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  1. Thanks, yeah, while that doesn't really answer my question it makes some good points. I did get the Accurate Miniatures instructions which are much more complete than the Trumpeter instructions although lack some of the information for detail that is included in the Trumpeter kit. Now the paints are slowly arriving so I hope to proceed to actually building this thing, one of these days.
  2. Dear Friends at Squadron, I purchased a Trumpeter TBF Avenger in 1/32 scale but, much to my annoyance, the kit came without a list of paint colors required to finish the model. I have attempted to get help from Trumpeter but they just sent me a guide to painting the exterior, which I already have. I am wondering if any of my fellow modelers has a list of colors for this plane with Tamiya paint colors that I can order via mail. I communicated with Stevens International, which distributes Trumpeter in the U.S., but they told me the colors referred to in the instructions are Humbrol, albeit with no names, just numbers. According to a posting on the internet from another frustrated purchaser of this kit, the references are to Gunze-Sanyo, not Humbrol. I am wondering if maybe someone has an instruction sheet from another airplane model from Trumpeter that depicts a U.S. Navy plane from the same time period that actually has the colors described accurately. That would mean something like an F6F Hellcat or an SBD Dauntless. These are both models that Trumpeter has modeled in 1/32 so the colors would probably be exactly the same. If someone can scan the instructions with the correct color list, and sent it to me via email, that would be a huge favor and make me a happy guy. Paying over $100 for a highly rated model only to find the instructions are scanty at best is intensely frustrating. I am living in Guatemala where there are no local hobby shops I can drop into to shop for the right paints so I need someone in the U.S. to give me a hand with this. I wrote to Trumpeter and got zero help, just a copy of a sheet depicting the external colors which I already had. Your help is greatly appreciated. I wish you and your family a very Happy Christmas, Hanukah, and New Year season. Thanks very much and my greetings from Antigua, Guatemala. Andrew Winters
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