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  1. Kenny has since posted on his social media that he is back...the bottle art will change, but it'll be the same great product...
  2. I'm a long time teacher so luckily finances have been steady...was still getting paid in the spring when things went south. Our school has been back since September in the hybrid model so I only have half my students in a class at a time (although one class has 16 which is a little tight). Just got hit with 8 new cases in the school last week so it's only a matter of time before things hit the fan again...
  3. Nice! I've got the interior kit I picked up in the fall to start soon, but after building the Meng Sherman with it's many track links to build, I might take some time off 😉
  4. It’s the summer of 1916 and the battle at the Somme front continues. Each day, both sides of the trenches send men into No-Man’s Land in attempts to gain an advantage in the stalemate that has gripped everyone in chaos. Artillery, machine guns, and gas attacks have managed to whittle away troops hunkered down in their muddy habitats and despair grows by the minute. Flechettes and grenades rain down from fragile aircraft above the trenches. The Huns have heard rumors of a new rolling terror being designed and looming ahead from the British lines. Words like "armour" and "tank" have been in the wind, but how these things would evolve and what troubles they might bring were still just speculation. Joseph Vollmer, one of Germany’s foremost automobile designers, would eventually be tasked with designing a response to these tanks- which were first introduced in September of that year. However before all of that would occur, a young aide to Kaiser Wilhelm with a mind for science would awaken from a strange dream. Recently, the aide had accompanied the Kaiser on some visits to field hospitals at the front in the hopes of boosting morale. Erich Eisenfaust had witnessed the horrors these men had endured- with bullet wounds, shrapnel, and damaged lungs from gas attacks, these men had literally been through hell. These images stayed with Erich for a long while after and his mind began to try to devise some sort of means of these men to be better protected. In his dream, he saw armoured men advancing on enemy trenches, untouched by machine gun or rifle fire. Encased in their iron suits, they were also impervious to gas attacks. He was reminded of knights of old in their suits of armor and went to the local farrier who was a friend of his. After some afternoon discussions and multiple sketches and designs, they created something that might turn the tables in their favor- the Gepanzert Graben Gehhilfe or “Armoured Trench Walker” i used the MaK Melusine figure as the main resources, but added bits from Wingnut Wings kits to provide WWI period pieces to it, including most of the aerial suit parts. The tavern is from Verlinden and is inhabited with lots of spare parts...
  5. In 1-2-3, there are only the three winners and everyone else walks away empty-handed. With G-S-B, you are instead modeling to a set of standards and judged on meeting at those standards as opposed to competing with one another. So you can still walk away empty-handed, but if you show a certain level of skill, the category could have a group of builders achieving bronze, another group at silver, and a very highly skilled group.at gold...instead of just three, there could be a dozen or more awarded. It's not just a participation award though...you need to have a certain skill level to place.
  6. Our friends in Stockholm wrote an excellent set of articles...about halfway down this page is the info you need... http://www.ipmsstockholm.se/home/interior-colours-of-us-aircraft-1941-45-part-iii/
  7. I think when it comes doen to it, in the field when a mission called for a drop tank, it wouldn't matter what they used...if something like the 200 gal was laying around, it would've probably been used in a pinch...
  8. Nice work- interesting piece all around. Love the last pic of all the snakes...brings some nice bits of color overall. The one looking like a coral snake would be really popping with the yellow stripes added in, but I like what you've done. Base looks great!
  9. Thanks for looking and commenting Ed and Peter!
  10. Well...I'm thinking I'm nearing the end on this one. Other than maybe some more stowage in the pick-up. Open for any advice or critique. Basic gist of the scene...with the current day Spec Ops guys reminding me of the LRDG with their behind the lines activities and scruffy beards- I thought an interesting take would be to have the LRDG side of a wall in b&w and the technical truck side in color.
  11. Had to add this one to the auto collection...too iconic not to 😉
  12. Really like these old race cars after building the Moebius Hudson Hornetnot too long ago.
  13. Depends on what type of paint and shades you're looking for. For acrylic paints, there are some very diverse manufacturers who tend to offer pretty much anything I've ever needed. Enamels can be more challenging considering all the restrictions...and one of the major lines- Testors/Model Master just shut some of their offerings down. What are you looking for?
  14. This is the Meng kit complete with interior and two of the three figures from the extra kit. Homemade barb wire...terrain is a mix of celluclay and Apoxie Clay.
  15. Yes that's sounds like the same thing...Meng calls it TUSK I & TUSK II but I'm looking to use the Terra Cotta type
  16. Ok...quick question and am hoping someone can help...I'm at the point on the Abrams where I have to decide whether I'm using Tusk I or Tusk II...the first looks very similar to what the Bradley has, so I'm inclined to use the II...but would Tusk II kits have been present at the same time as the M2A3 had Busk III armor? Early Google searches have not turned anything up...
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