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  1. I've searched but can't find the gallery. Can you post a link?
  2. Always good news when there is enough volunteers Mark. It's a drag that you can't make it. I'll look forward to seeing you next year! Kent
  3. Wow no Mark this year. Too bad. Did you get enough volunteers? Kent
  4. Great friends to reunite with, great modeling on show, great vendors to take my money, and a great complimentary breakfast! It doesn't get much better than this folks! Kent
  5. It''s the Ultracast figure in 1/32 er 54mm scale. Link
  6. Because I was using the Master Class video as a tutorial and the builder uses enamels. I've tried acrylics and like them but the technique for faces escapes me. No online tutorial or video makes sense to me. The pilot figure I'm working on was first painted with Andrea and Vallejo. Turned out looking like Tammy Faye Baker had joined the Luftwaffe! Thanks for the response! Kent
  7. How long should I allow enamels to dry before blending on a face? I'm using Vallejo acrylics as an undercoat with Model Master Enamels for the top coats as show in the Master Class Figure video. There's no discussion on how long to allow the base coat of enamel or enamel shading to dry before blending. Thanks! Kent
  8. I'll be there trying not to spend my kid's college tuition while I help with the photo coverage. It's gonna be a blast!! Kent
  9. Use the self timer- if your camera has one that is.
  10. I have the Walmart studio too. It does an OK job but it's to small IMO. Kent
  11. It moves around the country and is only opened for a few days in August. The Nationals Vendors hall !!!
  12. Very nice Gill! I started this kit when it first came out with the same scheme in mind. It's still on the shelf of doom. I like seeing the shading process in action- something I haven't mastered. Kent
  13. It's a shame that the M-50 is so bad. I've considered buying one if I could get it cheap. It does build up nice- Linky
  14. Kent

    Fury WIP

    Nice! What type of clear plastic did you use? Is that drape formed? Excellent results. Kent
  15. Kent

    1/48 -3 Banshee

    Splendid finish on a great looking jet. Kent
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