
  6. I recently had a really crazy idea, but I'm not sure if it'll ever come to fruition. For the last 2 years, I have been so enraptured with the history, and the model building of, a HMS Habakkuk ice aircraft carrier. The 1/700 scale model is done and already in the MW gallery back in June this year. http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/misc/whatif/habakkuk-700-em/index.html But now, I seem to be turning my thoughts to a bigger and far crazier future "possible" project: A 1/350 (Almost 6 feet long!) scale Habakkuk carrier, but detail the heck out of it and show the FULL interior from bow to stern. It's an impossible project due to little or no blueprints and technical diagrams, etc. But I have already begun formulating notes, calculations, specifications, etc. just in case I actually do this project in the future. But here's the thing: I don't want to do this for myself. I can't keep a 6 foot model in my small apartment as I don't have the room. I had the thought of what if I donated it to a museum? I was thinking of the following: 1. Jasper, Canada is where a small scale Habakkuk prototype was built and tested on a lake. There is a museum here: http://www.jaspermuseum.org/ 2. Would the Royal Naval Museum be interested in such a display? After all, Project Habakkuk was originally a British idea/concept. They have a website here: http://www.royalnavalmuseum.org/index.htm How would I go about pitching such an idea/concept for a large model display to a museum? What questions should I be asking? And if the above museums wouldn't be interested in such a display, then who would?
  7. Does anyone know where I could find some large thin plastic glow in the dark/flourescent sheeting? Probably 1/4" thick, and about 2 feet x 3 feet or thereabouts in size. Though I'm willing to work with just about any size sheets or thickness. Also, Was there ever a product called "Lightsheet" long ago? Has anyone ever heard of something called that? Any help, plus links to resources, would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  8. Are there any IPMS rules regarding using/not using chemicals, sprays, solvents, etc. on models to enhance the appearence and/or create other special effects? I'm not talking about paints here, but something else. For example: Let's say a modeler builds a diorama of a farm that has an apple tree orchard. And then that modeler might use some sort of "apple scented spray" or air freshener, etc. to spray on the apple trees as an added "special effect" to make the apple orchard a bit more realistic so to speak. Are there any rules against such substances?
  9. Yeah, sorta like that. But rather a modeling museum dedicated to ALL aspects of modeling and model building, not just a single subject.
  10. Chances are, I've been drinking too much Mountain Dew tonight and this may sound odd, but what if there was a museum dedicated to the history and showcasing of everything that had to do with model kits? Things like: * Showcasing the history of box art. * Showcasing and telling about how model kits are produced. * A "research library" in the museum where the public could browse through hundreds or thousands of books and magazines on armor, ships, model building techniques, etc. * Special rooms or galleries dedicated to Scratchbuilding, Tools & Supplies, World War 1, World War II, Armor, Spacecraft, Dioramas, Ships, etc., etc., etc. * A gift shop where the public could buy kits, supplies, and souveniers. * A special room or gallery to hold donated finished models from people's collections when they die or something else. * A trader's area or "spare parts swap shop". * A large room to hold annual contests. ..........etc., etc., etc. There are big and small museums all over the U.S. and the world dedicated to all sorts of subjects like Pokemon, Kites, Coca-Cola, etc. Why not a plastic model kit museum? What if the modelers of the world could do something to preserve the hobby for future generations to enjoy? I tried doing a Google search for "model kit museum" and all I found was this: The Milano Model Kit & Toy Museum - Updated on a monthly basis Too bad the place closed down. :(
  11. Just thought I'd share my pics I took from the Region 5 IPMS Butch O'Hare Contest & Show down in Chicago from November 13th. If I remember correctly, a modeler took 1st Place and Best Ship awards in the Ship/Nautical Catagory for a French sailing vessel. Best Diorama, People's Choice Award, and 1st Place award went to a Creature from the Black Lagoon diorama. Not sure who else got what. I don't keep track that much of awards. Sorry. But anyway, here's the pics I took from that show: http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v216/icy...pmsboh11132010/
  12. When displaying extra information, pictures, etc. on a base next to your model, How much is too much? Or when is enough not enough? For example, I took my Habakkuk carrier to a contest yesterday. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v216/icy...10/DSC03591.jpg I have the main Habakkuk model on the base, a Essex carrier and German uboat for scale reference, a cutaway section showing the interior of the Habakkuk hull, the name plaque, and two small notes describing the cutaway section, and also the other models for scale reference. I suppose that seems like enough, even though I wished I could have somehow added the Habakkuk's specifications in there somewhere. But I just left a small booklet instead on the table in front of the base explaining the history, specifications, etc. There are modelers who like to "pull out all the stops" so to speak and make their bases very informative and eye appealing such as the following pic I took at a contest last year: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v216/icy...el/DSC01732.jpg While that is nice, I tend to feel that I would be heavily distracted by looking at all the "added extras" and not focusing my eyes on the main model instead. How do Judges and other modelers feel about "added extras" on the base near the models at contests? Although my Habakkuk model/base looks decent and is not crowded, I feel like there's something missing almost. Anybody got any suggestions?
  13. What Testor (or other brand) spray or bottle color would come close to matching the Tamiya TS-33 Dull Red spray color? The lower hull on my Habakkuk model is the TS-33 color. And I need to paint all the engine propulsion pods similarly, but the closest I seemed to get is Testor MM Acryl Insignia Red #1705.
  14. I usually prefer a BB gun myself. LOL. Anyway, thanks for the welcomes, guys. As for some samples of work I've done in the past, here's a link to my gallery pics over at Modelwarships.com. Probably the best model I ever built had to be the USS Montana battleship I built for my best friend which you can see in that gallery. http://www.modelshipgallery.com/gallery/us...user-index.html As I probably mentioned before, I like to build stuff nobody has seen or heard of before. I just don't like to build something "straight" from the box and am always looking for new ways to use decals, extra parts, new paint schemes, etc. To me, being different or "oddball" within the model world is a whole lot more funner and enjoyable.
  15. Hello everyone. My name is Eric and I'm from southeast Wisconsin here in the U.S. Been building models since I was about 12 or 13, though the results at that early age were "miserable" as I was too eager to put kits together and play with them. But now at the age of 40, my skills have improved immensely and I've been going to contests, recently joined the Billy Mitchell model club here in Milwaukee, and finally joined the IPMS in mid May. :) I hope to make lots of friends here and learn lots of great modeling tips and advice. As for what model subjects interest me, I'm mostly into Sci-fi, Modern aircraft, and Modern ships. I generally won't do anything else like cars (Too hard to get that nice smooth paint finish), Camouflage, Figures, and a few other subjects. The biggest reason why I won't model certain stuff or can't do certain model techniques is because I'm blind in my left eye, Have 20/700 sight in my right eye, and also in the early stages of getting a cataract in my right eye. So whatever model subjects I show in the future on these forums, I hope everyone can understand my shortcomings so to speak. What I lack in eyesight, I try to make up for with patience, dedication, perseverence, and just plain lots of hard work. ;) My biggest interest is what's known as "What If" or "Never-Were" subjects. These are the things like concepts, prototypes, or other stuff that nobody has seen or heard of before. I also like to dabble a bit in scratchbuilding and humorous stuff too. Well, that's all I have to post for now. If anyone has any questions or wants to see some sample pics of my models, then let me know.
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