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  1. thank you, buddy. i may graudally still make some change more this zero in the future. like the brake wire, the cockpit cover, and the decal. i am about to start the tamiya 1/48 F4U-1a corsair. one of the best friends of zero in WWII. this time i will not add rivets because Tamiya's kits is good enough i think and just focus on painting. i like these kits we can just build out of the box. :) PS: i just got a camero Nikon P90 from bestbuy on black friday. so i renewed some pictures in the album. looks better i guess, but still can not say clear. :)
  2. thank yo. Mark. i know some mistakes made by a new guy: 1. glue mess up the cockpit cover, 2. lose one brake wire, 3 missed some decals, 4. decals do not be softed, 5. miss some color. i will try to correct them in the future. i have uploaded some new pictures. i may need a better new camero. :)
  3. i do not have decal softner...so the decal looks not so good. but i will go ahead and finish it today. and may get softner and then change new decal.....
  4. hey, guys. i am so happy. i have finished the cockpit and this time it looks much better. i added setbelt and rudder. did wash before put them together.
  5. wow, finally finished this morning. made some mistakes: glue mass up the cockpit cover, horrible. one brake wire ran away could not find it. first time do washing, it kina hard but finally figured it out. looks not too bad. i renew 3 pictures, and my camero almost down..... hard to get clear pictures. welcome for commet and advice for improvement. thank you.
  6. i talked to some chinese modeler about this and they said the eaist way is to use the Mitsubish Green. cos at that time, paiting was valuable in china, too. they may use whatever color they had. not very strictly. if i got further inform, i will tell you. too
  7. nice job. and this is a wonderful kit and i am keeping thinking how to get it with a price i can handle. :) still not successful yet. some questions are: 1. the color looks a little to dark blue, i am not sure if it is for night fighter. 2. the cockpit window, did you paint them? or it looks like not transparent. hope to see some other good work, too.
  8. you can go here: http://www.sonicmodel.com/boarddisplay.asp?BoardID=23 there are many chinese wwii aircraft model pictures in the BBS. i am not sure the exact number of the color. but if i find out, i will tell you.
  9. yes, you are right. it is about 10 dollars everywhere. the only thing is few panel lines on the body, they are not engraved and i do not think i have enough skill and equipment to rebuild them, which may influence the results. also it is cheap so i can practice as much as i can and do not need worry wasting too much money. ebay is a good place to get cheap kits, but it takes too much time and i always lose since i can not pay very much. :)
  10. thank you again, Greg. see, i just think it is kina rediculous if i could not use a normal AC adapter for the tamiya air compressor. the AC in USA is the same as in Japan which is 110V. and i checked these 7.2V pack battery, and they are so expensive, from 25 to 50 dollars each.
  11. ok. thank you guys, the tamiya basic air compressor w/airbrush finally arrived, and i am so happy. althought, it does not go with the pack battery or AC adapter. than instruction said the tamiya AC adapter is not sold outside of Japan. so how can i do? looks like the pack battery output is 7.2 V. i checked local stores and found some AC adapters which have output from 12V to 16V. anybody konws if i can use them instead? and it is kina hard to find the right DC plug to fit the AC adapter jack, too. sigh....need some help...thank you.....
  12. thank you so much Greg. you are so helpful. ok, next time i will check and see if anything is available.
  13. just wanna ask how long we have to wait for things arrive.... i ordered like 15 days ago but still do not get it, my air brush and compressor....T_T anybody have experience about this? thank you.
  14. thank you, guys. i checked these places and found something on luckymodel.com. this is a good place for PE and some light things, and the price is good i think, only may need wait for a little longer.
  15. i am looking for some PE like for tamiya 1/48 F4U-1A corsair or other planes. like these Eduard's productions. but i do not know where i can find them. i went to the ebay but no that much PEs are being sold there. any introduction? thank you. guys.
  16. yes, i agree. here people do but may not post pictures online. in chinese model websites, somebody is transfering a 1/48 Taiwai Air force IDF fighter to 1/72. OMG, it is like cut the original one to pieces then put them back with putty according to the map. but i never saw anyone make wood model, here i saw one, who is making the F4U corsair.
  17. Your welcome, always happy to share armor information. Yes, the E-25 was to be armed with the PaK 42 L/70, as used in the later style JgPz IV's built bu Vomag & Alkett. you must read a lot about German WWII armors. if German started to use the E series, they probably gonna fought a little longer. these tanks shared many parts and could produce much faster than Tiger, Tiger II. i do not like the war, but i think these idea really improve industrial system. by the way, i like your commets: "There is many a boy here today who looks on war as all glory, but, boys, it is all hell." April 11, 1880 - Columbus, Ohio
  18. hey, Javier, i am think about the color of your Me109. it looks little rough and what kind of paint you are using? and are you going to burnish the surface? just a discussion. :)
  19. thank you. i am using that one. Greg introduced me it. it is free, fast. and whatever reason, my pictures could post from there to here.....which is stange. i do not know what happened.
  20. sorry man. i have a hard time to see it done before thanks giving. :) but, it will keep progressing. actually, i can not wait... too :)
  21. thank you. i am waiting for the paints. i really want to make it good. this may be my first finished model. :)
  22. almost finish....congratulation. honoursly, i think the lines of BF 109 are not smoth, and i do not really think about making one until see your excellent work. now i am thinking about the tamiya Me109E4/7 in the hobby lobby here. :)
  23. cute plane. i went to the hobby shop here and saw many eduard products. like 1/48 FW 190, BF110 and many of yours planes. i just know eduard makes many PEs. i do not know they are making good kits. :) nice job.
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