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  1. Actually David, to carry your thought further, neither paint, not glue is included in the box!
  2. I tried that 3 times and I got the same results as you. The message was that an email had been sent, but none had been sent.
  3. I just tried to make reservations at the Embassy Suites and they told me the system is not active yet. Is there a delay?
  4. I may be wrong, and I do not want to put words in James' mouth, but I don't think he was asking or referring to IPMS Nats where it seems those categories are fairly well covered. I think he is more referring to local contests which may be more entrenched in traditional genres, such as planes, ships, tanks, etc. At our local chapter, IPMS Patriot Chapter, we have many modelers that are either into wargaming (fantasy or historic), Gundum, Star Trek or other sci-fi, or have a crossover interest along with their traditional modelling. At first only a couple, but as word spread amongst their fellow modelers outside of our club we then saw more at the meetings which lead to a large uptick with these models in our monthly show and tell. As a result we added several categories to our yearly contest, Patcon, for wargaming, Gundum, etc. The first year we added these categories we were astonished at the turnout! Not so much with war gaming figures, but the Gundum filled nearly a whole row of tables. We had to scramble to fit everything in. The youngsters, casual visitors, and a few old hippies in the club loved them (I think it's the colors!). We didn't need to expand or split categories as we judge figures, dioramas and vignettes using the G-S-B method and, since these were added to that segment of the contest, we had plenty of awards on hand. I think that we started a trend as several other clubs in the area also added categories for these. We haven't had a contest in the last 2 years, so I can't say for sure which way these categories are trending, but if I had to guess I'd say they are here to stay. Having said the above, I am myself a more traditional modeler with my own very parochial likes and I personally dismiss all else (one reason I am not a club officer or judge anything but armor). But the club is not all about me (although I have been working on that for the last 40 years!), so we welcome all and as long as I have a place at the table I'm happy. However, not all clubs are the same, different demographics, likes, etc., so each club is free to determine their on path. There may come a day when the tide turns against my interests and I no longer fit in, but hey, I was modelling long before I ever heard of IPMS Patriot, so that's life. John
  5. At Chattanooga in 2019 one of Mark Ford's entry's had more than 2 figures on the base, a British A9 as I remember. I mentioned this to Dave Kahn, the head armor judge, in passing and he smiled and told me that one of the figures was pinned to the base and would be removed at the time of judging. Perhaps this is the case here, especially if it is Mark Ford's model (which are terrific BTW). John
  6. David, No offense was taken. I was just curious as to your intent and if I seemed offended I apologize. I was actually amused by the fainting couch and scented handkerchiefs notions. I too have noticed that some few seem to make mountains out of molehills, even within this organization, where they take an insignificant issue and make it into a cause that we are all supposed to get excited over. But you find that throughout life. I spent a 45 year career as a mechanical engineer and projects manager on multi million dollar projects (even one $1.15 Billion providing water to NYC) dealing with all sorts of characters. My skin is very thick, so it takes a lot to offend me. Again, no offense taken. You take care David, ignore the irritants, and enjoy every moment of time we are given to model. John
  7. David, Just read your comments to my inquiry of July 27; not sure how to take your comments. They appear to be a bit sarcastic, but perhaps they were meant to be satirical. However, whichever they were meant to be they are way off the mark. Please go back and read my initial comment and point out to me where I mentioned that any IPMSer needed the use of a safe space. I was inquiring on behalf of my wife who is accompanying me but is not an IPMSer, model builder, or the least bit interested in any seminars. She was only asking if there was a spot where she could sit for a spell while I was enjoying myself in the convention areas, and perhaps chat with some other model widows. I can assure you that this IPMSer is in no way in need of a safe space, fainting couch or scented handkerchiefs, but now if you happen to have a beer, well that's a different matter entirely! Be well. John
  8. I used to attend the conventions with my family, but the last 8 conventions with my buddies from the club, so I didn't pay any attention to this aspect. There have definitely been conventions with this offered, As Ralph says Columbia had something and Phoenix (two hostings ago) offered a shopping tour/lunch for the ladies (my wife participated). I have been to others where they have had an area set aside where the ladies could gather, chat and have some light refreshment. My wife and I were just curious if there were any plans for something like this, but, if not, that's OK.
  9. My wife asked me a question today that I haven't seen any mention of on the convention site, that is if there is a hospitality suite, site, or whatever for the model widows? Are any accommodations being made for that? Thanks, John
  10. Just a thought, but since these are posed photos, how do we know that the crewman in the loader's hatch is in fact the loader? Perhaps he is the gunner, and the loader is the person taking the photos. Now I don't know if the headset wiring can extend from the gunner position over to the loader's hatch, but then again who knows if it is even plugged in. This looks to me like a photo to send home to the folks, and I wouldn't be surprised if there were more photos with the loader in place and the gunner, or another crew member gone. An example, yesterday I had a friend that I grew up with in Lynn, MA visit from San Antonio (where he is on the City Council) with his wife. We hadn't seen them in quite a while, so my wife and I took them to dinner out in central Massachusetts to a 250 year old mill turned into a restaurant, very picturesque. After dinner we lined up 3 at a time for photos, each time with someone new doing the photos. So a question! In those 4 photos, who drove the car? Just a thought. John
  11. Hey Bill, That was my friend Roy's Huey. We still chuckle about that one, especially when he makes a comment about one of my models not being correct! John
  12. I was just wondering when we could expect to see the list of this years seminars. I know we still have 2 1/2 months to go, but well, you know 😀 John
  13. Beautiful models Bill, especially those natural metal finishes, smooth as a baby's bottom! What are you using, and how do you apply it?
  14. I'm looking to purchase an AZ Models 1/72 scale Bf 109 G-10 Diana kit # AZ 7501. If anyone has a copy of this kit that they will part with please respond with a price. Thank you, John Walker
  15. Len, I'm sure you and the team are as disappointed as I am, but on the plus side now I have more time to finish a model. Take care all, John
  16. We have pretty much the same here in MA. In my town there is no penalty for not wearing the mask, but if you don't, then you don't get past the front door.
  17. I just went online to Hays County, and this is the same order that Judge Becerra issued on Thursday that took effect yesterday. It is still set to expire on 7/20/20. Basically the order states that persons 10 and older entering a public space are to wear a mask, but there is no penalty if you do not. The Judge is hoping that everyone complies, but if not then he may reconsider the no penalty, and add one.
  18. David, Having said that I was done with arguing about masks, I do have this last to say. In an earlier post I mentioned that the Hays County Judge currently has a mandatory mask policy in place that is set to expire on 7/20/20. I'm not a betting man, but if I were I'd bet that the mandatory mask order gets extended. So all of this may be academic. Hope you do come to San Marcos. I'd like to get to meet you in person if for no other reason than to show I'm not such a big jerk. Take care, John
  19. Jim, I was sitting here thinking a response to Kevin, but you beat me to it and hit every point I would have made. Kevin, People disagree, you may be correct, you may not be. You make decisions for you and I'll make decisions for me. OK? John
  20. Chris & David, I don't disagree with either of you about protecting others, and I'm a bit insulted that you would think that I would be so cavalier about the health of others. I'm not adverse to wearing a mask. The point I was trying to put across is if a mask can keep the virus in why won't it keep it out? See what I'm saying? It can't be both ways, IE: keep the virus in but not out. As an engineer things like this bug me. It may constrain cough spittle, but if you can breath through the mask it won't stop the virus. And Chris, my point with David's paint example wasn't to compare the virus to non contagious paint fumes, but to illustrate that you wear a mask when painting to protect yourself from the fumes, not others. That said, what I think I'm hearing from both of you is that you wear a mask to protect others? That it doesn't protect you? At any rate, I'm not sure how this conversation has come down to masks, or not, what they do, or don't do, who they protect, or don't, but I don't really have a dog in this fight, so I'm done with the subject of masks and I'm quitting before I get accused of being Attila the Hun (I'm joking!).
  21. David, If you are wearing a mask to protect yourself as in your paint fumes example above, why do you then need others to wear a mask too? How does that further protect you? Honestly, at this point I'd like to just say let's agree to disagree. This is going pretty far afield and neither of us is going to convince the other of anything.
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