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  1. I was watching a rerun of Top Gear on BBC America the other week, and James Mays went to California to test drive Toyota's Hydrogen car as part of an entire "this is the future of automobiles" segment. He visited Jay Leno's personal collection of cars, where Jay Leno agreed that the Hydrogen Car was the future, but that switching over to hydrogen will not necessarily make the old classic gas-guzzlers obsolete, but that we will be better able to appreciate and play with them more as toys and things of beauty in much the same way as a steam locomotive is now a rare, but awesome site to see in real life. We personally own a 1985 Jeep CJ-7 with a Chevy 305 from a 1979 Impala. (yes it makes that lovely glub glub glub sound) it is a toy, it sits in the garage until a nice day when we can take it out and play with it. It's pretty impractical for an every day grocery-getter or work commuter, but it does get played with, loved, and admired. We love our model kits very similarly, but that vintage Aurora Frankenstein kit is only rare and valuable because it IS so well loved and you and I have a demand on it that is higher than the supply. Once the kit is built, it loses that monetary value but it takes on a new value in your personal collection for all to see. It becomes a conversation piece to share with others. This demand is what prompts companies like Polar Lights to locate and purchase the original molds and re-issue the Frankenstein Kit so that the demand can better be filled, and the classic Frankenstin which was so well loved by one generation can be experienced by another generation, furthur increasing the value of the original. I remember having a conversation a lot like this many years ago after GT 40 #1075 - one of the few cars to win LeMans twice - sold for some enormous amount of money. I said "if I had the money to buy it, I'd race it", and a friend said "but if you stuffed it into a wall, how would you feel?" (I guess assuming I lived to feel something) and it made me unsure. There are a (very) few things that are important enough as history that keeping them safe seems the right thing to do. I recently got to see the Enola Gay at the Air&Space, and the eerie feeling I got from just standing next to it was something that everyone should get to experience. But an old model kit isn't quite the Enola Gay; if its in my closet and I feel the need, it goes under the knife. If I don't build it, my kids are probably going to put it in the trash about 15 minutes after I'm dead, so I might as well enjoy it now Don
  2. haha, it is worth GOLD to live with someone who understands your plastic addiction isnt it!
  3. the corner house was modelled completely by looking at pictures from a German Language site (of which I cant seem to find anymore) where the artist created it in 28mm as a House From Bree for Lord of the Rings
  4. The Luftwaffe bombs my workbench nightly it seems, this is lovely and makes me feel all warm and happy to see it. I'll wager it makes you happy too!! A clean desk is a sign of a sick mind.
  5. Even the Imperial Architecture in 40k is dark and gothic. The Dreadstone Blight is really the same kit with extra ruined bitz, the floors are 3 sections of interlocking floors, pretty cool. what you see on Dreadstone Blight is just one floor set seperated into two ruined floor sections.
  6. My grandest visions include much much more than this flat city...I can see multi-tiered playing levels, like the fictional Hive-cities of the 40K fiction, including playable sewers below..but this'll do. This project will probably never be done, but it's more of a showcase of all of my models at once...it is my City game table. The bearded Man is not a Dwarf, but my Uncle, who got me into this crazy hobby 25 years ago lol. Here we are playing the table's innagural game! This building is a couple of the Pegasus Gothic Ruins sets with removable base ANother little Abbey made with Pegasus Panels Or the most recent landing pad addition the whole album is here, all the WIP shots are there http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a13/dsteingass/28mm%20Imperial%20City/
  7. Oh YEAH! totally. Even though the Warhammer and 40K IP is sooo well guarded by GW, they have produced and kept in production sooo many compatible kits that all have extra bitz on the sprues, that kitbashing using ONLY GW parts has become a hobby unto it's own. It's quite common, and designed to be...interchangable with either the fantasy or sci-fi version of the game (world)...brilliant system really. An Imperial Guard Leman Russ uses the same tread link on it's tracks as the Chimera ..even in the fiction novels, which I admit I am addicted to ;) ...oh..it was designed for the Fantasy version of Warhammer mine is built OOB because It was cool that way, even though I admit to pondering buying 4 of them and doing some damn fool thing like building a castle...
  8. Green Stuff!! or Kneadatite by another brand, it is a 2-part epoxy, blue and yellow, when mixed it's green. Just keep your tools wet. http://www.paintingclinic.com/clinic/guestarticles/sculpting.htm This article pertains to wargaming miniatures, but it's the same concept.
  9. that is fantastic! What is your secret to the leather? did you start dark and lighten layers? or black/brown line for definition? What paints did you use?
  10. May I ask why? Vallejo Acrylics are perfectly suited right out of the dropper tube for figure skin, blending is really an oil-painting tecnique adapted to the wonderful technology of acrylic paints and the plethora of pigments they can bring to your painting bench. In my experience, enamels are best left for things that had enamel in real life.....57 Chevys and bathtubs ;) Enamels can take days to harden, oils can take a week, collecting every bit of dust that lands in the wet paint whle acrylics dry quickly, and so give you the perfect amount of time to blend one wet layer into the previous wet layer. May I suggest experimenting with just the acrylics and either a chestnut or appropriately-colored ink or wash (for caucasian skin) ? It will run into the recesses where human skin has it's rosy bits. Then you can apply lighter shades of your base color as extreme highlights (bridge of nose, ears, etc.).
  11. Superdetailing a model is fun, adding hinges, rivets, grab bars, etc....but I don't see why that little cut would matter..I mean you wouldnt build and paint and superdetail an entire engine on a model if the hatch was glued shut. Maybe it's for purists, but unless you are going to see it, I wouldnt waste time with something that I couldnt see. Of course, I spray most things black/brown and layer paint up from there, leaving the black in the recesses as shadows, ergo..cheating, but it looks good. remember, at these scales light doesnt play with shadows and highlights to our naked eye like it does on a 1:1 prototype, so you have to give the illusion of the depth with paint and/or finishes.
  12. I purposely buy up craptastically painted metail figures that are OOP, just to take the dremel and a wire wheel to them to strip the paint and "do them right" for my own personal collection. However, if I were in this as a business, then no, I would probably keep them in the packaging just to sell at profit to other collectors.
  13. dsteingass

    ITC T-92

    Thanks, I've read British articles calling for Cartridge paper or tissue paper, but never thought of using plain ol kleenex. I keep diluted white glue on hand for sealing foam edges for spray-priming my terrain.
  14. It doesnt seem too complicated to scratchbuild http://www.ninfinger.org/models/vault2009/LGM-118%20Peacekeeper/mx-2.jpg
  15. I have wanted to make a scale TARDIS for a long time. I was late getting in on the whereisthetardis.com challenge (someone made a 1:1 scale ice fishing shanty and won) If someone wants to do the math for the scale, I can scratchbuild it ;)
  16. dsteingass

    ITC T-92

    omg..amazing...may I ask?...what/how did you do the canvas?? I wanna add some to this
  17. Again, built for my Uncle, who got me started on this crazy gaming hobby when I was 8 http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a13/dsteingass/1%2072%20Stalingrad/ 100% foamcore construction, I made up some templates in Visio to ensure all the storeys, doors, and windows were at the same height, I cut, and cut, and cut, and just when I thought it was safe I cut some more.....Basing is some cheap, ugly adhesive vinyl floor tiles. Rubble is bits of everything, cork, foam, rr gravel, sand, balsa,sprue, etc,...NEVER throw anything away, you can always use it for rubble!
  18. Well, what good is a model if you can't play with it? gaming lets you do that I guess ;)
  19. Thanks!, It's all really because I want to make cannon sounds when it's all done
  20. Yes, in recent years, they have been revolutionizing the miniatures market. The vehicle kits have all been reworked. They design these kits via computer first, then a laser cuts the steel die for the injection molds. I would consider the grey plastic they use now as HARD myself, compared to other stuff that I have worked with. They are also replacing their metal line with a new injection-molded lightweight resin, which is quite soft, but the detail they can reproduce now is astonishing. Of course, I've never needed an automotive-smooth finish on any of their kits, I have many tanks, and they generally look best painted ..well...like armor ;) I still prefer Testors in the blue tube, although Plastruct Plastic Weld is great for small bits.
  21. Thanks for the Photobucket tip and the hearty welcome. I posted some scratchbuilt stuff in the photos section with a link to the photobucket album containing all the WIP shots
  22. I built these for my Uncle, previous to the 1/72 Stalingrad ruins for use with the Flying Lead rules (amongst others) here is the album link with all the WIP shots http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a13/dsteingass/1%2072%20Scratchbuilt%20Buildings/
  23. I built these for my Uncle, previous to the 1/72 Stalingrad ruins for use with the Flying Lead rules (amongst others) here is the album link with all the WIP shots http://s8.photobucket.com/albums/a13/dsteingass/1%2072%20Scratchbuilt%20Buildings/
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