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  1. The reviews all said that the business end of the Renegade Krome was the same as the Velocity. If so, I can believe it! How do you use yours for detail and shading specifically?
  2. I'm just kidding ;) In my hometown, it used to be a conversation peice, seeing who could spot the spelling/grammar errors in the local yokel newspaper ;)
  3. My first airbrush was a Badger model 150. It is a well-made, solid, all-around great general purpose airbrush. However, after I painted my first model with it: I soon realized that I was expecting too much from it for detail work, and that I needed more of a precision tool. So, after some research, I found that other artists recommended either the Iwata HP-C Plus or the Badger Renegade Krome. These airbrushes are designed for automotive pinstripers and detailers primarily. Both are top gravity feed, and both have the same features, controls, and 0.21mm needle/nozzle. My final decision was based on price and availablility of parts. The Iwata costs $189 and parts come from Japan. The Badger was $119 and parts come from Chicago. I also recieved a personal recommendation for the Badger Renegade Krome from the President of the Badger company, Ken "Badger" Schlotfeldt so that helped as well. First, The sleek, riveted, weapons-grade case is impressive, and built to protect the tool very well. Extras included in the case include: Optional .21mm needle/nozzle Optional flat (non protecting the needls)spray regulator- for getting VERY close to your workpeice. 1/8" hose adaptor It feels like it belongs in your hand. The needle limiter feature is my favorite, and something I soon realized that I deperately needed after the Model 150. To you Airbrush veterans, this may seem like old news, but for me, it allows me to find the "sweet spot" for the radius pattern I want to spray, and set it so that the trigger does not go back farther than that point. This shot shows you how tiny and vulnerable this needle is. As for the function, I first tested it on a piece of paper with some brown ink, and it effortlessy did exactly what I wanted it to do. So I decided to just jump right into painting my scratchbuilt reinforced bridge with Vallejo Air Gunship Green, which was already primed black. The control I have with this tool amazed and excited me a great deal. Any tool that is frustrating to use will not get used much, but this tool is very well built, very well priced at , and very FUN to use. I cannot wait to use it more and more as much as possible.
  4. And LEGO, and HO Scale trains, and a LOT of foodservice-grade machine fabricating skill! THIS is excellent! And exactly what I feel the IPMS needs to include in order to extend the hobby to a younger generation! Thank you for posting this!
  5. anyone else notice the speling/grammar errors on the COVER of the Jan/Feb 2012 issue of the Journal? lol
  6. 9/17- she is fully armed much more work to do, but I'm getting there.
  7. The Donkey Gun- more or less done except I need to learn to paint lenses and do it on the targeter
  8. I thought I would post a few shots of the few Catachans that I can consider "done". (amost completely converted) Veteran Sqad with Shotguns, Meltaguns, and demo charge Gunnery Sargeant Harker 1st Platoon
  9. see. now the Valkrye will need it's paint job highlighted to match if it is to carry it's almost- fully customized Veteran squad with shotguns and meltaguns with demo charge and cider and donuts and off to bed
  10. Despite today being the release day for both SPace Marine (PS3) and Fringe Season 3 on DVD, I managed to squeeze in the decals and a Gretchin Green edge highlight on all her hard edges.
  11. Thanks for sharing this excellent weathering tutorial! I have been chomping at the bit to do weathering myself and it is a bit scary. excellent job!
  12. Yes sir, those are invasion stripes. I am a huge fan of this sci-fi in particular because of it's throwback to WW1 and WW2 designs in the far future. In the fluff, so many of these designs are millenia old, that the factories keep producing them but everyone alive has forgotten how it all works. I'll post pics of my tanks and you can see the WW1 reference.
  13. What a cold-ass Labor day! Broke out a hoodie, it decided it was going to be fall NOW. Plenty of time for the masking madness.
  14. A keen eye will notice the green is different, I didnt like what I had and changed my mind ...I hate it when I do that. masked for invasion stripes
  15. A heavy drybrushing of Citadel Camo Green, then a heavy inking in all the panel lines and rivets with Didi's magic brown ink
  16. Welcome, they just welcomed me with open arms, I'm glad to do the same.!
  17. Awesome, I love the crispness in the detail of the new Finecast. I also got a Zombie Dragon, too cool of a model isnt it? here's a guy with good taste!
  18. Yeah, totally. I kep thinking of it as related to the B-25 but the future of the A-10... Puttied I pinned the wings to the fuselage there in the fuel port (right below the main port) and capped it with bitz boxage. Primed Armory Black (ol rattlecan) and gave her 2 coats of Krylon Camoflague Green All while first watching THE Ohio State University dominate Akron, and then Ole Miss lost to BYU. I am sooo glad NCAA football is back!
  19. Well, it is the 41st Millenium, all the Warhammer 40k Novels are all written in a British accent Just in case anyone cares, in game terms The Marauder Destroyer sports 3 twin-linked autocannons on the nose , the defense turret is armed with twin-linked heavy bolters, the rear strafing twin-linked assault cannon is run by the bombadier for strafing targets after bombing them. The Marauder Destryer carries 6 200 kilo bombs in the bay, and under the wings are mounts for 8 Hellstrike missles (mine have been ordered from Forge World and will be magnetized on the pylons). Hellstrike missles are a strength 8 weapon with a 72" range on the table (most tables are only 8 feet long)
  20. still filling to do ...and then I had donuts and cider and went to bed. This was friday
  21. After a bout with Bronchitis and Captain America..I have set out on the GREAT LABOR DAY WEEKEND BUILD.....
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