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  1. i am the new guy here. i recently bought a Tamiya 61016 1/48 Zero fighter Type21, a Timiya 1/35 M4A3 sherman and a Timiya 1/35 B1Bis. but i could not find the equipements i need in the store. like i want to add some rivets on my zero fighter, which is a old model and has almost nothing on the surface. but i could not find 0.01 mm drills or 0.02mm drills which i used to do this. i checked the internet and found some special equipments made by hasegawa to do this, but i do not know where i can buy them... so where do you guys usually go to buy the equipments? by the way, i am a foreigner so my english is kina rusty and i am sorry if i made you guys feel confused. i am living in jackson, mississippi and looking for somebody who play models here but i could find anyone. hope i can find more friends here in our society.
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    German 88 kit

    hello, i am the new guy. i had the Dragon 88mm, too. it is so complicated and i actually doubt if i can put them together. :) right now i do think Tamiya is better since i bought a Tamiya's M4 sherman and the amazing B1bis. Although i was a completely Dragon fan, right now i am changing to Tamiya. :) good luck.
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