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  1. very nice work. i like this paint very much. the first time see people use this decal but seems wonderful to me. cheer up
  2. wonderful job. this is a bird fight IJA in China in WWII i believe. one of my favorite topics, just never get chance to do one :)
  3. nice Job. this is a great kits. if i do not focus on 48, i should already build lots of them :) now i wait for tamiya to release new A6M2b. already build two new A6M5a and one A6M3a :)
  4. oil paint. i use tamiya acrylic paint and then oil paint to wash
  5. yes, my friends. it is almost the same. i will do one like you said in the future soon.
  6. hasegawa's 1/48 kits, nice kit add: eduard Zoom PE; Master 7.7 machine gun; needle for 20 mm cannons; add brake wire, engine wire, gun sight; guess that is all pictures are here, comments welcome
  7. just finished today, pleasure to build but still takes long time to make it look good :) enjoy comments are welcome
  8. use low pressure if you want to move slow, for mine, i can not adjust pressure, do not why so i have to go fast but many times. also you can dilute the main color with white to make variable color and enhance shadow. honestly i still do not totally master these skills. but i will keep trying. hope to have more communications with other model fans :)
  9. need a nice spray gun. mine is aztek, little old and i bought second hand cheap from ebay, so not perfect; try few times, you can have your own ideal model really nothing but patient and time i will renew my equipment in the future for better quality :)
  10. no problem, my friend. i can explain first since i may use different way to make the next model. 1. i use Gunze Mr. color No.8 silver paint the whole plane; 2. tamiya acrylic color X-18 paint all panel lines carefully, little bit each time for many times; 3. main color for up and low sides of plane how much black and main color will decide how much shadow you have it just takes time and energy to do that.
  11. thank you. recently i addicted to use strong shadow, some people may not agree with me :) aotake blue? you mean landing gear room? it just tamiya acrylic x 13, i always use that one stripes are decals, they are good in quality and also i cuted edge.
  12. already looks very nice, i think you spent lots of time on painting, nice job
  13. that is good idea, 1/72 good. only 1/72 do not have enough details as 1/48 also i only focus on WWII planes, best are 1/48
  14. one big reason i love this place is i can see new, rare topics frequently here :)
  15. hamp is hasegawa 1/48 withe special decal, decal not good seriously, but i like this topic Tojo is hasegawa 1/48 i used Gunze No.8 Silver, add black for varieties zeke is tamiya 61103 1/48 i will say 99% i will do 1/48 so can collect them together in a airport :)
  16. just finished a tamiya 61103 zeke 1/48 A6M5a, excellent kits. tamiya has 61108 A6M3 too. best in 48. trust me :)
  17. hey everyone, i am coming back finished three birds in last month these are pictures enjoy
  18. thank you guys, i am trying to do better. :)
  19. just finished today, excellent kits, i enjoyed. these are pictures, comments are welcome thank you for watching, comments are welcome
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