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  1. Hey Gang, Dusted off my work area and am about done with two (very late) review kits. Looking for a project to work on next. I found a few images online of tropical Fw190's which have gotten my wheels turning on one of those. I see that Hasegawa made two kits with resin trop filters in 1/48: 09818 A-4 "Graf" 09976 A-5 "Graf Special" I believe these resin parts are the same in both kits, so I was wondering if anyone has built either of these and didn't use the filter parts. *I know these full kits are available on eBay and I also know that there is a Quickboost cowl with the trop filters for the older Eduard kit. I have a few Hasegawa kits I would like to build rather than buy something new. I also know Eduard is reissuing their 190 line, so I am sure they will be coming out with one soon. Thanks for your time. Tim
  2. Yes - what Ron said. Shoot Scott an email and I am sure he can help.
  3. Does anyone have an old Eduard PE set 48-021 1/48 Piper Cub that they no longer need? It's for the Hobbycraft kit. Thanks for your time. Tim
  4. Cool - if the retail is what is shown @ $40 and this really is two new tool 1/48 kits this is a great chance for folks to stock up. I'm still waiting for the movie to be released in a format I can watch here in the USA!
  5. Great job - thanks for sharing!
  6. Cool - thanks for posting The last one of these I went into with a "I need something to slap together" attitude, and I think I spent more time on it than a regular kit. They are great conversation kits in the case!
  7. Nice work Dick - Thanks for posting. I have always liked the look of the 115 (but not brave enough to pick up this kit!)
  8. Not really an "issue" but I first had trouble finding the link to the forums - not a huge deal as I have it bookmarked now (new computer & I haven't been here in a while) Everything seems to take a bit to load - but again I haven't been here in a while... By "everything" I mean clicking between topics, and posting replies - I get the spinning circle. (but that could be on my end) Thanks for all of your work with this!
  9. Very cool - thanks for posting
  10. Thanks for your work on all this and keeping us up and running!
  11. TimHortman

    Best Zero Kit

    The new Tamiya kits are very nice, but I have yet to build one. I have built several of the Hasegawa kits, and they are, in my mind - still very worth buying. As was posted above - they also have the "full range" of Zero kits available. If you're looking for an A6M5 or A6M3 - you can't lose with Hasegawa or Tamiya. If you're looking for any of the other variebts - go with the Hasegawa kit. Regards, Tim
  12. Thanks for posting this. Bill was a good guy - sad news indeed.
  13. Eric, I am not sure if this could be the same one, but years ago there was an annual one day show/sale put on by Creative Three Hobbies (Jim Banko) and a local hobby shop (Rosemont?). My first memories of this were in a mall, but they moved to a hotel for more space. It has been many years since they had one, and I don't think we'll see one again. Regards, Tim
  14. Thanks for all your work to keep us going!
  15. Welcome to the forums John!
  16. Welcome to the forums Alyn! Nice work!
  17. Greg, Sorry to say I don't have one here, but I can say that Tamiya USA has a good rep. for getting you the parts you need. If you can't come up with one, call the 800 number. Wait to talk to someone (don't leave a message) as it has been my experience it takes forever for them to call you back. You're better off waiting and calling another time than you are leaving a message.
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