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  1. Dave, I suspect that happens because the builder wants to use a built piece of armor without having to take the suspension apart to make it work on an uneven surface. JMO
  2. Here is the actual rule: Bases – Military Vehicles. Any AFV model that is displayed upon a base may have ‘basic’ groundwork; i.e., dirt, grass, roadway, a low stone wall, etc. No part of that groundwork may extend taller than the topmost portion of the body of the model; i.e., no trees, buildings, structure, chimney, water-tower etc. Any vehicle entry that has more than basic groundwork will be defined as a Vignette (see Rule 19, below), and will be transferred to the appropriate Category for judging there. Any model entered into an AFV category that is displayed upon a base, permanently or temporarily, may have no more than two (2) figures in total and the figure(s) must be a crew member; only one (1) figure may be affixed to the base off the vehicle; a second figure must be affixed to or within the vehicle model. If there are more than two figures total, the entry will be defined as a Vignette, and will be transferred to the appropriate Category for judging there. According to what you said, the head judge (Dave Khan) was correct to move them to 800s for judging. IPMS has a long history of guys trying to bend the rules and push the envelope to give their entry a perceived edge over the competition, with armor guys doing things to their bases while trying to stay out of the 800 categories. The push-back against this trend started about a decade ago and was codified a few years ago and is being enforced now, apparently. I agree with Nick & Dave (and Mr. Kahn) that they should have read the rules. Hopefully, nobody caused a ruckus when the discovered their models had been moved and located them in the 800s
  3. No so, if the challenge coin/medal style is approved The E-board would buy medals in bulk for the economy of scale. The awards could be the same, year-after-year with an insert for that year's show. The IPMS/USA logo on the obverse with the local host design on the reverse.
  4. Dave, The way it was designed to work back when we TRIED to give a presentation at Phoenix 2004 (I was the chairman of that committee) was exactly like the judging we use now. Models that don't "make the cut" would get nothing. Models that "make the cut" would get at least a Bronze. Some, of better quality would get a silver, and the best in the category would get a Gold. It might happen that all the one that would have been 1-2-3 end up getting gold, some or all 3 might only get a silver. It has also been suggested that we combine the two, still doing 1-2-3 and awarding medals to other the judges of that category felt worthy of recognition. And we wouldn't have to worry about sweeps/no-sweeps As for the award costs, the price would actually go DOWN if a true GSB system (not a hybrid system) were adopted. Instead of placques/awards that can cost about $15 each (about $45 per category is the average I found on the last data in excel for total awards vs categories), the cost of challenge coin style medals drops to about $2 each, depending on the volume ordered. IPMS would also incur a one time tooling charge for a custom sculpted logo on the obverse if chosen. There would be more awards, enough to have every deserving model to get an award, Atlanta spent $19,125 on our awards. Given that some of the awards would remain the same, the big awards currently retail for $86 and $79 so we'd still have to spend about $1000 on those awards, that would leave a budget able to buy 9000 medals! Considering we've never again had more than 3000 entries, that is enough medals for three shows!! If we were to create a semi-hybrid system with GSB plus a single First Place (Platinum?) per category (194 per posted categories with splits at $70 each) would allow for 2000+ medals to be purchased for the same unadjusted budget from 14 years ago. 19,125 2005 amount -1,000 big trophies -13,580 first place awards =$4,545 for medals, or 2272 medals @ $2 each (or fewer if we choose to spend more for nicer/bigger medals) Of course, this is all a WAG based on partially outdated information, but it is an answer for what you asked
  5. David might have a valid point about show length. I had not considered the extra expense to foreign travelers. With Friday night judging, the most we could do in my opinion would be to eliminate the first day and open the show on Thursday afternoon (3pm?) for the early birds with just Friday and Saturday being the big days. A compromise might be to have tours only during the first half of Thursday (or even all day) as if I want to do a tour it inevitably means I have to pick between the one tour I want to do and the one seminar I really want to do as it seems they are always scheduled for the same time. This year will either validate or disprove the notion that we can do away with the banquet. It's something to consider for the future.
  6. There are a few options https://www.chattairport.com/ground-transportation/
  7. Unless you have to pass thru Atlanta, Chicago, Houston, DFW, LA, San Francisco or the entire stretch of I-95 from Richmond to Boston.... sure! Gil - Pensacola to Key West is just about the longest single state drive there is in the continental US (A few in TX & CA are longer)
  8. This afternoon I got a call from Lindy; a call I dreaded, but knew was coming... Jim passed away peacefully this afternoon about 1pm PDT. We are diminished by his loss. I have lost one of the best friends a guy could ever hope to have.
  9. Is it the same basic setup as LaVista (Omaha)? PS - I will be available to judge Fri PM if Manny doesn't steal me first
  10. Neither the Biz Meeting nor the Bid Presentation is in the pdf schedule as of tonight
  11. Does the hotel not offer the free shuttle van anymore?
  12. The new RC3 remembers Dave, but I don't recall seeing him since 2005 or so. Perhaps some of the guys in the Birmingham club have more info.
  13. TJ Is it a secret or can we know who is bidding?
  14. Dave, The type of vehicle is "panel truck" ;} Looks kinda like a GMC to me
  15. Perhaps this will be good news in the long run, if Revell is bought by someone who sees the hobby as the main point of being in business.
  16. Roger, are you aware of the local club? They meet for lunch every Saturday at noon at Sidelines on Barrett Pkwy in Kennesaw. The club Christmas meeting is next Saturday at the usual time. I'm coming up for it from Pensacola. .. I look forward to meeting you!
  17. Looking at the website, I notice you do mostly railroad colors, which would be why I haven't seen it before. I do see that USN colors are coming. http://trucolorpaint.com/military-colors/ Are these the ship camo colors or aircraft colors? What is the formulation of your carrier? Lacquer, enamel, acrylic? TIA, James
  18. And I was kinda excited for a mo, thinking somebody had announced a "real" kit!! I assume you'll have it finished for Omaha, right Gil?
  19. I discovered Brother Sebastian years before the 2011 show, and will go again this year, too. Every. Trip. To. Omaha.
  20. MM is some of the worst enamel paint on the market. Testors bought out all of the higher quality competitors, and instead of using the superior quality formulae they then owned, killed them off. The ever-shrinking supply side of the market was answered by smaller lines showing up and presenting the community with superior products, in both the "enamel" and acrylic forms. Acryl or Vallejo? I sold Vallejo at about a 20:1 ratio Model Master or Gunze or WE Colourcoats? Around 5:1 against MM each Now we also have Mig, MRPaint, and other lines to choose from. Testors did their best to run off customers thru pride, and they succeeded.
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