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  1. well, i am crazing building some of my models today and improving my skills. I just finished this F4U1D two days ago. my favorite plane. these are some pictures. comments are so welcome. :) enjoy. thank you :)
  2. thank you, my friend. i am still practicing all kinds of skills to make models look better, real. :) i like this game.
  3. Hunan Province, Yi Yang city. hey my friend, i have a question and i never get the journal of IPMS which said would give to members. i am confused how can i do? thank you.
  4. thank you. duke. i use sponge with silver color to touch the area lightly and then use painting pen to draw the large area. kina hard to discribe. i am sorry. :)
  5. thank you. May i ask for some pictures of N1K1, real ones and your models thank you very much. actually, many of my friends could not understand this heavy worn. but i do remember that i read the article and it said these planes were heavily worn. this is a Tamiya 1/48 N1K1 Geroge produced at 1994, although it is still a very good kit. i spend 2.5 days to build it. so tired but happy. :) thank you for your commments. have a nice day.
  6. i am so glad to see such a nice plane and the process. amazing job.
  7. shocking, how did you make this painting? i have no idea how to do this kind of painting at all.
  8. oh, man, she is so elegant. i wish i can build one like yours.
  9. hey, my friends. i have not been here for a long time. i am sorry I was so busy in my classes and paper works and clinicals. but i never forget everyone. i just build a tamiya N1K1 george, please give me your opinion, thank you very much. thank you for watching.
  10. wow, i am waiting for to see that. i have two more corsairs, both of them are F4U1D, and one of them is the limited edition with a small car. then i bought two Eduard zone color PE for them. i will build them with shade, wash, and other ways to make them like the real ones. actually even my F4U1a still needs more work, i am pretty ok with this effect which looks like a new one in museum. i may put some more color on it and wash one more time. but that is all i guess. :) now i am practicing something like paint color dropped after planes used for a long time in the battlefield on my zero and doing a M4 Sherman and a tamiya 1/48 lighting 11 Kai. the new semester will begin soon. so i may not finish them until next summer.
  11. i am kina lazy this time, but i will try to make some change. i am using tamiya basic sprayer, a little hard to control, but i will try one more time, too. :) thank you.
  12. thank you. Paul. i am about to do this. this is a should be done. :)
  13. Shine is Not difficult Gloss Black Tamiya Undercoat, Alclad Polished Aluminum, Clearcoated with Testors lacquer Gloss clear thank you. see, i have a problem is i just have Tamiya Alcolytes paint colors, nothing else. i tried the XF 16 alumium color but it was not so shine. i guess i just choose not to do shine right now until i get right colors. :)
  14. this one just captured my eyes. pretty nice plane. :)
  15. guaguachong

    Me 110 Eduard

    oh, man. you really give me a big stroke. i heard Eduard's Fw190 and BF110 need a lot of sad paper. but i did not know it was so bad. now i have 3 Fw190, and i can see that they will kill me in the future or i have to sell them again, T_T
  16. well, i can see fine model really have some very nice kits. this 72 scale model looks very good. may as good as 48 scales.
  17. this is a excellent job. i hope you will put more pictures here. i still do not know how to make the model so brightly. hopefully i will learn something from you in the future. :)
  18. beautiful. i like this painting, but it may take a long time :)
  19. P47 looks pretty good. but P40 may need better wash since i do not see the panel lines are really washed out.
  20. Duke, this time you really made a huge one. ;)
  21. well, i finished my F4U-1a this morning. i have already taken some pictures and i will transfer them to my album this night. Merry Christmas everyone. :) please give me some advice to improve. thank you. more pictures here in my album: Visit My Website thank you and merry christmas. :)
  22. looks great. as i know, cyber and dragon are the same company. tamiya's new one heard is pretty good. zevaka frequently make some problem for assembling. personally i think this tank destroyer is huge and ugly, which is the symbol or characteristics of the soviet union armours. :) but when they get together, they do show something as power.
  23. i started this gun today and finish the some parts. i never built any guns before and i pretty enjoyed this one. no pictures yet but i will upload them soon. i am seriously thinking about to get a new camero like Canon G11. do you guys have any advice to me? thank you.
  24. Greg, thank you. but you better tell me more about how i can improve my work. i hope i can do better and also think about to get a new camero. maybe Nikon P90. but i am thinking about Canon G11, which is too expensive for me right now. :)
  25. very impressive cockpit. do you use any PE to enhance the details? that just looks wonderful.
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