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  1. thank you, David. i have been using tamiya acrylics for a while, the problem is that i always have to mix different colors to make the color i need and i am not sure if i could do it right or not. frequently, it will show some kind of deviation from the right color, although may not very serious. and Gunze paintings seems not have the same problem. dose spru brothers models have online selling? i could buy from ebay but i will cost aroun 4 or 5 dollors each for 10 ml. i am not sure if the price is good because in China it is cheaper
  2. have not been here for a while due to all these heavy work. i just past my last theory test today and almost done. happy. i am about to return to modeling :) got some questions: what kind of color you guys usually use in USA? you know in asia countries we use Gunze Sanyang painting color very much. but i can hard find them here. the thing is for Gunze series, they have groups of colors for certain country and certain planes which make modeling and painting much easier i think, i do not know if any companies here have the similar series of colors. thank you very much. happy new year. :)
  3. guaguachong

    Type 22 Zero

    very nice. this one is one of the must-have models in my opinion. can not wait to see it get done. :) good luck
  4. go ebay, my friend. there is away B25 there since last few months. the price is variable, from 3x to 6x dollars. you need to be patient to get the lower price ones. so, good luck. i bought one for 36 dollars and one for 40 dollars. they are all brand new in sealed boxes.
  5. thank you. i have another one and plan to add some edaurd pe for that one. but no time right now :)
  6. man, thank you. i will be so glad to come. we should talk about this great idea (for me :)) earlier in this summer. i had some free time but right now, the new semester began. we are having tests and clinical week by week. even after each class, we will have quizs which gonna count total 20% of the final grades..... hopefully i can make this trip next year. :)
  7. Great Job. dragon released this kits few month ago in China with extra low price. many people bought them but not saw many were built up. this is a 1/48 new dragon 110D. i heard it is a great kit except the instrument panel. in some parts, it may be better than eduard's kits. i bought one here, three times more expensive than it was in China. T_T but had the bonus stick on the box. looking for you review.
  8. very beautiful plane. great job. this is one of the "must have" kits i think. same as tamiya's A6M2, A6M5 and another spitfire.....i wish i can get them late. :)
  9. thank you. this is the first time i try to make this kind of effect. it was not 100% successful but i think it is a good begin. i will try to do better lately. :)
  10. not to hard man, it just take some time. here is one way, after you paint the upward body, add some black in your original color and paint fine line alone the panel lines, and add white in it to spread the flat surface :) then you will see the effect. metalic variations are easier. add a little black in original silver, cover one square surface with tape along the panel line and paint it. building a model is taking time, much hard than buying kits and i think i may have too much for me to build right now. T_T
  11. man, i wish i can go with you some times. :) i would like to talk to them, too.
  12. thank you. have not seen you for a long time :) how are you?
  13. i am kina poor in knowledge of model companies and histories. i just know some big companies like hasegawa, Tamiya, Accurate miniatures, Revell, Itaries, Dragon, Trumpeters and so on.....i saw Otaki but did not ever pay attention to see its' productions. could you give me some infor about this company called otaki? this N1K1 looks pretty good. :) i did not know hasegawa or tamiya made 1/48 models with full rivets.
  14. thank you. i think the varies of the colors make models look like the real ones and beautiful. it does take some times and need pay attention, but all our work will pay back. :)
  15. thank you, Mark. these information are very valuable for me. in hasegawa's instruction sheet, it just said "KANNO", i was so confused and did not know if "KANNO" was a name or not. right now i know. by the way, is the name "guaguachong" a little akward? i may put my real name in the article to make it easier to read. you can call me "Ying". :) i wishes i can go phoneix this time but the crazy busy and important new semester will begin soon. i have no choice. i hope i can go next year. :)
  16. man, you add whole body rivets? that is crazy..... i never gonna image to do that....althrought i like it so much. these rivets made this model look like a 1/32 one, i did think is this a 1/32? well, how did you make these rivets? can you introduce me some tools to do it as well as yours? thank you very much. amazing job. :)
  17. wonderful, it is so beautiful. good job. :)
  18. Japnanese Navy ACE pilot Lt. 菅野直. sorry, could not find english name..... Kawanishi N1K2-J was a powerful plane in WWII War and this hasegawa models are good with well-designed details. i have one more and will build her again later, maybe with some pe or cockpit things. this is my forth model this summer,feel much better than last time. these are some pictures, comments are welcome. :) my next one maybe Accurate miniatures F6A. thank you for watching :)
  19. oh, man, how lovely she is. Although i never got chance to buy a linberg production, many topics are very attractive. as i said, you guys always give me some fresh view, thank you :)
  20. Gil, i have already built four models in this two weeks. each of them costed like 2 or 3 days. i guess i already know all these basic weathering skills. with some preparation and the right skills of weathering, i believe all models can be built as this zero. :) but i would like to make them a little different, like for the corsair, i thought the countshaping was good so i did not do anything more. the Shiden N1K1 i did some heavy worn. and for this zeke, i just did the regular weathering. i felt pretty happy about your comments. thank you. :)
  21. thank you my friend. it is fast i think but i can do it even faster although it may make building become a suffer not a enjoy. :) i usually building just out of box with little enhancement like seatbelt, but not too much. references are good things and show our emotion for our work but in my opinion right now, it is too hard for me and making things too complicated is gonna reduce the interest for us especially the new guys, which is the first thing to make us enjoy this hard working fan but not video games and others. so i usually choose good kits from big company with good evaluation and i do not want to waste my time in making new panel lines, or putting puddy to repaire some where not fit each others. :) i like zeke because it looks beatiful for me :) i pretty enjoy your jobs, you guys always building sometihng i barely saw before, they are very fresh to me.
  22. guaguachong


    beautiful, this is the first time i saw sombody build this grandfather tank. :) good job.
  23. it is a little bit complicated and i am not sure if i can explain clearly in english. :) but i will try my best. first, i paint the plane with tamiya (all xf series) silver. then i paint the panel lines (main lines) with dark. so after painting with main colors, these lines' area will be darker than other flat surface. then i paint the flat surface with the same color with little white color in it to make it even more significant. i wash the upward body with dark mixed with little dark brown oil color. then wash the downward body with gray oil color. and wash upward flat surface with gray color, too, which need very careful control. after that, i use pastel to sweep gas pump, gun opening and other places. these are the process step by step. it takes time but the results can match the time you spend i think. anymore question, feel free to ask. :)
  24. i spent 2 and half days for building it and used all the skills i had until right now. i feel that i alread made some progressive :) these are some pictures, enjoy :) comments are very welcome :)
  25. thank you very much. this is exactly what i tried on this plane and it looks good, i liked it and so just kept it in this situation. i am trying to make my buildings better, through. now i am doing a A6M5c Zeke. :)
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