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  1. New Orleans is very expensive, Ed. I've explored Mobile but manpower is a huge obstacle to overcome here on the gulf coast. We have two clubs here in the Panhandle and 2 around Nola, with nothing in between. A better option would be somewhere close, but then there is a lack of available space and manpower.
  2. Mike, FYI your tip (click on the guy I the upper right) worked when I went back in this morning. It didn't work the first time for whatever reason, but I was on my tablet yesterday and PC today.
  3. We are in the middle of the holidays and at the end of the chapter rechartering period (but it always drags out) Marie is just one person, please bear with us as she deals with all of this.
  4. Given the tales I've heard, their service was only "bested" by Squadron at the end. They should go after a few others, too (again, based on anecdotal evidence given in many Internet posts)
  5. Silicon Valley Scale Modellers has a gallery every year, as they coordinate all the photos for the awards. This year's are at http://svsm.org/gallery/las_vegas2021 It seems this is the address for every year, then gets changed to an archive address (like chattanooga2019)
  6. Or American Generals for that matter. Milley has 54 ribbons and devices if you count them (not including Spec Forces, Ranger, Combat Infantryman badges plusothers). Most senior military leaders have many after a long career, no matter their nation. Would you rather them only have the new "I made it thru Boot Camp" ribbon? Was there a point beyond comparing IPMS members to enemies of the USA?
  7. Is that the diorama I Savanah at 8th AF Museum?
  8. So, no painting? Bare plastic? Do you need a photo ofan old Aurora model with raised lines and the instructions telling what colors to paint inside the lines? And, yes, this discussion is now about OOB, not GSB ... seems to be a trend.
  9. From a judge's viewpoint, many are mistaken in thinking bigger equals better, but from a judging standpoint, a bigger diorama simply means more opportunities to goof something up. They also forget that the story is equal to construction per the rules. From a show staff point of view, there is only so much table room to share, as most tables are only 30" wide, 3' already puts it over the edge and risks being bumped or damaged by spectators - or "cheats" the guy on the other side of a two-table spread out of 6" of display space.
  10. If it's old enough, why not require hand painting (airbrushes weren't widespread yet) and the use of period brushes and glues? No more Revell Type-S cement? Testors was around back then!
  11. Don, what issue are you thinking about for the referendum?

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    2. jcorley


      Well, there have been Gundam specific categories added FINALLY

      Here in R3, I have triple splits in Gundams a few times now.  It is the single largest segment of the hobby now 

    3. Schmitz


      Yes, we're taking some steps in the right direction - but I was at the Chattanooga NCC meeting where getting those Gundam categories was fought tooth and nail - when as you say its the only part of the hobby that is growing. I was amazed when my 30 year old daughter who never had any interest in my modeling bought some pricey Gundam kits - because those are her childhood memories.

      I've been spending a lot of time in the Facebook wastelands (moderating the IPMS group) and I see lots of the supposedly non-existent young modelers getting into the hobby; and they are running blogs and podcasts with huge followings and writing how-to books and inventing products - and they by-and-large don't think highly of IPMS. If we can make them welcome I think the organization has a future beyond my own 😉

    4. VonL


      From the Peanut Gallery...

      Suppose there was a judging item/factor for 'Special Effects,' maybe parsed out between electronic and non-electronic (paint, etc), disply setting/mirrors, etc. Or maybe make a separate category for SF (i.e. 'inflight' display of aircraft) where the entrant selects that category of consideration?


  12. Plus, you have a dead link for the 2017 show
  13. A buddy is trying to reserve the Embassy, but the room rate is showing at $303, not $157 Is Hilton having an issue?
  14. Probably because nobody outside the Omaha club is on the whitelist. Patience, grasshopper
  15. Just got this from Scott, he said it was good to post as he's been on the road: The website is being worked and should be up soon. We have total control over when the reservations go live. It won’t happen until we are ready. Still scheduled for 15 Oct at 0800 Central time.
  16. I used Testors RAF Trainer Yellow, which was a close match to the raft here at the NMNA in Pensacola. Maybe a touch more orange? (I cannot vouch for another brand, but it should be similarly close)
  17. I seem to remember Scott saying it would go live sometime about now at the Nats. Hotels should be opening up soon for reservations, too.
  18. I've never seen threats of physical violence at a national, but I have seen boorish behavior from sore losers. One was described to me as acting like "a monkey with Tourettes" (I think it was at Columbia 2016) and thought it was an apt description! I have seen many guys get upset that their particular masterpiece lost out to "home cooking" and swear they'd never go back ... and then I see them re-enact said display the next year. We have attendees (not all of them are members) that are WAY too competitive, and I honestly think they are not good for IPMS in the long run. I do wonder if their outbursts drive off first timers.
  19. Yeah, but is the right shade for the green light?! Bwahahahaha!!!! It looks great, btw!
  20. Thanks for clarifying, I was sure I had misread your post. For background, I know there are no-sweep contests where the judges only scrutinize what they think the builder's best entry is and skip the rest. How can any team pick the best entry if a guy brings 20 without looking at them more than superficially? I was really hoping this hadn't gotten a foothold outside those few chapters.
  21. I generally agree with you Nick, but this is something we are supposed to do already, and I know my teams do this in Ships. Sometimes it is fairly quick & simple due to major seams or alignment, sometimes it takes a while, but EVERY model in my category is critiqued as we go. Are the airplane judges not doing it? (My inference from your post, asking for clarification)
  22. The continent of Europe certainly does, as do a rather large segment of America.
  23. I, for one, attend every year and rarely enter. I have proved to myself that I can compete and win. When I do enter, it isn't about trophy collecting like so many guys I know. I know many like me. We register to support the host chapter and the society as we believe there is value in doing so. I don't really care about the pins, t-shirts or hats. I do care about the Society and the brotherhood it offers. And you propose adding costs to registrants and vendors so the rest can get in for $2?! You and I will not agree on this, DAK, as I don't believe in giving non-members special treatment by subsidizing those who refuse to support the Society at the expense of the membership and supporters. Your continued advocacy for these same non-members suggests (my inference) the opposite.
  24. I have not said to raise them to "a prohibitively high level" (nor lower them to Dak's $2). A $2 GA rate would almost certainly be a loss-leader for the host chapter and possibly see a huge drop in registration numbers as guys think "$60 or $8. Wait, that's an extra $52 for models!!!" A show can go in the red very quickly (we are a non-profit, but even so!) I suggested a parity rate, and still do, of approximately a quarter of the registration fee for a single day. No "4-day passes" and no self-inflicted rhinoplasty needed. Nobody should be able to exploit the system to get a free ride (or even a $2 ride at a National!!) If the walk-up registraion rate is $60, make the day pass $15 (and make sure the cashiers have TONS of fives!!), if it's $75, then $20/day isn't excessive IMO. Always round it to the nearest $5, tho to simplify the cashiers jobs and speed up the lines. IPMS/UK admits any cardholders any national branch free GA admission. Should we do the same on a GA basis? Perhaps, the idea does have merit. To make that happen, the vendors would have to pay significantly more for tables. UK rates (where more tables means ahighercost per table!!) I seem to remember John & Caroline telling me their 5 table booth was £1800 ($2950 @ $1.64/£) or so for two days back in 2008 or 9. How many US vendors would gladly underwrite that expense?
  25. That's no excuse to dis-prefer our membership in favor of those who refuse to join for whatever reason.
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