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  1. Not sure I follow, it's about the same as Plastruct or Evergreen sheets, soft enough to file and sand, cuts easily. This kit is huge. Like the other recent GW terrain kits, it is a solid 1/4-1/2" thick and they have standardized storey heights, which make for easy kitbashing and works well along side my preferred scratchbuilding material of foamcore. I'll post my 1/72 scale stuff if anyone is interested.
  2. I would use a flat black basecoat, then Testor's Swartzgrau, highlighting with several dark grey-greens. Remember, studio lighting and the filming processes of the time will give it a darker look on film than in a museum with full light.
  3. This is a great kit. I have heard some people around the net berating it for being difficult to build, but I disagree, it takes some strong basic hobby skills, such as sanding, clamping, and some minor puttying, but these are great skills to develop. Painting is ongoing. http://flic.kr/p/a7cKog
  4. Hello all. My name is Dave, hailing from Fort Wayne, IN. Life-long hobbyist and general geek here. I work in IT. I am primarily a wargames hobbyist (Sci-Fi, Fantast, and historical) , although I enjoy the smell of Styrene in general. Scratch-built and kitbashed terrain is where my heart lies. I have tons and tons of pictures of my stuff, mostly all have the in-progress shots organized as project diaries on my facebook gallery, does anyone have any suggestions for good picture hosting sites?
  5. First time poster here. First year member. This was a very fun kit to build ;) It was my first Foray into the softer plastic and smaller 1/72 scale. Not as hard as I thought it would be. Facebook Public Gallery for this project. http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.456281817536.212857.515062536&l=a6d183f467&type=1
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