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  1. Critiques???? Carlos..........THAT IS FREEKIN AWESOME!
  2. Great job!! You nailed that NMF finish!
  3. WOW! That is stunning!!
  4. THAT is nice!!! Well done!!
  5. Stunning job on a.....ummm....."different" 😬 looking aircraft! I'm sure rigging that beast was pure joy. WELL DONE!!!
  6. THANKS Nick!!! A 48th Avia B-35 may be in my future!
  7. Thanks Mark. I have no idea why.....but I really like the pre-war Czech aircraft. Was hoping that Eduard would do a 1/48 Avia B.21.
  8. Thanks Gil. Hard to believe the last time I built that PBY....I was a sophmore in high school!
  9. Couple older kits no longer languishing in my stash. Built OOB just to get the modeling juices flowing again.
  10. Old kits need love too!! GREAT job!!!
  11. That is impressive....AND big!! Nice job.
  12. WOW, that is the Revell kit? That is stunning. Heck, the canopy alone is a work of art. WELL DONE!!!
  13. WOW! THAT is one kit you don't see built much. Love that scheme, WELL DONE!!
  14. I never met Jim Sullivan but I still call him a friend. We first got in contact with each other back in 2012 due to a question I asked about F4U-1's (Go figure, Jim answering a question about Corsairs!) in GSB. He also helped me in picking up one of these -5's in a trade (For a Hasegawa P2V7 he was going to convert to a P2V5)....then proceded to ask what unit & markings I was going to do. Of course he had almost every pic. I could hope for. We kept in touch due to him answering WAY too many of my questions and not just about F4U's but also my PBY, AD-6, SBD among others. We both swore to never build another Monogram 1/48 PBY and yet, strangely enough, we both had another in the stash! I was informed that Jim passed away on Friday the 12th and to say I was shocked is an understatement. A few pics I'd like share are the three Hasegawa F4U's Jim helped me with...if only I could build like him, they would look better. You will be missed, rest in peace my friend. F4U-5N F4U-5NL F4U AU-1 This is Jim's 48th PBY....unique marking scheme. And Jim's 32nd Matchbox SBD that he scratched out an interior!
  15. Just finished this one up for the Review Corps. Very nice kit of one of my favorite aircraft.
  16. I believe Corsairs in Korea and Phantoms in Vietnam. 313 kept the F-4's till 1983 or 84 I think.
  17. Nice!!! THAT is a kit you don't see much. Well done!!
  18. Finished up the old Revell 1/72 A6M Zero (old kits need love too!), Airfix 1/48 Javelin (I never realized just how big this aircraft was....and I still have the 1/48 Sea Vixen to build!) and the Special Hobby 1/72 Ju 87D. (Re-pop of th Academy kit with some new parts, PE and nice decal options.
  19. I have decanted the Tamiya lacquers for a while now and love them. They airbrush quite nicely. I have used the new Tamiya lacquers in the bottles and they also spray nicely when thinned right. The colors on the PBY & Buffalo's are AS-12 'BARE METAL SILVER' which is a synthetic acrylic lacquer and TS-34 'CAMEL YELLOW' which is a synthetic lacquer.
  20. Carlos.....THAT IS STUNNING! Well done!!!
  21. WOW! Great job as usual Gil but 1/32???? Must be enough plastic in that to make a whole squadron of 72nd B-24's!! 😁
  22. Latest Squadron delivery.... Goes well with this one......
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